Silent Treatment

Silent Treatment In his five bestselling novels from The Sisterhood to Natural Causesv physician Michael Palmer has drawn on years of firsthand emergency room experience to create the drama of a frighteningly authen

  • Title: Silent Treatment
  • Author: Michael Palmer
  • ISBN: 9780553572216
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Paperback
  • In his five bestselling novels, from The Sisterhood to Natural Causesv, physician Michael Palmer has drawn on years of firsthand emergency room experience to create the drama of a frighteningly authentic world a world where the line between medicine and murder is scalpel thin Now, in his most harrowing suspense novel yet, Palmer reveals how the power to heal can becomeIn his five bestselling novels, from The Sisterhood to Natural Causesv, physician Michael Palmer has drawn on years of firsthand emergency room experience to create the drama of a frighteningly authentic world a world where the line between medicine and murder is scalpel thin Now, in his most harrowing suspense novel yet, Palmer reveals how the power to heal can become a license to kill.With his wife, Evie, scheduled for surgery the next day, Dr Harry Corbett goes to the hospital for what he hopes will be a quiet evening of reconciliation In recent weeks Evie, never quick to share her feelings, has been closed and distant than ever But when Harry reaches Evie s room, it is too late for reconciliation Shockingly, without warning, Evie is dead The police suspect homicide And their only suspect is Dr Harry Corbett Harry is not prepared for the stunning revelations that follow His bright, beautiful, highly ambitious wife was leading a double life she may have had dangerous secrets But what secret could have been explosive enough to die for Then the killer strikes again, boldly, tauntingly murdering one of Harry s favorite patients in such a way that only Harry knows the death was not natural This time Harry is certain The killer, medically sophisticated, coolly arrogant, moving undetected through a busy urban hospital, could only be a doctor And he wonders how many will die Desperately Harry probes deeper, following the only clue Evie left What he finds is a sinister pattern that threatens patients in every hospital in the city Harry is engaged in a life and death battle of wits with a chillingly efficient monster And until the doctor is unmasked, no patient is safe from his lethal silent treatment.Michael Palmer has done it again, delivering a no holds barred novel of medical intrigue a gripping thriller that features the most terrifying physician since Hannibal Lecter Silent Treatment will keep your pulse racing from beginning to end.

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    1. Rating: 3.5This was a pretty fun medical thriller. This has been one of my favorite medical thrillers so far.I only rated it three stars because the whole innocent person getting framed trope causes me a lot of anxiety. Not in a good way either for me a lot of the time. I don't know why. I've DNFed books for that reason alone. I understand why writers use that trope though.

    2. From the prologue to the epilogue this book kept me in a panic. I felt for each of the characters in a special way. The balance between the stress of being investigating for the murder of one's wife to solving that mystery was perfect. Just when the reader thought that everyone was figured outNope try again. Classic Palmer style. A great read and true page turner.

    3. My first book by Michael Palmer, but not the last, I'm sure. A real roller-coaster ride, with lots of suspense all the way. It went fast, mainly because I had trouble putting it down.If you don't like the state of medical care and medical insurance in the US, this book probably won't change your mind. Although it was a bit over the top, it didn't seem completely unbelievable that the insurance company would try to maximize their profits at the expense of a few patients. Hopefully, they don't go [...]

    4. One thing I love about this author is I don't have to worry about reading them "in order", however, this one could use a sequel. Will Harry and Maura live happily ever after? I suppose after the excitement of this story, nothing they could do would compare. Harry's wife was having an brain aneurism repaired in the morning. The ward was very full and the person in the next bed was (Maura) going through alcohol withdrawal after head surgery from a drunken fall down the stairs. Harry was visiting a [...]

    5. i really enjoyed this one!it was my first by michael palmer im not really into medical thrillers, but the pacing and plotting were greathe's a very talented writer. he sometimes goes a bit over the top with his medical descriptions, but it doesn't distract from the story too muchhighly recommended!

    6. I resented every minute I had to be away from this book until I finished it. It was suspenseful and compelling. I would have liked a less punchy ending- a bit more of an aftermath would have been nice, to find out a bit more about what happened to some of the characters. One of them- Maura's brother, disappeared from the plot and never returned!

    7. Michael Palmeri don't know about a silent treatment , because i not yet to read this books . i want to the meaning to indonesian , because i have a homework about it please help me to finis my homework

    8. Hmmmmrt of a different plot for Michael Palmer, I rather enjoyed that! Still had the obligatory romance, and bad guy chasing, but definitely kept my interest. I think this would be a good movie.

    9. If you're a fan of medical thrillers suspense/thrillers, especially those written by authors who are or have been doctors, then you've got to check out Michael Palmer's books. I've been a fan of his for a long time, but hadn't read Silent Treatment. I couldn't put this one down.

    10. In 'Silent Treatment', Dr. Harry's hopes of reconciling with his wife Evie are dashed when her surgery goes horribly wrong thus she dies from a brain haemorrhage. To make things worse, he becomes the prime suspect. However, the killer isn't about to stop. As the body count rapidly increases, Harry embarks on a dangerous quest to unveil the truth only to find that he's up against a formidable foeHaving read 'Miracle Cure' by Michael Palmer, I was pleasantly surprised by this book as it was a defi [...]

