One thought on “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”

  1. I must have seen this movie at least ten times (it was one of my children's favorites), but when we rewatched it yesterday evening I as usual noticed another Easter egg that I hadn't spotted before.Okay, Roger Rabbit fans: WITHOUT checking Google or Netflix, where does Eddie Valiant hang his hat at the office? You're only shown it for a second, but there's no reasonable doubt

  2. I hated the Disney film adaptation of this book when I was a kid. The novel was slightly better, but still not very good; the sentences and dialogue were choppy, the characters were boring and annoying and the plot oh god, don't even get me started on it. :-\

  3. The literary quality of this book only rates two stars for the run-on sentences, point-of-view shifts throughout the narration and overuse of metaphors but that's to be expected. Movie tie-in paperbacks aren't exactly James Joyce. The movie, on the other hand, remains a classic in terms of visual storytelling. Read this book and just try NOT hearing all the actors' voices in your head. When you've seen this movie as many times as I have, it's impossible. A quick, fun read, if you can get past al [...]

  4. Definitely a classic. This was one of my brother's favorite movies, which is why I have an old copy of the book in my possession. Minus the read-along cassette. The movie is better but the movie came first.

  5. Welll i havent actually read the book, but i have seen the movie a million times as it is my favorite movie of all time. As they say the book is often better than the movie, so i'm guessing this book is awesomee.

  6. I enjoyed reading this wacky tale of mystery and mayhem. This book captured my childlike side and fed my love of wackiness and humor. It took me back t when I first saw the movie. This was cute and funny.

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