Innocent Blood

Innocent Blood An original novel of extraordinary power Innocent Blood is the story of year old Philippa Palfrey adopted as a child who is plunged into a dangerous and terrifying world when she discovers the s

  • Title: Innocent Blood
  • Author: P.D. James
  • ISBN: 9780571204557
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback
  • An original novel of extraordinary power, Innocent Blood is the story of 18 year old Philippa Palfrey, adopted as a child, who is plunged into a dangerous and terrifying world when she discovers the shocking truth about her natural parents and learns that her birth mother is about to be released from prison Innocent Blood is considered by many to be one of P.D James fAn original novel of extraordinary power, Innocent Blood is the story of 18 year old Philippa Palfrey, adopted as a child, who is plunged into a dangerous and terrifying world when she discovers the shocking truth about her natural parents and learns that her birth mother is about to be released from prison Innocent Blood is considered by many to be one of P.D James finest novels.

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    1. who hasn't imagined that they were actually a child of mysterious fortune or an heir to a legacy of romantic adventure? does anyone imagine the opposite - the legacy instead one of squalid violence and tawdry misadventure, straight from tabloid headlines? this early revelation is only the first of many disconnects between fantasy and reality that the oddly good-humored protagonist suffers. essentially a slow-burning psychological mystery depicting the uncomfortable dance between a murderess, her [...]

    2. Over the last year or so, I have met a wide variety of people who like knitting - not least the ferocious and redoubtable knitters of CERN, one of whom was even featured on a recent Swiss TV program. So, although I do not knit myself, I have come to develop some appreciation of the joy and heartbreak it can bring people.This book is one that I would advise knitters to approach with great caution. Suppose there were a person you had thought about every day for many years, and longed desperately t [...]

    3. James is a good writer - she must be considered at the top of the heap of the world's mystery writers. Most others don't come close. But her worldview is so misanthropic, most of her characters so hateful, pathetic, or disgusting (the lovely Dalgliesh is an exception, and it's why you breathe a sigh of relief whenever he appears) that all her novels are tinged and blighted by it. Soaked in it. This is a psychological thriller, not a police procedural; Dalgliesh is not a character. In this book t [...]

    4. Well Crafted, But I Did NOT Enjoy it I almost gave this a 3, since clearly the story is well crafted and James knows her way around crime fiction.But---I didn't enjoy reading this; in fact I couldn't WAIT for it to end.She has a very cynical worldview. All of the major characters are despicable. It didn't help that Penelope Dellaporta read the audio in a sing-song voice like a bored, upper class, English school girl.Philippa Palfrey, the adopted daughter of Maurice and Hilda Palfrey, uses the Ch [...]

    5. Things I learned from this book:1) It is always the fault of the child for getting raped - for being stupid, you know. Or for taking the wrong route. 2) You are supposed to like, empathise with and feel sorry for child murderers.3) If your husband rapes a little girl, your immediate response should be to give him brandy, murder the girl, and try to protect your husband. Because strength.4) The poor, poor men rape because they are looking for love and gentleness. 5) Child rape is really okay. It [...]

    6. A young adopted woman applies to find out who her parents were, and gets more than she bargained for.The ending paid off, but it was a bit of a slog to get there. There are a lot of layers to the truth, is the main story here. The cynicism and political two by fours are tiresome, and in the end it's a polemical book. And yet that ending

    7. So we come to Innocent Blood - the second book I purchased from Sophie Hannah's "Twist List" - with this one the unexpected part told me why it was on that list and was very clever but the rest of the book left me rather uncomfortable. Good plotting and P D James classic writing that was not the problem.The characters were all pretty awful. To be honest. Phillipa Palfrey who discovers her mother is a child murderer never really bothers to find out the realities of that just dives into a relation [...]

    8. This was my first P.D. James and I'll definitely be reading more. Innocent Blood tells the story of Philippa Palfrey, an 18 year old who was adopted at age 8. She has decided to exercise her right to find out who her birth parents were in an attempt to discover who she really is. It doesn't all go to plan though, when she finds out the truth about her real parents - and it's not the same as the romantic fantasies she's made up in her head. I loved this book from start to finish. It kept me engro [...]

    9. This is an odd and disturbing book. It's been some years since I read PD James. I was impressed all over again by her skill as a writer and her ability to deal with psychological issues. But I was also reminded how bleak her world view is. Of ccourse the story is not exactly a light one, but I found the lengthy descriptive passages a bit heavy handed, as if she were writing a guidebook to the streets of London for depressives. Even in the passages where she relects joy in her characters she make [...]

