Don't Blink!

Don t Blink Think you can win a staring contest against an elephant What about a gorilla a cheetah a fox or an alligator What about all them AND a bunch of their other animal friends at the same time You re ab

  • Title: Don't Blink!
  • Author: Tom Booth
  • ISBN: 9781250117366
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Think you can win a staring contest against an elephant What about a gorilla, a cheetah, a fox, or an alligator What about all them AND a bunch of their other animal friends at the same time You re about to find out Whatever you do DON T BLINK

    One thought on “Don't Blink!”

    1. I was so excited for this book! The illustrations are amazing, the story is unique (I haven't read a picture book about a staring contest before), and I thought it would be great for storytime. It turned out to be boring . . . what a shame!

    2. The staring contest in this book starts off between the reader and one character in the book, and more animal characters join in as the pages turn. Each new animal is a wonderful surprise, and the illustrations are so good that each very much has its own personality. Cannot wait to share this book with my nieces and nephews, and probably have some fun with staring contests of our own!

    3. I liked the illustrations inside this story as I thought the animals were cute. As each animal enters the page, their eyes caught my attention as they stared right into mine. I thought the story was cute but it was boring and wouldn’t be a book that would be read over and over.It’s a staring competition and you are in it. It begins with a little girl and she wants to have a staring contest with you, the reader. As you turn the page, other animals join in and stare back at you with the little [...]

    4. The characters in this book stage a staring contest with the reader. Younger children might enjoy this book as it is very repetitive and invites the reader directly into the story.

    5. Tom Booth is an incredible talent. This book will keep you and your children captivated through multiple reads. Just Don't Blink, or you might miss something

    6. A little girl sits in the middle of the page, looking right at the reader. When a bird flies up and asks her what she is doing, she replies that she’s having a staring contest with the child reading the book. As the pages turn, more and more animals join the staring contest, until the page is crowded with an elephant, fox, frog, porcupine, owl, giraffe, monkey and many more. Even a slow-moving tortoise is heading to the game. But before the tortoise can get to the center of the page, everyone [...]

    7. This fun picture book invites readers to participate in a staring contest with an ever-growing group of animals. Tom Booth's charming illustrations could be straight out of an animated movie. He defines each character with exaggerated shapes that perfectly represent the animal they're supposed to be, and imbuing them with plenty of personality. This would be an especially great read aloud if you can do different voices for each animal! I probably would have liked to see a few more jokes stemming [...]

    8. From the cover and the endpages, we know the turtle will be important in the story. We need to be patient to see how, just as it takes patience to win a staring contest!Full color illustrations on a pale green background created with ink, graphite, charcoal or gouache then digitally refined. Double page spreads give the turtle plenty of space and time to arrive.Some students will recognize that the story starts all over again (they like to call it a 'circle story') and they'd have fun thinking a [...]

    9. This is a very fun book in which the narrator, a little girl, includes the reader in a staring contest. As the pages progress, more and more animals join the staring contest. The reader feels as if they are really a part of the game, and that they should not blink for fear of losing the game. The illustrations are digital and look very modern, and the simple yet clever plot makes for a good read for all ages. However because of the importance of the details of the illustrations, this book is bet [...]

    10. Tom Booth created an incredibly clever idea for this debut picture book and my kids and I were immediately in love with it. A starting contest between the reader and the characters in the book, what fun! It starts with one girl engaging in a contest with the reader and throughout the book many animal friends join in always reminding each other, "Don't Blink!" Until they start to get tired and then, who will win?! The illustrations will quickly captivate the reader and draw them into the story. H [...]

    11. What a fun interactive book! The characters and the reader are having a staring contest: don't blink! I loved, loved, loved the illustrations in this one; especially the crocodile and the tortoise! Most of the text is repeated conversation between the characters as more and more join in, but some of it is directed at the reader. I really enjoyed this one!

    12. This is one for young kids, and they will love it. A little girl begins a staring contest as all kids do sometimes, but the surprise is how very many interesting characters join in, and the one that stays behind. And the contest is with the reader! Wonderfully bright illustrations focus on those open and “unblinking” eyes, until. . . the surprise ending. It’s a laugh out loud book for sure!

    13. Quite enjoyed that one with my 4-year old. As he doesn't have a very good body awareness - he still can't tell that he blinked himself - it gets rather funny when he tries to join in with the staring contest.

    14. I bought this book for my nephews and they LOVED it! They wanted to read it over and over and told me every animal they saw on each page (there were plenty!) and tried to keep their eyes open the whole time. It was a fun read and I'd highly recommend it as an engaging story for little ones!

    15. I'm never prone to like self-aware books that talk to the reader. This is one no different. Also, the illustrations are too digital or something for my taste. I could see some kids liking this, but me? Not a fan.

    16. This is a fun picture book that challenges readers to a staring contest! The illustrations are really cute, and I think it will make a good lap read. It might also work as a readaloud, and readers are sure to spend some time challenging everyone they meet to a staring contest.

    17. Fun idea for a book as most are familiar with a starring contest. My boys, ages 9 and 10, kept their eye on the turtle the entire book and thought it brought some comedy to the story. Simple read with simple illustrations.

    18. A story about a girl and various animals she plays the "Don't Blink" game with. Fun and bright eyed girl m.c. All the animals she rounds up to stare down are fun and the kids enjoyed pointing to each one. And you get to choose who won.

    19. I would give it another star for the illustrations but cannot muster up the energy to make myself click the mouse. *sigh* The illustrations were amazing but creepy after a bit. I would not do this for a story time though it might work as a one on one.

    20. This was a GREAT!!! It was a fun book, I loved the pictures and the story was not wordy and interactive. This would be great reading to your child or doing this for a story time. Super fun. The craft could be a cute animal decoration.

    21. Cute interactive book. I LOVE the illustrations. All the animals are so captivating and fun to look at. Not many words per page. Cute be acted out with people, flannels, or puppets.

    22. This book is such a cute, clever concept and well executed. Slightly interactive and completely engaging, this is a fun read aloud. And the turtle at the end was a genius conclusion.

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