Of Fortune's Reversal: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Of Fortune s Reversal A Pride and Prejudice Variation A brisk early November Hyde Park morning is shattered by a child s scream How two adults react in those next few desperate moments sets the plot in motion in this Pride Prejudice alternative focusing

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  • Title: Of Fortune's Reversal: A Pride and Prejudice Variation
  • Author: Don Jacobson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A brisk early November Hyde Park morning is shattered by a child s scream How two adults react in those next few desperate moments sets the plot in motion in this Pride Prejudice alternative focusing on twenty one year old Kitty Bennet Of Fortune s Reversal is a novella length tale based upon an inversion of Mrs Bennet s exclamation that with one good marriage,A brisk early November Hyde Park morning is shattered by a child s scream How two adults react in those next few desperate moments sets the plot in motion in this Pride Prejudice alternative focusing on twenty one year old Kitty Bennet Of Fortune s Reversal is a novella length tale based upon an inversion of Mrs Bennet s exclamation that with one good marriage, the other girls will be thrown in front of rich men For than two centuries, the Jane Bingley Lizzy Darcy tetrarchy has been portrayed as the solution to Mary and Kitty s marriage difficulties, not to mention Mrs Bennet s housing requirements But, what if that was not the case What if Mr Bennet dies just as Jane is receiving the Bingley sisters invitation to dinner No rainy day horseback ride No cold for Jane No Elizabeth coming to Netherfield to nurse her elder sister no links forged in any way with Bingley beyond what he felt for Miss Bennet at the Assembly and Darcy no fine eyes, no walk around the library, etc.No Netherfield Ball.No proposal from Collins because he was already wed to a shrew who convinced him to evict the Bennet women So no trip to Hunsford cottage for Lizzy because Charlotte remains a spinster at Lucas Lodge.Rather, the Bennet women are forced out of Longbourn the older girls to Gracechurch Street and ultimately taking up employment away from the city The two younger girls remain in Meryton with their mother, to be sent away to seminary for some much needed formal education But, the death of Thomas Bennet has changed than the family s financial fortunes It has also bent the arc of the PP universe.

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    1. I was all eagerness to read a variation story that placed in the spotlight two secondary characters from Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice. Kitty Bennet and Colonel- now General Fitzwilliam take center stage with Lydia and Mrs. Bennet rounding out the surprising yet delightful usual cast next to real life characters in the Cecil family.It was an age-old fairytalesque situation of the governess attracting the eye of the dashing gentleman soldier and in a spectacular fashion. Kitty was a tigress [...]

    2. 3.5 stars, rounded up to 4 starsI received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.This short novella takes Pride and Prejudice and flips it upside down. Kitty is the heroine here. The story is set four years after the Meryton assembly, with the P&P storyline blasted to bits when Mr. Bennet unexpectedly died before Jane could respond to her invitation to visit the Netherfield ladies. Mrs. Bennet and her daughters have been required to adapt to reduced circumstances [...]

    3. Quick Read…OMG!!! Attack in the parkI read the reviews that criticized the explanation of the surgical procedures; however, I didn’t think they were that bad. In truth, I found them fascinating for the time period. In fact, it was freaking awesome considering what they were dealing with. I was a bit concerned about the quick recovery time, but this is fiction and an author can control situations as he/she sees fit. It was a good story. What I liked: General Sir Richard Fitzwilliam, second so [...]

    4. A P&P variation with second chances!!!~~~I received an ARC of Of Fortune’s Reversal by Don Jacobson for an honest review!~~~This was a refreshing variation of P&P, one based on Kitty versus Elizabeth and Mr Darcy. It starts out with the Bennet ladies being evicted from Longbourn after the death of Mr Bennet, this takes place after the Meryton Assembly, so though Mr Bingley admired Jane, nothing further was accomplished secondary to deep mourning. Jane and Elizabeth initially go to Chea [...]

    5. I loved this book. It is a P&P alternate time line along with a mash up of other Regency era characters. In this book Mr. Bennet died after the assembly in Meryton but before Jane could fall ill at Netherfield - so the Bennets had limited exposure to the Bingleys and Darcy. Further Mr. Collins didn't come to visit and doesn't marry Charlotte or a Bennet so the Bennets are expelled from Longbourn. Mrs. Bennet and the youngest girls move to Meryton and Mrs. Bennet, in a shocking bit of sensibi [...]