    10. This book has an interesting premise. The main character, adopted and raised by a well-to-do family, discovers that her origins are not as she has fantasised, but much, much bleaker. (view spoiler)[ Her natural father and mother raped and killed a child. What would happen if such a person, still only 17, decided to track down her mother? And what would then happen if the murdered child's father had the same idea at the same point?(hide spoiler)]This is a page-turner. One of P D James' earlier no [...]

    11. This thriller reveals P D James to (possibly) have some particularly unpleasant victim blaming beliefs - it appearing to be the fault of victims and their parents when rape and murder is committed. At first I thought this was just the view of the particularly unpleasant fictional narrator but by the end, when these views went unchallenged, realised they were very likely the author's opinions too. I wish I had not read this book. I've always had problems with her right wing (Conservative) politic [...]

    12. Philippa Palfry comes of age and seeks to find her biological mother having been adopted. Having lead a privileged lifestyle she is going up to Cambridge and wants to be a writer. The trail leads her to murder and mystery where she finds that her may not be all the she hopes. Overlapping this is Norman Scase who is on the trail of revenge. Lots of emotion and soul searching and the twists expected of a P.D.James novel Perhaps just a little predictable and therefore a 3 and not 4 stars.

    13. Extraordinary book. It's why I wish everyone wouldn't give every book they read 5 stars, because then there's no room for the truly excellent 5-star books. I found this book in a little Free Library, which adds to the fun of finding it. P.D. James writes mysteries with a wonderful detective called Adam Dalgleish. But Innocent Blood isn't a typical mystery; it's more of a suspense thriller and a psychological study of several people whose lives intersect in Philippa Palfrey. Philippa has been ado [...]

    14. Reread. Psychological mystery about a young woman, adopted, who traces her parents and finds that they murdered a child. Her mother is about to released from prison and she suggests they rent an apartment together for the months before she goes to Cambridge. There is more going on that she doesn’t know.This is a great, suspenseful thriller but I have to say that the emotions of many of the characters are really weird and don't make a lot of sense. The ending, emotion-wise, was a mess that stra [...]

    15. A "slow burning" psychological thriller I had a bit of difficulty getting into first - all these passages of flashbacks and descriptions made it not the easiest to follow at times. But they were obviously a part of the story, and there are enough action packed novels out there by other writers if this is your sort of thing. This is a novel about Philippa Palfrey's search for her birth parents, and about the betrayals yet to come, once she has found her mother and moved in with her. It is underst [...]

    16. Es indudable que P. D. James tiene una habilidad que le permite manejar la estructura narrativa y la focalización de los personajes para crear interés, pero tengo que reconocer que hay momentos de esta novela que me han molestado gravemente, por su escasa repercusión en el conjunto de la novela. No me parece necesario detenerse en la descripción de lugares que ni aportan nada la trama ni vuelven a aparecer, así como detalles de la vida de los personajes secundarios (algunos muy episódicos, [...]

    17. This is the second PD James I've read. As a murder mystery, it's above average. It's also an exploration of what forgiveness means or is, in the context of a child murder. As with real life, it's incredibly messy, not least in the ending. So, it wasn't a pleasant read (hence the 3 star rating), but rather a grim depiction of reality slamming into fantasy. I have a feeling this story is necessary to understand PD James' stories (in addition to which, Ken Myers has mentioned that this book marked [...]

    18. P.D. James is known for deeply-explored motivations and deft characterization. This gives her mystery novels a special plus. Still, I'm not a great fan. The endings are supposed to be thrilling, but are more often mindless, such as: otherwise intelligent girl having heard noises must go down unarmed into dark cellar and be rescued from ultimate horror by savvy police detective. Said detective is usually this poet-cop, Dalgleish, whose angsty ruminations and above-it-all manner I find intrusive a [...]

    19. Wish we could award half stars - liked the writing, but the story dragged in places. James as always did a great job setting the scene, describing locations, and helping the reader to picture the characters. I always learn new vocabulary from her books, at least one new word each title. She writes in what I consider a typically "English" way, evoking a totally different atmosphere from the usual crime novel. While this book did not engage the reader in solving a crime, it did engage me in a comi [...]

