Richard Scarry's Best Mother Goose Ever

Richard Scarry s Best Mother Goose Ever From Little Miss Muffet to Simple Simon here are fifty of the all time favorite nursery rhymes collected in one wonderfully illustrated volume With pictures by Richard Scarry creator of such classic

  • Title: Richard Scarry's Best Mother Goose Ever
  • Author: Richard Scarry
  • ISBN: 9780307155788
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From Little Miss Muffet to Simple Simon, here are fifty of the all time favorite nursery rhymes collected in one wonderfully illustrated volume With pictures by Richard Scarry, creator of such classics as the Best Word Book Ever and Busy, Busy Town, this delightful book is an engaging introduction to the Mother Goose rhymes that have been a part of children s literatuFrom Little Miss Muffet to Simple Simon, here are fifty of the all time favorite nursery rhymes collected in one wonderfully illustrated volume With pictures by Richard Scarry, creator of such classics as the Best Word Book Ever and Busy, Busy Town, this delightful book is an engaging introduction to the Mother Goose rhymes that have been a part of children s literature for centuries.

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    1. I have memories of the delightful illustrations and catchy nursery rhymes from my childhood. Was delighted to find a copy when my youngest was a baby, and have enjoyed it alongside both my children since. A must-have for every household with youngins.

    2. I love these old fashioned nursery rhymes. And Richard Scarry's illustrations are always fun. The book is pretty big, with usually only one rhyme per page, so the illustrations are huge. I think my favorite picture is Elsie Marley, who is too fine to feed the swine.And my favorite rhyme is:One misty, moisty morning, When cloudy was the weather,I chanced to meet an old manClothed all in leather,Clothed all in leather, With cap under his chin.How do you do, and how do you do,And how do you do agai [...]

    3. Part IRhyme Answer or completion Anthology/PageIn what rhyme is the hour of one o' clock important?Hickory, Dickory DockThe Real Mother Goose illustrated by Blanche Fisher Wright pg. 125Child Craft Vol. 1 Once Upon a Time, pg. 11Mother Goose a Collection of Classic Nursery Rhymes Selected and Illustrated by Michael Hague, pg. 26When we ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross, what are we going to buy? A Galloping HorseA penny white loaf, a penny white cake, a two penny apple pie. Century Co. , The Ce [...]

    4. Through the recommendations of Memoria Press in their curriculum package it is amazing what is possible to provide in a pre-school or Junior Kindergarten experience and I’d say the bulk of the best of it is within the literature and poetry section. Since there are 33 weeks and 34 literature selections, let me start with telling you about the poetry because of this, there is really only three. Two, however that you use on a regular basis throughout the year of curriculum in the lesson plans. Th [...]

    5. Grabbing a book by this author is such a great gift to give the children you love and to help them on that road to learning.

    6. The drawings are good as always. The nursery rhymes include many unfamiliar/obscure ones. One about Taffy the Welshman was surprising in its plot of repeated thefts and escalating vengeance.

    7. 1. Mother Goose 2. The illustrations are large, detailed, varied, and fanciful; I would compare it them to a combination of Norman Rockwell, Walt Disney, and Salvador Dali. My favorites include "Jack Be Nimble" with Jack as a grasshopper, and "Simple Simon" as a monkey and the pieman as a gori3. Critique A. If you like Engelbreit's artistic style, this book is for you. Has some uncommon rhymes for example "Three Little Ghostesses" and "Terrence McDiddler". However, some illustrations do not fit [...]

    8. Best Mother Goose Ever contains fifty mother goose nursery rhymes artfully illustrated by Richard Scarry. The illustrations are large because this is a BIG Golden Book, unlike most Golden Books that are smaller in size. One nursery rhyme fills two pages, which makes this perfect for read aloud. Best Mother Goose Ever is pleasing to the eye because of Richard Scarry’s animal illustrations for each of the nursery rhymes. Preschoolers will appreciate the sweetness in the characters faces and enjo [...]

    9. I purchased this old book (copyrighted in 1964 & 1970) at a used book store because I fell in love with Richard Scarry's illustrations. I read many books illustrated by Scarry throughout my childhood. He brings animals to life, dresses them up in human clothing, and puts them in human environments. I think a little rabbit in a sailor suit can be much more endearing to a child than an illustration of a boy in a sailor suit. This book contains the traditional Mother Goose rhymes with detailed, [...]

    10. Characters: traditional Mother Goose characters such as Jack, Jill, etcSetting: variousIntended audience: preschoolers, kindergartnersWith illustrated animals as the vehicle for conveying the rhymes and plain white backgrounds on every page, Scarry's presentation of the classic verses is a bit too simple. The pictures, composed of pen and watercolor, are juvenile and unstimulating, and require minimal thought on the part of the reader. The lettering used for the text is no different. Each page c [...]

