Flight Risk

Flight Risk A debut novel inspired by true events about a teenage boy who has stolen and crashed not one but three airplanes And each time he s walked away unscathed Who is Robert Jackson Kelly Is he a juvenile

  • Title: Flight Risk
  • Author: Jennifer Fenn
  • ISBN: 9781626727601
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A debut novel inspired by true events, about a teenage boy who has stolen and crashed not one, but three airplanes And each time he s walked away unscathed.Who is Robert Jackson Kelly Is he a juvenile delinquent A criminal mastermind A folk hero One thing is clear Robert always defies what people think of him And now, the kid who failed at school, relationships, andA debut novel inspired by true events, about a teenage boy who has stolen and crashed not one, but three airplanes And each time he s walked away unscathed.Who is Robert Jackson Kelly Is he a juvenile delinquent A criminal mastermind A folk hero One thing is clear Robert always defies what people think of him And now, the kid who failed at school, relationships, and almost everything in life, is determined to successfully steal and land a plane.Told as an investigation into Robert s psyche, the narrative includes multiple points of view as well as documentary elements like emails, official records, and interviews with people who knew Robert Ultimately, Flight Risk is a thrilling story about one teenager who is determined to find a moment of transcendence after everyone else has written him off as lost Teens will love the documentary style narrative and will root for underdog antihero Robert Donald Peebles, School Library Journal Fenn s ambitious debut novel is part oral history, part tall tale, and part suspense story Inspired by real events the life of Colton Harris Moore, aka the Barefoot Bandit , Fenn has penned an original, thrilling tale with wide appeal, including for older reluctant readers Caitlin Kling, Booklist

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    1. Robert Jackson Kelly is the perfect anti-hero. Some see him as a folk hero, others a juvenile delinquent. And while you can’t help but root for him, I was desperate to see Robert get the help he so sorely needed. Fenn is never heavy handed, telling Robert’s story from the very beginning and subtly revealing the many ways his small town, parents, teachers, and peers have let him down until stealing planes becomes his one defining moment. The writing is beautiful. Robert’s story will stay wi [...]

    2. My twelve year old son read this book in two days and loved it! Here's what he had to say:"FLIGHT RISK is a smart take on the story of a teen who steals not one, not two, but three planes! The book opens up with Robert's trouble childhood, with his father murdering an old lady and his mother being a smoker; it was truly a troubled time. Despite the somewhat slow start, the book had a very strong middle and end. Robert is caught for a misdemeanor drug charge because his friend duped him in to giv [...]

    3. Once I started reading, I couldn't put this book down. The way this story is told and the way the author switches povs, grabs you from the start and keeps you reading and cheering on Robert every step of the way. This book was exactly what I wanted it to be and can't recommend it enough.

    4. Based on a true story, but trust me when I tell you that no matter how well you know the facts, you have no idea where this story is going. Robert Jackson Kelly is an odd mix of daredevil and folk hero, and you can't help but root for him.I am not an aviator, but I could wear Jennifer Fenn is from the depth of detail she includes. I felt like I was in the cockpit right alongside Kelly.An authentic, stellar debut that will keep you breathless until the very end.

    5. This book is so cool and unique! It is the documentary-style, based-on-a-true-story journey of a very interesting young man trying to figure it all out--and stealing some planes along the way. The characters are great and complex and the plot so engrossing that you will want to read it in one sitting. This would make a great movie!

    6. Loved this book. Extremely well-crafted. Robert is one of the most three-dimensional characters I've read in a long time -- he could practically walk off the page. The same is true of the other characters, too. The short vignettes allow the book to move quickly. It's a visual experience, like a movie on paper. One of my favorites so far this year. Bravo!

    7. Hello movie-makers! Jennifer Fenn’s debut, a suspenseful, fun story that makes the reader root for the hero/antihero, would be great on screen. Her skillful writing makes this a quick read. I look forward to whatever book she writes next.

    8. So This book. It's one of those that I'm not sure I would have read on my own had I not heard such amazing things (I'm a fantasy reader). But I'm so glad I did!!! Also, two words: the cover. Gorgeous. What really intrigued me to no end was that this story was inspired by true events (and ones I wasn't at all aware of but looked right into because how fascinating?!). Flight Risk is written in 3 main points of view: from the main character, Robert's, his mother's, and then through the sheriff's vo [...]

    9. Flight Risk is an authentically unique and truly captivating story for teen readers. While we are all professionally committed to never assigning books as ideal for one gender or another, I approach all books I read through the lens of the readers I serve --- and I'm a veteran librarian at an all-boys Middle School. This book will have immediate appeal among male readers. While it's easy to find realistic fiction that targets spies, sports, or survival, this story soars with subjects we don't se [...]

    10. Actual Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5.I loved how the different POVs played in with the interviews, the news clippings, and all the other pieces that rounded out the narrative. It just amounted to this fascinating contrast of the way everyone else saw Robert, pretending to know what was going on in his head, and then the way Robert saw Robert when he was in his head. Everywhere else, he was anything and everything. In his head, in truth, he was a kid. A stupid kid in way over his head who just wante [...]

    11. How did Robert Jackson Kelley, a quiet 17 y/o boy who loves his dog and spends most of his free time alone at the beach, end up stealing three airplanes? Even more surprising than the fact that he was able to steal and fly not one, not two , but three airplanes, is the fact that Robert never had formal flight training and before stealing his first plan had never flown before. Robert's story is based on actual events which makes it all the more fascinating. The story is told from multiple perspec [...]

    12. Thank you to the publisher for sending me an ARC of this book! It is very different from most other YA novels that I've read recently, both in terms of plot and in terms of writing style. I really enjoyed getting to know the main character, Robert Jackson Kelley, and following him as he grew up and turned into a teenager who stole and crashed planes. I also enjoyed the "documentary" style of the novel, including "interviews" with other characters which provided many different perspectives on the [...]

    13. Enjoyable read, I was rooting for Robert the whole time. Felt really bad for him, he just grew up in really crappy circumstances. Was nice to have the police officer trying to help him as well. Sometimes through the narration it felt a bit too distant from him emotionally. But that being said, I felt so sad for most of the book while he was running away that he wasn't able to spend time with his dog :(

    14. I thought the book has lots of potential. I was truly intrigued by a teen stealing a plane. I even liked the relationships that were touched on here. Overall, I was disappointed that the story didn't develop a bit more. 86

    15. This is my Favorite book I have read. My favorite part of the book was when he was growing up during his childhood. Also I really liked how It was based off the barefoot bandit. My least favorite was when robert(the main Character) got cought.

    16. This was written for a 5th grader. Not what I thought I signed up for. If it's for anything less than an adult, why doesn't let us know?

    17. Unique story-will appeal to both MS and HS. Dragged a bit for me in the middle. MS teachers-totally fine for classroom shelves.

    18. This book is so much fun! I read it almost in one sitting because I couldn't put it down. It's suspenseful and thrilling from page one, and I just had to find out how it was going to end!

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