Wifed By The Mountain Man

Wifed By The Mountain Man That s the sexiest thing I ve ever seen She laughs softly Reed you ve been alone far too long if a woman putting a baby to sleep is the thing that gets you hard Oh honey I pull her close Plenty gets

  • Title: Wifed By The Mountain Man
  • Author: Frankie Love
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • That s the sexiest thing I ve ever seen She laughs softly Reed, you ve been alone far too long if a woman putting a baby to sleep is the thing that gets you hard Oh, honey I pull her close Plenty gets me hard Show me, she whispers Show me how hard you can get REED When a social worker dropped a baby girl off at my cabin, saying she was mine, That s the sexiest thing I ve ever seen She laughs softly Reed, you ve been alone far too long if a woman putting a baby to sleep is the thing that gets you hard Oh, honey I pull her close Plenty gets me hard Show me, she whispers Show me how hard you can get REEDWhen a social worker dropped a baby girl off at my cabin, saying she was mine, my life changed I moved to the mountains to live life on my own terms, and having a child doesn t fit into that plan I m my own f cking man and don t need anyone busting my balls I don t want a wife I m looking for a mother for my baby The moment I meet Amelia, I know she isn t just any woman She has ideas of how a relationship should work, and our views sure as hell don t align But our chemistry is off the motherf cking charts and that might be enough to change my mind about what makes a marriage AMELIA After breaking up with the douchebag of the year, all I want is a real man who knows how to take care of a woman A mountain man seems perfect, I ll tame him and he can protect me But the moment I walk into Reed s luxury cabin in the woods I realize this deal is than I bargained for I want to be housewife, but a stay at home mom Um I don t know if I can hack it And even if I can do I want to The answer would be easy if Reed didn t turn me on and get me off so perfectly I came to the woods to find my happily ever after, but I might have found an ending I never expected Warning This book contains all the trappings for a steamy Frankie Love romance Panty melting sex, fierce men, and true love Oh, and there s an epilogue with all the girls and their mountain men Eep

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    1. Wifed By The Mountain Man is book three in The Mountain Man series by Frankie Love. I’ve become totally addicted to this series. In each book I get more and more attached to these characters. In this book we have the third friend, Amelia, and her mountain man, Reed.Amelia had been with the same boyfriend all through college, four long years, only to have him break up with her right after graduation, for a new girl that looks like a fashion model. It’s only been two weeks since the break up. [...]

    2. This is the third installment of the Mountain Men series, and not only do we get another hot and sexy read about a hunk in Alaska.but we get an epilogue that includes an update on all three couples when the book is finished. I am a sucker for a great epilogue, and this one was even better because I got to see how each couple was doing a year later!!I am glad that I gave this author a chance, and I am intrigued enough to give some of her other short stories a go when I have the chance!!!

    3. 2.5 stars. I didn't like the H he was a jerk he has a daughter from a past relationship he dated his daughter's mother briefly and she got pregnant she told him that she lost the baby and she left he didn't even cared that she left. More than a year later he received a phone call from a social worker telling him that she died and that he has a daughter well like I said he's a jerk and doesn't even want a wife he wanted a mother for his daughter and no it didn't make my heart melt thinking aww he [...]

    4. Only one I managed to read in the main series. At least the guy knew he was an asshole and didn't think the heroine is winning the lottery in terms of his d*** and should be grateful and just start playing house and take care of his kid. Well, he still wanted that, yes. But he also at least knew it was wrong for him to ask that if her.And the heroine's struggle was real. Poor girl couldn't stay as just a mother of a kid and a convenient body to be used by her husband but she couldn't just up and [...]

    5. For a mail order bride book, the concept was unique. I was up and down with my rating on this one, but in the end, it was the dialogue and Reed's complete personality switch that decided it for me. Reed put in his order with the agency for a mail order bride, but he wasn't exactly honest. He wasn't looking for a wife for him; he wanted a mother for his baby. Amelia is coming off a bad relationship and just wants someone to love her. Feeling like a glorified babysitter isn't exactly what she was [...]