    11. This is, I think, my favorite children's book of all time. Our copy has no ISBN number (it was published before they existed!), is about 12inches x 12 inches, and is completely broken on the spine. Many pages are coming out (but none are missing). And features poetry by little Pam, plus written commentary by little Pam ("I lik the cut kitten." - must've been before I learned "silent e".) It also has a page of fashion design drawings I did, probably around age 8. So many memories of being read th [...]

    12. This is my current favorite Mother Goose/Nursery Tales compilation. In addition to the kid-pleasing Richard Scarry-ness of the illustrations, I love the actual feel of this book. If you know me in real life, you know that I am easily prejudiced against a book if it doesn't feel right in my hands while I'm reading it Weird, I know. This one contains all the traditional stories and nursery rhymes but also meets my standards of hold-ability. The binding is loose enough that it stays open while you [...]

    13. This book is a collection of well loved nursery rhymes set in the world of Richard Scarry. Many readers (and parents alike) may recognize the characters from the Richard Scarry TV show or the "Busytown" computer game. The pages are filled with large full-color illustrations portraying the nursery rhymes in action. Most of the rhymes are confined to one or two pages, and there are no titles. Overall, I found this book to be lighthearted and entertaining, but the lack of titles and page numbers ma [...]

    14. Read by: AnnieAuthor: Richard ScarryGenre: Traditional LiteratureInterest Level: K - 2This book contains most of the familiar Mother Goose rhymes, as well as many unfamiliar (and strange!) ones. It's a little too long to teach as a single lesson; better to break it up or pick and choose specific rhymes. Some of the language is quite outdated, which could be skipped or made into a mini history lesson. This book contains excellent, literal illustrations that children will like. This would make a g [...]

    15. Some of these are the classics that I heard as a kid and some I've never heard. Most are fine but a few I skip over because they just don't seem all that kid friendly if you know what I mean. I don't think I'm over the top with what I don't allow Julia access too but some of these are a little crazy. I can't see sitting in bed at bedtime reading to Julia about violence- whether it's a cat playing pretend or real- same thing in a 3 year olds mind.

    16. These rhymes were read to me and my brothers when we were very young. We then all read them ourselves and it required much sticky tape repairs due to our love of it, when my two younger siblings were born this book was dug out again and much loved by both of them. It has also been read to my nephews when they were old enough to appreciate it - I will make sure to buy a copy when I have my own children and hope the get the same joy out of it as I did.

    17. Good grief, I loved this book when I was a kid! I wore it out! This book is so synonymous with nursery rhymes for me that when I recite nursery rhymes with my niece and/or nephew, an inordinate number of Richard Scarry cats, pigs, rabbits, and dogs parade through my head as we speak the words. Jack Sprat will forever be a skinny little tomcat in my mind, and Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater? Yeah, he's a rabbit.

    18. Richard Scarry's selection of classic Mother Goose rhymes. I have had this one since childhood.Nice exemplars of rhyming and certain types of poetic forms. Older children could sort poems by type or Imitate forms in their own writing. Useful for oral reading fluency practice especially the tongue twisters. Younger children could illustrate the a rhyme for an art integration.

    19. As always, Richard Scarry's illustrations are very cute. The narration includes standard Mother Goose rhymes, although they have not been edited at all and can be a little brutal. "Be he alive or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make my bread." and "She whipped them all soundly and sent them to bed." Ugh!

    20. Someone devoted some time to pointing out the differences between the 1963 and 1991 editions of The Best Word Book Ever. Some of the changes are in the name of respecting cultural identity or gender equality but others are just weird. Like, no more jumping out windows. Bummer. flickr/photos/kokogiak

    21. Richard Scarry is a classic, and it's nice to see nursery rhymes that haven't been dumbed down for kids. These are the originals, and they're as wonderful and the illustrations. Definitely better for preschool aged kids. We only checked it out because my toddler found it at the library and refused to put it down.

    22. Amazing illustrations, made me laugh over and over as to what type of animal Richard Scarry would choose to represent the various Mother Goose characters. Lots of good times with the kids with this book.

    23. It's fine, though I question the inclusion of 'When I was a bachelor'--and the exclusion of such classics as 'Humpty Dumpty' and 'Jack and Jill'--in a collection of the 'best' nursery rhymes. But my 18-month-old seems to be a big fan.

    24. A good selection of Mother Goose nursery rhymes. This book brings nursery rhymes more modern with the use of Richard Scarry's illustrations. This book offers a variety of opportunities to incorporate lessons in the classroom from phonological awareness, to rhyming patterns, to counting.

    25. "I just don't want to grow up " is a lyric to an ad jingle I used to hear back in my childhood. Reading this pretty and colorful book always made me remember that jingle. Those who grew up with Richard Scarry's books will agree with me.

    26. This book was my absolute favorite as a child. The only book to come close is Scarry's "Best Storybook Ever." I loved the stories, illustrations, and how heavy the book was when lugged around the house.

    27. I can still recite all kinds of stuff from this, and so can both my parents. Of course, the same is true for anything that rhymes and was published in English between 1969 and 1974. The pictures are fantastic. Hector Protector was dressed all in green, Hector Protector was sent to the Queen

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