Random Acts of Greed

Random Acts of Greed Help me Don t trust anyone Do gooder Holly Anna Paladin can t believe her eyes when a healthy baby boy is left on her doorstep What seems like good fortune quickly turns into concern when blood spatte

  • Title: Random Acts of Greed
  • Author: Christy Barritt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Help me Don t trust anyone Do gooder Holly Anna Paladin can t believe her eyes when a healthy baby boy is left on her doorstep What seems like good fortune quickly turns into concern when blood spatter is found on the bottom of the baby carrier Something tragic maybe deadly happened in connection with the infant The note left only adds to the confusion What does it mHelp me Don t trust anyone Do gooder Holly Anna Paladin can t believe her eyes when a healthy baby boy is left on her doorstep What seems like good fortune quickly turns into concern when blood spatter is found on the bottom of the baby carrier Something tragic maybe deadly happened in connection with the infant The note left only adds to the confusion What does it mean by Don t trust anyone Holly is determined to figure out the identity of the baby Is his mom someone from the inner city youth center where she volunteers Or maybe the connection is through Holly s former job as a social worker Even worse what if the blood belongs to the baby s mom Every answer Holly uncovers only leads to questions A sticky web of intrigue captures her imagination until she s sure of only one thing she must protect the baby at all cost Fiction Christian Mystery

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    1. Christy Barritt is one of my favorite cozy mysteries writers. She writes with such clarity and unique stories that I am drawn in instantly. I really enjoy how she has written a number of series that have repeating characters. I feel like I know them and am returning for a visit. In her newest addition to her Holly Paladin series, Random Acts of Greed, I feel the same way. Barritt didn't have to spend a lot of time catching me up on who Holly was and her past. Since I had read all the other books [...]

    2. : RANDOM ACTS OF GREED is the fourth book in the Holly Anna Paladin series but it easily stands alone. It does refer back to the third book in one spot, briefly but it is quickly explained and moved on. Holly quickly becomes attached to the baby boy she nicknames Sweet Pea despite warnings from the social workers not to get attached. But who left the baby? Since the note with the child is to Ms. Holly, Holly Anna believes it is someone she knows, so she starts looking for the baby's money first [...]

    3. My September Kindle prime loan. I've always enjoyed every single Christy Barritt book I've read, and this was no exception. Another good installment of Holly Anna and company figuring things out. I wasn't quite sure at the end what is going on or happening with her and Chase, so gotta find the next book soon :)

    4. I love reading about Holly and all her mysteries.Christy Barritt uses lots of tension, suspense and twist and turns to move us through the book.I love Holly, her spunky attitude and her sidekick Jaime.The ending has me anticipating the next book.You can read the book as a stand alone but you get a richer experience reading the entire series.

    5. Another good oneBarritt has a certain gift for wrapping up one set of problems, then after a short respite, something dangerous happens, and there is another mystery to be solved. Then it is all weaved together in a completed pattern.

    6. Holly’s done it again. It seems that everywhere she goes there’s some kind of mystery or crime. This time it comes to her in the way of a sweet little baby. Who is he and where did he come from? Of course, Holly can’t sit still so she gets her trusted friend Jamie to stay digging around for answers and the closer they get the more questions and twists there are! Her boyfriend Chase is working overtime to help put this case to rest, but will he work and doubts about his life, cause issues w [...]

    7. This was a very enjoyable story. Holly is a fun character and I was pulled into her situation right away.This had a lot of emotion. Having a baby left on her doorstep didn't seemed far fetched at all given Holly's background with Child Services. Her detective work definitely isn't something your average person would do, but she and her best friend, Jamie, (who is a reporter) really make a great team.I was uncertain about how her relationship with Chase was going to turn out, but I was happy with [...]

    8. Book 4 of the series and it was like reconnecting with friends. Opens with a baby being dropped off at Holly's place with a vague note, who left the baby and why? Of course Holly and her friend Jamie go digging for answers. The baby also stirs up emotions in Holly that makes her question her relationship with Chase. What will they discover while on their search? Will they find the baby's mom? What will happen with Holly and Chase? I have grown to like Holly throughout the series but it was Jamie [...]

