Take Me Home

Take Me Home In this Where Are They Now novella catch up with two popular Callaway siblings Emma and Burke and meet their cousin Ian a world renowned scientistWhen Eleanor Callaway asks three of her grandchild

  • Title: Take Me Home
  • Author: Barbara Freethy
  • ISBN: 9781943781232
  • Page: 124
  • Format: None
  • In this Where Are They Now novella, catch up with two popular Callaway siblings, Emma and Burke, and meet their cousin Ian, a world renowned scientistWhen Eleanor Callaway asks three of her grandchildren to make a trip to her childhood home in Ireland, they have no idea her plan for each of them will make this a life changing trip.Emma, the spunky, never say quit, fire iIn this Where Are They Now novella, catch up with two popular Callaway siblings, Emma and Burke, and meet their cousin Ian, a world renowned scientistWhen Eleanor Callaway asks three of her grandchildren to make a trip to her childhood home in Ireland, they have no idea her plan for each of them will make this a life changing trip.Emma, the spunky, never say quit, fire investigator is happily married to her husband Max but has been struggling to have a baby While many of her siblings are welcoming new babies, Emma is afraid that she may never be a mother, but a trip to the Emerald Isle shows her that family is not always about bloodlines.Burke Callaway saved his cousin s life in a fire, but now he s dealing with a possible career ending injury All he s ever wanted to be is a firefighter, to follow in the steps of the men who came before him, to carry on the family traditions But this oldest son, for whom responsibility weighs heavy, now has a chance to discover a new side of himself with a little help from his free spirited wife Maddie.Ian Callaway is a world renowned scientist, but his IQ has been isolating This sexy, attractive genius meets his hero in Ireland a mysterious professor who is about to send him off on an adventure that will both threaten and change his life forever in the next full length Callaway novel, Closer to You.

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    1. The Callaways are united in love and tenacious in spirit. Both are good qualities to have but sometimes that tenacity can be a negative. Take Me Home is a multi - faceted reward for any fan of Barbara Freeway and her Callaway series. Die hard fans get to catch up with Burke, Maddie, Emma and Max but we also get a glimpse at another Callaway relative, Ian. Sometimes we need a fresh perspective to open our eyes to all of the possibilities that life has to offer. Emma and Burke learn that lesson fi [...]

    2. This is an amazing read.Elanor Calloway has Alzheimer's and wants her grandchildren to go visit her hometown in Ireland.She had written them each a personal letter of what she wanted them to achieve on the trip.She ended up taking the trip herself when was a special treat given her health.

    3. Another EXCELLENT novel by Barbara. It never ceases to amaze me how, she immediately catches your attention, with every novel she writes; in any of her many series. However, this one opens w/Emma and Max agreeing to go to Ireland, as do Burke and Maddie since somewhat ailing; but, still determined their; grandmother has already planned this trip and incredible things happen during the course of this novel. You then become involved with the different turmoils Ian is facing in his life. I'm sure y [...]

    4. This is a short novella and while a little pricey considering its length it is masterful. But although it is short, it is not only delightful but might in wisdom. Eleanor's big secret is revealed (are there more to come?) and Ian's story is set up beautifully (one I am so forward to reading). Indulge yourself for an hour with Take Me Home.

    5. What a fabulous series! Although inflicted with dementia, Eleanor is very intuitive about her grandchildren. She surprises three of her grandchildren, Ian, Emma and her husband and Burke and his wife, with a surprise trip to Ireland and has set up a special journey for each of them. Each of them is struggling with personal decisions and the journeys are to help them as they determine the paths of their lives.Each journey was meaningful and touched my heart. Through the author's words, I could se [...]

    6. To fulfill the wishes of their grandmother on her birthday, Emma, Burke and Ian travel to Ireland to undertake a task they have been given. The twists will have them taking stock of their own lives and sets the scene for Ian's story in Closer to you. Another great read from Barbara Freethy.

    7. Heart warming read. Special family moments are the center of this story. Love the Callaway's. Good read, worth the time spent.

