The Fifth Vial

The Fifth Vial From the blockbuster eleven time New York Times bestselling author comes a novel of medical suspense that begins with these chilling questions Who ends up with the blood samples you routinely give fo

  • Title: The Fifth Vial
  • Author: Michael Palmer
  • ISBN: 9780312343514
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the blockbuster, eleven time New York Times bestselling author comes a novel of medical suspense that begins with these chilling questions Who ends up with the blood samples you routinely give for tests What else are they being used for Why don t you know Take a Deep Breath In Boston, a disgraced medical student is sent to deliver a research paper that couFrom the blockbuster, eleven time New York Times bestselling author comes a novel of medical suspense that begins with these chilling questions Who ends up with the blood samples you routinely give for tests What else are they being used for Why don t you know Take a Deep Breath In Boston, a disgraced medical student is sent to deliver a research paper that could save her career Four thousand miles away, in a jungle hospital in Cameroon, a brilliant, reclusive scientist, dying from an incurable disease that threatens to make each tortured breath his last, is on the verge of perfecting a serum that could save millions of lives, and bring others inestimable wealth In Chicago, a disillusioned private detective, on the way to his third career, is hired to determine the identify of a John Doe, killed on a Florida highway, with mysterious marks on his body.Three seemingly disconnected lives, surging unrelentingly toward one another Three lives becoming irrevocably intertwined Three lives in mounting peril, moving ever closer to the ultimate confrontation against a deadly secret society with godlike aspirations and roots in antiquity.Medical student Scientist Private eye Three people who will learn the deeper meanings of brilliance and madness, truth and deception, trust and betrayal.Three lives linked forever by a single vial of blood the fifth vial.

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    1. I am new to '' but thought that I would contribute by adding the books that I have read over the past year. It's a bit difficult to write a review months later. I remember enough about all of these books. They were 'good reads' or 'worthwhile reads' in my humble opinion. I am attempting to discuss what stood out for me.I really like stories like this. Fiction but believable ? I say "yes" - being a scientist and of course my spouse responds "It is fiction !" It has been a while since I have read [...]

    2. This is a medical thriller. It describes the illegal organ transplant trade through a vast global conspiracy. A company called Whitestone sets up a huge network of private labs to do routine testing for medical purposes. An extra vial of blood is taken and sent to a central processing facility supposedly for QC purposes. Instead the blood is analyzed for suitability for organ donation. When a wealthy person needs an organ, a donor is matched through Whitestone's database. Most often the donor is [...]

    3. Books that increase your paranoia are always fun to read, and this book did exactly that. Trust me when I say that I will ALWAYS pay attention to the color on the top of the vials they use to take blood from now on, and if a green one is in the mix, I'm running away Fast. This book was very much written like Crichton's Next. Separate stories, told from separate points of view, seemingly unrelated that come together in the end. Although Palmer's writing was not nearly as advanced as Crichton's (w [...]

    4. In Michael Palmer's the Fifth Vial, he once again wrote us a fantastic medical thriller. In Boston, a disgraced medical student was sent to deliver a research paper to save her career. In the jungles of the Cameroon, a brilliant, reclusive scientist is dying from an incurable disease and is on the verge of perfecting a serum to save lives and bring others tons of wealth. And in Chicago, a disillusioned private detective was hired to determine the identity of a John Doe that was killed on a Flori [...]

    5. How about this--back to back Michael Palmers? The first one was from the bookmobile, the second from a book sale. It is amazing when you think that you have read all of an author's books, and then find two more. The heroine of this story, Natalie Reyes, is persistent and annoying at the same time. Once a world class athlete, she is now at 35, trying to complete medical school. She ends up being attacked in a foreign country, and losing a lung. This book is about organ transplants, and the illega [...]

    6. Oh my gosh, what a treat to have discovered Michael Palmer. Well, actually, a friend turned me on to him. I was a Robin Cook fan and hadn't found much in the way of medical thrillers until I started reading Tess Gerritsen and now have found Palmer. Fifth Vial is another treatise of the somewhat used plot of illegal organ theft and transplants. Palmer has a little different take on it, and while there are a few places that require real suspension of disbelief in the main it is interesting, exciti [...]

    7. It's too bad this excellent story had a somewhat disappointing ending, as if unfinished. Nonetheless, I give it an 8 of 10 stars for creativity, suspense and a couple of interesting lead characters who could still be flushed out.

    8. Too bad the whole book wasn't like th end, loved the end few chapters of the book. The first part of the book was a struggle to read though, it never fully pulled me in.