    6. I enjoyed having Kitty as the focal point for a change and loved how the Bennet family had evolved since being thrown into the hedgerows. I also loved him incorporating Poldark and Dr Maturin. For those reasons, I gave it 4 stars. I liked the daring of this author but there were some potential problems for readers:-Pretty graphic for those of you who are squeamish. -Head injury was unbelievable. I don't think the author understands how incredible his suppositions were. Not even close to reality. [...]

    7. Warning! Be prepared to read this Pride & Prejudice variation novella straight through without stopping! I was completely captivated from start to finish. Yes, it is a novella but it is packed with intensity and poignancy. There were so many elements to this story that I loved. First, it was Kitty's story. Yes, I am partial to reading stories about her, but this Bennet sister is a force to be reckoned with. Second, the writing is beautifully rendered and at times the intensity has you grippi [...]

    8. This was a fascinating twist on our conventional tale. The typical formula is always the same: the sensible sister, the clever sister, the beautiful sister- they save the family by marrying a man who has to overcome his discomfort with his favored lady's lower station. The "leftover" sisters wait in the wings until their better siblings' new connections make a way for them. Here we have the opposite. Lydia LYDIA!!! She turns out just dandy! It is a surprise to see a Mrs Bennet shaken up by life' [...]

    9. Kitty Bennet shines in the variation of Pride and Prejudice. She practically trades her life for her young charges during an attempted kidnapping. As a result she finds love, dedication and manages to help her sisters meet some eligible men. What seemed strange detail to the story, but I personally liked was the medical procedures and descriptions. It is amazing how medical advances are made from necessity and how some were strong enough to stay true to their theories. I am glad cleanliness won! [...]

    10. 3.5 starsThis short novella is mild and basically angst free if you can take the description of Kitty's injury and the operation to save her life.The five Bennet sisters have been "thrown" out of Longbourn upon the death of their father during Jane's reading of the invitation to visit the Bingley sisters at Netherfield after the Assembly. Jane and Elizabeth become governesses. Mary marries a captain while Lydia marries into Poldark family (yes, that Cornwall family). Kitty, while in school, beco [...]

    11. With this variation Mr. Bennet died on the day that Jane received her invitation from Caroline Bingley to come to dine at Netherfield. Consequently the fortunes of the Bennet daughters has changed. This is Kitty's story starting several years later as she works as a governess. Could there still be a happy ending for all the daughtersA quite delightful story of a changed Kitty.

    12. Of Fortune's Reversal: A Pride and Prejudice VariationVery interesting variation where both Kitty and Lydia have grown into young ladies worthy for being loved. Kitty is governess for a wealthy London family and risks her life to save her charge, Margaret. Her act of heroism is witnessed by Sir Richard Fitzwilliam. Fighting with the kidnapper, Kitty is seriously hurt before the colonel blows his head off coming to her aid. A remarkable new medical procedure is performed on her skull to allow roo [...]

    13. I thought this was a really revolutionary idea- flipping the P&P universe on it's ear and creating a new, stronger role for Kitty- a character I've always wanted to like, but never got the chance with JA's original story. Jacobson's descriptions of the locale and characters were beautifully done- and the intense action kept this novella fast-paced and interestingI couldn't put it down! I was rooting for Kitty the entire timefacing danger and playing a true heroine in a time period where most [...]

    14. I am adding this because I did read through it several times prior to publishing it. I think I did earn the right to add it to my "Read" collection.

    15. A most entertaining and enjoyable "what if"Short but fast paced, this is a great story full of courage, selflessness, friendship and love.A wonderful read! Highly recommended!

    16. Being a fan of Jane Austen's work I found this book incredibly inventive. Especially when it involves characters from my my favorite classic, "Pride and Prejudice". With a memory rooted into the original work of Austen's story, I was a bit confused in the beginning as to the placement of this story. Such as, was the story after the famous union of Lizzy and Darcy or before, but I was wrong. It was a complete reimagining, and who better to become the lead heroine in the story than Kitty Bennet! I [...]

    17. I wanted to like this book - I love Jane Austen fan fiction, and give all of it a pretty wide leeway as far as characters, history, etc. First, the characters didn't match Jane Austen's characters. While I'm willing to give the author the benefit of the doubt that Colonel (now General) Fitzwilliam would find a brave young woman intriguing, I have trouble believing that he could fall in love with someone in a matter of a couple of weeks without even the benefit of talking to her (or even seeing h [...]

    18. This story occasional got bogged down in too much minute historical detail as it relates to medicine, but I do have a particular affinity for stories where Kitty Bennett and Colonel Fitzwilliam end up together, so I liked it.

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