    6. An unapologetically smutty chicklit but with a surprisingly warm heart.I haven't read such wonderful and caring parenting scenes even in romances dedicated to family.The infant was not just a cute or convenient accessory, but was shown in all her horrifying attention and time seeking glory. And both the H and the h acquitted themselves admirably there.Also the struggle the h faces on whether to stay or leave was handled almost poignantly for a smutty novella. So the book was almost bipolar in it [...]

    7. 4 Stars!!!!Modern Mail Order Bride Romance Three: "Wifed By The Mountain Man" by Frankie LoveReed and AmeliaAmelia and her two friends recently found themselves down on their luck; recent college graduates with no job and no money and definitely no men. So one night after a couple of bottles of wine and a pity party, they signed up for a Mail Order Bride service. Soon after that night they found themselves boarding a plane to take them to their future husbands and sadly away from each other.This [...]

    8. This is the third book in the Modern Mail-Order Bride series and I thoroughly enjoyed all three books. If you've read the other two then you know, Everly, Delta and Amelia are three best friends who've just graduated college and have no jobs and have one week to vacate the student housing they are living in. None of them have family to rely on so one night after too much wine they go online looking for jobs but instead they end up signing up to be mail-order brides for rich Alaskan men. Everly w [...]

    9. I had a back to back to back reading marathon of The Modern Mail-order Bride Romance Series by Frankie Love. This is a collection of novellas about three college fresh-grad best friends who took on a life adventure and signed up to be mail-order brides. Every book featured how each girl fell in love with her stunningly handsome mountain man husband. I loved this series because Everly, Delta, and Amelia girl had different personalities and each book had a unique and enjoyable story. I devoured on [...]

    10. My least Favorite out of the 3. I dont want to spoil why, but I didnt like how it went down with the other "person" who lived with him. I did like the end where We got to look ahead and see the other couples a little. I'll got 3 stars

    11. Amelia just got out of a 4-year relationship when she signs up she thinks she will finally get a husband who will love her and cherish her but that is not what she got. Reed might be rich and all but he is a mountain man at heart, he loves going fishing being out in the woods but when he suddenly finds out he has a kid(baby) his life changes and now he wants to find hope a mother just that a mother he doesn't need a wife. When Amelia finds out the she is basically babysitting all her hopes of lo [...]

    12. Even though the concept of the book is intriguing, I feel like the hero is an asshole (pretty much all the heroes in this series act like assholes- maybe not so much in the first book but definitely in the last two). It's a shame I didn't like the heroes cuz like I said I liked the storyline of all 3 books were promising and the heroines were awesome!

    13. More!!I'm such a glutton when it comes to these naughty novellas!! I just need morelove the modern mail order brides. Swoon worthy for sure!

    14. I found myself very annoyed at Reed and Monique at the start of this one. I thought it was a dirty trick that Hope's presence was hid. Yes Amelia fell in love with her, but she should know known that besides a wife she was to be a mother. It didn't help that Reed's purpose was getting a mother for Hope and someone he could occasionally sleep with. That really wasn't what Amelia was looking for, she wanted someone to want her. I found myself getting annoyed with Amelia as well, why keep hopping i [...]

    15. An Awesome Read!I loved reading Wifed By The Mountain Man Book 2, all about Amelia a young 22 year old girl who just graduated from college who is broke, jobless & boyless. Together with her two BFF'S they answered an ad for mail-order brides to Mountain Men in Alaska. Each girl flew to Alaska and then went their separate ways to meet their husbands. Amelia went to Skyway to meet Hunter. They were both physically attractive to each other but she finds out they are not getting married right a [...]

