Hidden In Plain Sight 6: Why Three Dimensions?

Hidden In Plain Sight Why Three Dimensions Why are there three dimensions of space It is surprising that science does not know the answer though there have been some inventive and controversial ideas This book considers many of those ideas an

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  • Title: Hidden In Plain Sight 6: Why Three Dimensions?
  • Author: Andrew Thomas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Why are there three dimensions of space It is surprising that science does not know the answer, though there have been some inventive and controversial ideas This book considers many of those ideas and presents a new solution why three is the magic number.

    One thought on “Hidden In Plain Sight 6: Why Three Dimensions?”

    1. Three is the special numberAnd three stars are what this book gets - not entirely convincing that the many worlds interpretation can be ruled out or that higher numbers of spatial dimensions are possible, particularly in light of the 1/2n(n-1) equation for rotational degrees of freedom: in 5-space, there are two independent spin directions for each of the linear spatial dimensions, and similarly for progressively larger, odd numbered dimensions (e.g 3 for 7-space).

    2. As good as the others in the seriesExcellent approach to the problem of exploring why we have three spatial dimensions instead of one or any other number. My only caveat has to do with the demonstration in chapter six of the result in summing up the whole series of natural numbers (1 + 2 + 3 + ), with the result being -1/12. Andrew Thomas, the author, suggest to watch a You Tube video that gives you the demonstration but also, in the same screen, you can check for a more serious approaching to t [...]

    3. I like the answerThe book started a bit booting but then turned to be very interesting. The last chapter is the best. The biggest discovery for me after reading this book I a new perspective on the famous E=mc2 - the combined relative speed of every object in the universe is equal to the speed of lite. Thus, the explanation of why the treveller clock is ticking slower becomes simpler, because the bigger part of the energy is spent on the motion through the space the less is left for the motion t [...]

    4. Another step in understanding physics.This volume talked about a lot of things that I have never pondered. The author, as always did a great job explaining things and, as always, the last chapter was strange. Still fun. On to volume 7

    5. Good overview of SR and GRAndrew Thomas presents an excellent overview of special and general relativity by covering the fundamentals of tensor algebra and explaining Einstein's thought process. The question of why there are three dimensions is postponed until the final chapter.Chapter 6 makes a strange digression into string theory. In that chapter, Dr. Thomas "proves" the infinite sum of natural numbers is equal to minus one twelfth, somehow causing the existence of 25 dimensions, which string [...]

    6. All the interesting information that was taught on the previous books, mainly the first ones, is not present in this book. It talks too much about the reason and explanation why there are only three dimensions and not more or less. It is too philosophical, and unfortunately not so practical. I could not take much good information out of this book as I did on the previous ones, and started to get a little bored by the repetition of the same subject over the book.

    7. Another good oneAwoke at two AM to realize the value of -1/12 (you'll see). Great short read for us interested in physics. One wouldn't have to have read the other five in the series but any one of them will pique interest in the others

    8. Waiting for 7Dr. Andrew Thomas has the rare ability to present complex information in an enjoyable and readable format! Can't wait for the next one.

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