LANE BROTHERS: 5 Books Billionaire Mafia Romance Bundle

LANE BROTHERS Books Billionaire Mafia Romance Bundle A KINDLE UNLIMITED FREE BUNDLE Standalone full length books More than words Approximately pages NO CLIFFHANGERS Enjoy the following books WYATT MIAH JACE JARED ROMAN Not suitable for

  • Title: LANE BROTHERS: 5 Books Billionaire Mafia Romance Bundle
  • Author: Kristina Weaver
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A KINDLE UNLIMITED FREE BUNDLE 5 Standalone, full length books More than 300,000 words Approximately 1,000 pages NO CLIFFHANGERS Enjoy the following books WYATT MIAH JACE JARED ROMAN Not suitable for readers below 17 These books feature bad boy, controlling alphas, and lots of steamy scenes.

    One thought on “LANE BROTHERS: 5 Books Billionaire Mafia Romance Bundle”

    1. Loved the brothers and how's the mum gave the rings to all of the brides I love it was like making them feel welcome inside the family

    2. LaneLet me start out by saying wow. Each book in the Lane Brothers series comes with there own problem. Which they have to figure out while getting their girls and keep them safe from the crazies intent on making their lives hell. These 5 brothers are all looking for the strong women to their alpha male. Someone strong enough to handle the man and the mama! You will fall in love with each tough boy and the mama to!

    3. Pleasantly surprisedI have to admit I like all the books in the series and I especially liked Roman's story. The last book was a great ending to an already good series! I loved how the family had each other's back through everything , especially mom and dad! Good read !

    4. GoodI enjoyed the book. Getting to know the Lane boys. A little predictable but worth it looking for more from the author

    5. Lane Brothersand their loves.Loved this series. Men who love their women and women who love their men. Mama and Pops who love their family.

    6. AwesomeThis is an awesome series of inner connected stories with very sassy independent women and the very sexy, totally Neanderthal men who love them to the roots of their souls. It's a keeper to reread a couple more times down the road. Loved it.

    7. Gripping storyEnjoyed the story but it was spoiled by numerous typing errors, either that or it was not proof read. Such a shame.

    8. FabEvery family has its f#@+#! Up members and the lanes are no exception but they have an extra little crazy they didn't know about

    9. Nice details thru out books.Good read this is the first time reading any of this author books .Will be reading more by Kristina Weaver

    10. LOVED this set! I could not stop reading it. The suspense, the romance that was sweet but not too sweet & the way the characters interact is so dynamic it makes you want to be a part of this family, I mean after a while you kinda feel like you almost are. The action & mystery surrounding the whole unknown evil leaderjust great! I almost couldn't function at work the day after reading the last one because I stayed up until 2 am to finish itI just couldn't stop myself! Really a great serie [...]

    11. Lane BrothersThis family is crazy, full of love for each other, the brothers know what they want and go for it and there is one that wants to do harm to the whole family.I really liked that each book picked up where the last left off. I was a little disappointed in the way that the bad guys were caught but over all a pleasant read.

    12. Lovers and ActionI'm not certain where the mafia is but it doesn't matter in this box set of love, action and adventures of absurdly wealthy retirement eligible under thirty year old veteran seals. It's pace is fast and filled with descriptions that make you alternate between gasp, wonder and smirk. I just wanna play with some of the gadgets for a while. I might read this set again.

    13. Awesome!I literally could not put this down! What an amazing journey! The flow of each book progressing the storyline throughout is so captivating you can't help but fall in love with this family! The Lane brothers? Holy hell on wheels in a basket full of hottnes! I will admit that there are more than a few areas that need editing but if you can look past that you will just love it!

    14. I loved this series; however I wish there was a little more given regarding backstories. The author eludes to Roman having demons but we are never told what they are or how he came to live with Ma and Pop. I would have also liked a little more abut what actually happened to Ellie when she was taken by Bolton Conrad. Overall the story was great and I loved the family interaction.

    15. FamilyI really enjoyed reading about a family that loves so fiercely that they would do anything for eachother. From crazy women and the men who tame them this is truly a great read!!

    16. This is a good series. I enjoy this author. Good humor. Love the mamma in these books. Story gets a little bogged down toward fifth book, but the characters are good. Maybe too much focus on the work aspect and not enough on the relationship with Roman.

    17. Excellent seriesThere are a few spelling errors in this series, but they aren't distracting like some other books. The Lane family is amazing and you will fall for each brother and their women. I found myself wondering who my favorite couple was and still don't know for sure.

    18. Lane Brothers are Awesome! This is a great box set full of love, mystery and suspense. I appreciate a true epilogue. I only wish I knew who Dyson really was and who he was looking for. I recommend this box set because it has everything you could want from an author.

    19. This was one of the best series that I have read. This was one of the best series that I have read. Couldn't put it down. Loved that all the characters are in each story.

    20. I loved this family!!!!I just loved this family my favorite kind of books to read are exactly what this was HOTT .spenseful, funny it just had everything!!!!

    21. Good seriesReally enjoyed this series. Full of drama and intrigue, hot sexy Alpha's and feisty heroines. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

    22. Good seriesAll the books in the series are good, full of romance mystery, intrigue and sex. Lots of alpha male activity and feisty females to tame them. Enjoyable series.

    23. Great readingVery good book, fast paced and funny. Great bundleInteresting and easy to follow. I know you will enjoy reading this book.

    24. A Real Page Turner.Great characters, story and drama. Heroes, heroines and the trials they endure. I recommend the bundle. I couldn't put it down.

    25. GreatI enjoyed this series their mother was what kept the humor in the story while they dealt with dangerous situations.

    26. Love itI love Kristina's writing style. Her characters talk to each other like real people, and the story draws you in. Don't miss this series!

    27. .All 5 LANE BROTHERS BOOKS ARE FULL OF ENTERTAINMENT AND SURPRISED. THE ROMANCE IS HOT And Steamy .The Storyline itself connects to all the books .Loved all the characters.

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