    9. Another book in the Holly Anna Paladin Mysteries. I love seeing how Holly has decided to live life to the fullest and in this book, she gets a taste of motherhood. When a baby is left on her front porch, Holly finds her life turned upside down. I liked seeing how she and bff Jaime managed to investigate while still taking care of the baby and how she worked around Alex not liking her being involved. This book was anything but predictable as they tried to think who the baby could belong to and wo [...]

    10. I love Holly. Book 4 In the Holly Anna Paladin Mysteries series…Random Acts of Greed follows in the same vein as the other Random Acts books by Christy Barritt--humorous, dangerous, mysterious, and a bit heart-wrenching. And once again Holly is in the middle of a case through no fault of her own. She works through the issues, faces things head-on, and is an all-around good person who cares for the people around her. She has real fears, real issues, and real responses.Once again, Christy made m [...]

    11. Another Great read by Christy Barritt! I couldn't put the book down as always. I love how the author uses description in her books. It makes me feel like I am there and helps me to get lost in the stories. This is book #4 of this series. There is also a novella. I have absolutely fallen in love with the characters and have such an interest in their lives. Holly Anna is very likeable and she has been through a lot in the past books. This book, like the others has a mystery that just brings you in [...]

    12. A baby left on her doorstep, a man she loves but isn't sure she has a future with, an acquaintance from her past, and lots of adventures (sometimes with the baby in tow), lead Holly on a wild chase to find out the identity of the baby and the baby's parents. Are they alive? Did one kill the other? What does the note "Trust no one" mean? Can she trust Chase? Can she trust other the other police officers? Is being in love with Chase enough for now, when Holly ultimately wants a home and a family? [...]

    13. Note that this is the fourth book in the in the Holly Anna Paladin Series. In this clean and suspenseful mystery, Holly Anna finds a six-month-old baby on her front porch. The only clues left behind are a mysterious (and unsigned) note and some block on the baby carrier. Holly quickly falls in love with "Sweat Pea" and she needs to find answers. She and her best-friend (sidekick) decide to start snooping. Holly must remember that the note said "trust no one" as she steps into danger.Once again C [...]

    14. Holly Anna is friendly, 50s-fashionable and could give Amy Vanderbilt a run for her manners. Alas, life around her is not so pretty or nice. With good guys and bad guys who masquerade as the opposite, whom is she to trust when a baby is left at her front door? All this drama is enough to make Holly reevaluate her life and choices. Join Holly and company as they investigate serious events as they attempt to keep the baby and themselves out of harm's way.**I received a free copy of the book in exc [...]

    15. Another great Holly Anna mystery. The mystery could be read on its own without reading the others but I would recommend reading the first 3 Holly books plus the novella in order so that you are not lost with her personal life. Love reading in first person. Holly is persistent as always to get answers. This book was a gift from the author for an honest review.

    16. Another page Turner!!!I absolutely loved this book. Holly has become a favorite of mine. I love when Holly and Jamie go snooping around. It keeps me on the edge of my seat, waiting to see if they will find information or more trouble. Highly recommend this book or any of Christy Barritts!!!

    17. I loved this book and I love the Holly Anna series. This one was full of twists which I like because if it was super predictable it wouldn't be fun to read. Holly makes some tough decisions in this book. It is time for her to take some bigger steps in life. I am excited to see how she handles the changes in the next one! Great job Christy as always!

    18. Read the whole book in one sitting yes it's that good!I always y enjoy Christy Barrett s books. The plot is ever changing and keeps you guessing until the end.

    19. Great series! A fun, quick, light read. I've enjoyed this series and can't wait to see where Holly' adventures take her next.

    20. Another great book by ChristyChristy once again writes a mystery that will keep you reading and filled with twists and turns. Really like the Holly mysteries.

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