    20. I wasn't going to leave a review about this book because I didn't think it deserved one, but I think I'll leave one just to inform potential readers why I didn't really like this book.The first reason is that the author (P.D. James) had a very interesting storyline that she could have developed further, but due to the fact that she was careless and continuously throwing HER viewpoints into the picture, the storyline was largely forgotten. There are good areas of the book. I found Philippa's obse [...]

    21. Καλογραμμένο ψυχολογικό θρίλερ - αν και με στιγμές εκνευριστικά περίτεχνων και λεπτοδουλεμένων περιγραφών - με ενδιαφέρον και ιντριγκαδόρικο θέμα και θαυμάσια, αναπάντεχη κορύφωση

    22. I am not kidding on the spoiler thing -- I give away the end of the book. This was not a mystery -- the mystery described on the cover is resolved within a couple of chapters -- in terms of genre, it's a mix between a suspense novel and following someone who is working to commit a crime.(view spoiler)[I read two P.D. James' novels this weekend, a reread and this one, and while the plots generally differed (the other was a mystery), they both reached a climactic scene wherein someone the heroine [...]

    23. [Note that I listened to this book on tape. It was read flawlessly by Michael Jayston and came from Chivers Audio Books.:]A suspenseful tale of murder, rape, revenge and (I believe, above all) personal growth, PD James’ “Innocent Blood” artfully navigates one of my favorite territories: the physical and psychosocial geography of England – from the grottiest of urban dives with shifty-eyed denizens, to the sadly middle-class suburbs, to the self-conscious upper-middle class districts of t [...]

    24. How to rate this? The good parts are amazing and the bad parts are awful. The plot was, to me, very reminiscent of Ruth Rendell's standalones. But there's a grander, more Greek tragedy kind of feeling as multiple forces propel the characters towards disaster. On the awful side, some things are way too convenient. Philippa discovers who her mother is just at the moment when she is getting out of prison. The bean-counter whose daughter was murdered has a bizarre history of petty crime which serves [...]

    25. This book is something of a coming-of-age story, although it's not the usual young teenager. The main character is 18 and planning to go to university (it's a British novel, after all!) as this story occurs.I liked it a great deal; I kept going back to see what was going to happen. It was a bit tough because the characters were either unlikable or pathetic, with the exception of the woman one character consistently calls "the murderess." And I wouldn't recommend it unless you enjoy the tortured [...]

    26. I have been collecting quietly PD James novels, but time and other books took priority. So finally I read my first PD James novel. I decided Innocent Blood would be my first read. PD James is an amazing writer. This is not just a Murder Mystery that I was accustomed to reading. What I found fascinating and in a strange way it was interesting, that I learned to like characters that I should have despised rather than like. This is a story of revenge, atonement, forgiveness and at the same time a p [...]

    27. This book is super crazy. In fact I think that P D James must have gone crazy when writing this book. Reasons why this book is horrible:1. Having a main character who is probably a sociopath may be a problem. She absolutely has no feelings except for her self.2. Having the killer be the most sympathetic character is also strange. And he really shouldn't be sympathetic but he is better than everyone else.3. Overuse of the word Fawn. As in the color. I swear James must have used it at least five t [...]

    28. One of the best books I've ever read, but not for the feint-hearted. This is a story of revenge on many levels. It starts off with a young English woman wanting to learn the identity of her natural parents, for whom she has created romantic fantasies to explain their decision to place her up for adoption. The truth is slowly revealed but so are so many questions about the human condition, nature versus nurture, the essence of good character and human frailty. The story asks the question of how f [...]

    29. I really liked this book, until the very end, when there is a disturbing revelation tossed off like it's not a big deal. It was all far too Freudian for me! That said, on the whole I enjoyed the read. Just when I thought I knew all the answers, the author reveals that not all is as it seems. Also, even though I had big issues with the novel's protagonist, I did end up feeling sympathy for her--or really just sad for her. She's one mixed up young woman with serious daddy issues! Overall, I liked [...]

    30. I wanted to like this book because my friend is such a fan of the author, but I had a hard time doing so. I didn't find many of the characters relatable - I just can't relate to a protagonist who doesn't care that her mother strangled the life out of an innocent child; and indeed only gets upset when (SPOILER ALERT) she finds out that her mother abused her too as a child.or to an adoptive family who doesn't have any love for her or each other.or her adoptive father (SPOILER ALERT) wanting to sle [...]

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