    11. Michael Palmer nearly always provides a medically-based, action-packed thriller. Silent Treatment does not disappoint. Dr. Harry Corbett is just a few days away from his 50th birthday, which he is dreading because of a "family curse" that seems to strike the men in his family on that date. His wife, Evelyn, with whom he has a strained relationship, is scheduled for surgery at Manhattan Medical Center for a brain aneurysm. When Evie dies suddenly the night before the surgery, Harry is accused of [...]

    12. Uitstekende medische thriller over dokter wiens vrouw in het ziekenhuis wordt vermoord en hij verdachte nummer 1 is. De rest van het opwindende boek is hij bezig de ware daders te ontmaskeren. Heeft ook iets te maken met snode plannen van verzekeringsmaatschappijen. Helaas buitengewoon geloofwaardig allemaal en iets wat ook zomaar buiten de VS zou kunnen gebeuren. Gezond wantrouwen tegen verzekeraars blijft op z'n plaats. Voor de rest natuurlijk ook gewoon eersteklas vermaak van deze schrijvende [...]

    13. Terrific mystery!This story is fast-paced and is a fascinating page turner. As it develops, the main characters leap off the page and become more real. The twists and turns are swift and shocking, leaving this reader to take a deep breath before moving on from one swift plot maneuver to the next.I recommend this book highly.

    14. Gripping and enthralling. Felt like 3 parts to this book. First mostly to do with Harry and his problems, then the accusations, then the hunt. I really couldn't stop reading this every night. Loved it very much. Michael Palmer is not an author I have read before and it was yet again another garage sale box bargain of other books. I will start reading his other novels!

    15. If it weren't for the language and sex, I'd be saying that this is one of the best books I've ever read! There are several different plots going on, and you wonder how on earth they're ever going to fit together, and as each one does, it is startling! So many unexpected occurrences and cliff-hangers in this book! On to the next Michael Palmer book!

    16. Far too convoluted to be an enjoyable read.Far too many near death experiences. Somewhere about 3/4 along the way, suspense was replaced with just wanting to get through the book. I had to push my way through the end.

    17. Good readGreat story. Keeps you interested and reading. Not too much filler. Michael Palmer is a great story teller. Going to watch for his next book.

    18. Found myself reading faster and faster to keep up with the pace - a good thriller that wasn't always predictable.

    19. it was goodt great .nning is confusing, stretched too much in the end that you almost lose your interest. I would definitely give a chance to another book written by this author

    20. BooklistPalmer has written another winner in his usual gripping, surprise-filled manner. The story starts with the trite phrase, "The Doctor will see you now," although readers will soon comprehend the blood-curdling subtext. Next, four diners at the Jade Restaurant succumb to food poisoning and are hospitalized. One of them turns out to be Ron Farrell, an insurance company executive; a mysterious figure visits him, and he soon dies. Then Harry Corbett, severely wounded in Vietnam and now a doct [...]

    21. This book fulfills requirement #6- medical thriller for the 2014 eclectic reader challenge.I had read some of Michael Palmer's books before and remembered liking him pretty well. I started reading his books because when I worked at a store called Media Play, he came in to do a book signing and I was assigned to help him with anything he needed while he was there. He was a very interesting person to talk to and when I learned about the kind of books he wrote, I was definitely interested in readin [...]

    22. I found this book really hard to get into. The prologue was really exciting which grabbed my eye but then the chapters afterwards I couldn't figure out what was happening but then all of a sudden the story took off and I couldn't put it down. If it hadn't been for the floundering beginning I would give this book 4 stars. When Dr Harry Corbett's wife is due for brain surgery, she is found dead in her bed. All signs point to Harry being guilty of her murder. In a side story there is a "doctor of d [...]

    23. Well developed characters, plot filled with twists and turns and plenty of suspense. You don't want to live in the past but you do want to make sure to remember it or it might come back to kill you.

    24. This novel deals with conspiracy in the field of health insurance. Harry Corbett's wife needs an operation and the night before this operation she is killed. Harry is the suspect and the quest to find out what really happened begins.This book didn't bore me but it never grabbed my whole interest either. I did like the concept of the book and the idea of how far executives of health insurance companies will go to save money is scary and relevant. I think I was a little turned off by the past hist [...]

    25. Dr Harry Corbett is on his way to the hospital to see his wife Ellie who is scheduledfor surgery the following day.Lately Ellie who was never quick to share her feelings hasbeen more closed and distant than ever before. Arriving at the hospital it is already toolate. Without warning Ellie is dead and the police suspect homicide but their only suspect is Dr Harry Corbet. While wandering through the local library that was having a little booksale I spotted this book by Michael Palmer. This is an o [...]

    26. The genre of this book was mystery and thriller. It had some good parts and bad parts. The book wasn't all that great the font was a little to small when you kept reading on. I didn't like how nerdy this book was. I liked the introduction part of that book it was very interesting then you get into the book and its bad. If you are a really nerdy person but like a little mystery and thriller then you should read this book. The title makes the book seem really good. But, what I really liked about t [...]

    27. It gets more like 4 1/2 stars but it is a great book for someone seeking a mystery/thriller novel. There was a few moments when his style of writing jumped into the past not letting you know this and you're stuck trying to figure out who this new character is you're reading about is constantly flipping back and forth through the chapter to see if you've missed something only to find out at the very end of the chapter it's another name for one of the established characters it's just he had a secr [...]

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