    9. I really enjoyed this book! Definitely it's own kind of niche as it lands in a medical thriller category? 3 characters seemingly unconnected each begin their stories with tragic/exciting starts. A medical student, a world renown Doctor/scientist, and a private investigator each are introduced to the black market of human organ trafficking. As the story unfolds I am wondering how in the heck are these connected. Palmer does an incredible job bouncing back and forth between characters without leav [...]

    10. The Fifth Vial came together in the way I expected it would, but a bit too much so. I found it cliche and predictable. However, the story line was unique and I enjoyed reading a mystery that wasn't just about trying to catch a dangerous murderer (although in a way this was, it just had a bigger backstory). Overall it was a good read, just a bit far-fetched and cliche.

    11. Love a Good Medical Mystery!!!Palmer wins again with a medical mystery that you absolutely cannot put down. Espionage, private detectives, & stolen organs all leading to a surprise ending that you could not foresee. Amazing book!!!

    12. I cannot believe the stupidity of this book. Talk of unbelievable, totally. Plus amazingly a good number of medical stupidities I certainly did not expect, like being O+ makes a transplant more difficult. As 1/3 of the population is O+, it cannot be a big problem. Talk of being AB-, hat would be much more complicated.I'm discovering Michael Palmer, read Resistant, the First Patient and Trauma. The three of them were okay. But this one?Add to the (many) plot holes the pages spent on blaming smoki [...]

    13. My mom reads books like this in 5 minutes, i think it is just to pass the time. She thought she might pass this one along since there is some hint of "science" in it. I started reading it and the first thing i thought of was that the author must not know anything about medicine. I looked at the back cover and to my surprise, it is a doctor. What a joke. It is medical drama sensationalized to the point of being ridiculous. Way to scare the populace.

    14. I had trouble getting into this because of the subject matter it was depressing, and yet there was no one to "care" about that was still alive, except the private eye. But he would be in the background a lot, and the other characters did not make an impression. I struggled through the book, thinking it might get better, but it only got worse. I won't be reading anymore Michael Palmer, not my cup of tea. I can see why Carol does not read his books.

    15. Simple, unsophisticated read, of the kind that tells you what will happen, then walks you through the happening, followed by an explanation of what had occurred. The story is unimaginative (human organ harvesting administered by an evil council of scientists). If you are interested in medical thrillers, try Daniel Kalla and his 'Blood Lies'.

    16. Pretty much in line with Michael Palmer's other books - pretty basic medical mystery/thriller with a not-entirely-unexpected twist at the end. A good, fairly quick summer read.

    17. This may be a good book with a thrilling plot, but I can find good books with thrilling plots without the F-word in the first three pages, thank you.

    18. The book started off very slowly and it was a bit boring because there were no major events. The content of the story was a bit confusing at times because it was so complicated. Towards the end of the book it was very interesting because Natalie had to go through many challenges to be able to receive justice. My favorite character was Ben Callahan, he was a character that was very cunning. He was also very courageous which made the movement of the book very quick and interesting.Overall, I think [...]

    19. A fantastic read that creates a suspenseful and tense atmosphere, Michael Palmer manages to dish out just the right amount of information and a little misdirection, leading the reader to attempt to figure out the plot, but the climax was definitely unexpected with the resolution sad but fitting.In The Fifth Vial, Palmer has managed to create memorable characters, covered the ethical and moral dilemmas over organ donation, dealt a critique of one aspect of Plato's The Republic and created a book [...]

    20. My first Michael Palmer book and I believe my first medical thriller. This book will make you wonder if this truly goes on in the world. Are there doctors and scientists out there that have a God Complex and do this sort of thing. I'm sure I'll think of this book everytime my blood is drawn now. Very intriguing plot! Great read.

    21. I had a really hard time finding any character to connect with and like enough to help me get involved in this story, so it was a bit of a struggle to get through it. Interesting idea, but kind of a blah book.

    22. This was a good read and a good audio production. Lots of parallel threads to the plot that all came together with some surprising and some not-too surprising ways. Would definitely recommend this as a read or as a listen.

    23. Found that I had previously read this but because of the authors style, I read it again. Good stuff. Not his best, however.

    24. Excellent read! Has actually motivated me to be more cognizant of forced-organ-donation and the ethical roles & responsibilities of physicians. Would highly recommend.

    25. First time with this author. Was a little difficult to get into because it skipped around A LOT! But once I really got into the plot I could not put it down. Scary.

    26. The fifth vial was a book about what could happen if my droid safeguards weren't in place. Thankfully they are. Great book makes you think about what if

    27. I enjoyed the book even though a bit disturbing and not my usual genre Kept me guessing. Interestng characters

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