    16. I hate that the prologue is the same for THREE books. I hated the attitude this guy had for his own child because personally, I can't forgive people who even think like that. He wasn't a bad dad, just the way he thought about getting her a mother so he could go fishing because he shouldn't have to look after her? Just no. I get being frustrated he's a dad all of a sudden and not having a break, but it's also his fault for not wanting to hire a baby sitter for her. He's adamant about it, but he'l [...]

    17. And with this I finish three days and three books of Alaskan smut balm for the long hot summer. It's been fun. I found book one on Val ⚓️ Shameless, Bitchy & Skanky ⚓️ Mrs. ClayDanvers/RemingtonTate profile. These books are exactly what they claimed to be - a short, alpha male, off grid, posh mail-order-bride service, HEA story to be quickly gobbled up. I enjoyed the epilogue girlfriend wedding reunion with babies and hot lumbersexuals.Ninety nine pennies worth of mental Alaskan sex [...]

    18. (I have no idea when I read this-- I devoured the entire series at once)It said "Mountain Man" and I didn't even bother reading the blurb. I love a man in flannel! Add a beard, an off grid cabin, and set him Alaska and it won't matter if your book is long or short, good or bad-- as long as that mountain man stars in some steamy scenes!This book delivers. (Yup, I'm gonna post pretty much the same review on all 3 of Frankie's Mountain Man books because I loved all of them)

    19. It was an okay read. Most of it felt too rushed to really enjoy. It could have used another 75 pages easily.

    20. So, I think I liked this one a little bit more than the rest. Amelia signs up to be a mail order bride and that's the last thing Reed wants, a wife. However, he'll have on in name only as long as he gets a mom for his daughter, Hope. Amelia walks into Reeds home and is blindsided. She did not realize she was signing on to be a mom. It's a lot to take in. Not to mention that her soon to be husband does not want a wife, yet he can't seem to keep his hands off of her. I felt so bad for Amelia. I th [...]

    21. Alaska is red hotAmelia and her 2 bff's answer an ad for mail order brides in the paper. Little does she know a baby is an added bonus with her new husband.Reed had a 7 month old baby arrive on his door after his ex was killed. She never told him she was pregnant so saying this was a shock is an understatement!Amelia has s lot of trouble getting close to Reed. His idea of a wife and Amelia's are totally different.Amelia is alone when a horrific storm tears their house apart. Now she has to decid [...]

    22. Actual Rating: 4.5 StarsEvery bit of Amelia and Reed's story kept me hooked in and ready for more! Those two definitely had some serious push and pull going on and I couldn't get enough of that! That made everything they shared more intense and real, and I loved how this author gave me so much with them in this novella! This was another unputdownable novella by Frankie Love and I can't wait for more!

    23. Book three of The Mountain Man series was an unexpected surprise. Reed and Amelia complete the trio of mail order brides in this series and this time there is a real twist. With Hope in the picture this book is my favourite off the three books I have read so far. It really pushed the previous characters and the Reed and Amelia further than before. Adding a baby into the mix really heightens the situation and creates an enjoyable plot twist that makes the book.

    24. Book 3 in the series.Following her separation from her longtime cheating boyfriend Amelia decides to start afresh and become a mail order bride. Reed has a baby he needs someone to be a mother to his baby and 'friends with benefit' for him. Insta-lust fun with touches of the feels. Great final chapter in this series.

    25. Reed is the a-holeyist of the three. Wanting a full time caregiver for his baby so he can go play. Not a wife. Total liar. Amelia just wants to be loved and was willing to settle for the love of his kid rather than him.The epilogue where they all meet and stories converge and conclude was nice.

    26. Fun readI did not like the hero in this story, the love connection was tough to feel but taken in the series context it held true to form. In the end it all works together to form their greatest dreams and for some dreams they did not dare to dream.

    27. That series surprised me on all count. It was charming tender and lots of loveThis book gave a super epilogue and it sealed the fate of all 3 girlsReally nice light book easy and fast pace! Looking forward to read more of that author

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