    8. Eleanor Callaway has Alzheimer's & while on a new drug trial, has been having more good days than bad. She wants to go home to Ireland but her husband Patrick doesn't think it's a good idea. Instead she picks 3 of her grandchildren to go over to visit & bring her back memories & pictures. Emma has been struggling with having 2 miscarriages & trying to get pregnant again. Burke has been injured in a fire & is worried that it means the end of his career & what will he do th [...]

    9. Barbara Freethy is my "go-to" author for a guarantee good read. This is a Novella, so it was a quick read, but it had enough content to get you geared up for the next Callaway story.Eleanor Callaway, the Matriarch of the family has asked Emma, Burke and Ian to fulfill a request and travel to Ireland to visit the place of her family and friends. They agree to go even though each feels that they do not have the time to do this, but their grandmother is very important to them and they sense this ta [...]

    10. TAKE ME HOME (A Callaway Novella)AUTHOR: Barbara FreethyYou can never go wrong with a book written by Barbara Freethy! She always goes over and above your expectations. TAKE ME HOME is no exception! It is amazing! Although it is a short story, it is big on adventure, love, and excitement. To top it off, it takes place in beautiful Ireland.TAKE ME HOME is another phenomenal story about the Callaways. Grandmother Eleanor is suffering from Alzheimer's and experimenting with a new drug. The drug app [...]

    11. Another delightful Calloway clan story. I love the description of grandmother Eleanor having a twinkle in her eyes, once again. With memories of her homeland Ireland, she wants to see it once again.Though this time it will be thru the eyes of her 3 grandchildren. Though each of them say they can't take the time. For grandmother is dear to them, how can they refuse. After getting over to Ireland they each are given a specific letter. For Burke and his wife Maddie will embark on a treasure hunt. F [...]

    12. 3.5 stars for this short catch-up for some of our favorite Callaways and an intro to the next in line to find love. When Eleanor asks three of her grandkids to travel to Ireland to understand her past better, Emma, Burke, and Ian reluctantly accept. Each have their own issues which are explored while learning about their family history.I love Freethy's writing in this book and Emma's part of Eleanor's backstory had me in tears because it was so poignant and sweet. I do hope we see more of Emma a [...]

    13. In this short story we see three Callaway's go on a journey to the homeland of Ireland. Each were requested to go for their Grandmother. Burke, Emma, and Ian, a cousin of theirs take this trip for their grandmother Eleanor. Burke is recovering from his work injury, Emma is trying to start a family, and Ian is trying to find that special someone.More secrets are revealed also. And we thought there couldn't be anymore, oh but there is!Each of the Callaways are sent on a mission when they get there [...]

    14. TAKE ME HOME by Barbara Freethy is another great book in the Callaway series!!Grandma Callaway asked Burke, Emma & Ian to go to Ireland in her place. They all wondered why she had picked them. She wanted to see her hometown through their eyes, going to places that were special to her & people she knew. Taking pictures along the way.The timing could not be more perfect. Burke, Emma & Ian all had problems going on in their lives right now. Spending time in Ireland is what they all need [...]

    15. First of all the Callaway series is one of my favorites and its always so much fun to read the novellas so you can catch up on their lives. That being said, I so enjoyed this book for a few reasons. Its was great to read more about Ian and I'm looking forward to his story. Always am intrigued to find out more about the Grandma! The bonus was getting to read about my two favorite couples. Burke and Maddie and Emma and Max. Its great reading about their lives because with Barbara's books you feel [...]

    16. This is a quick read with the family we all have grown to love The Callaways.Grandma sends some of her grand kids to Ireland and they all have there own grandma missions to do. What grandma thinks is best for them. Each character really took the missions to heart and came out better in the end for it. I don't want to say what I loved most about each of the missions because I don't want to put spoilers in here.I can't wait what is in store for the family in the next book.There is several books in [...]

    17. This was a short and quick read about the Callaways. Emma, Burke and Ian are sent to Ireland by their grandmother to experience where she grew up. The book skips around between the three which was a little confusing for me. You get to learn more about Emma and her husband Max, Burke and his wife Maddie and then the brilliant cousin Ian. It ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. I will probably read the next book, just because I'm curious to read Ian's story. I do prefer one story at a time instead of t [...]

    18. Eleanor Callaway is suffering from Alzheimer's. She is on a new drug trial so she is having more good days. She sends 3 of her Grandchildren to Ireland, where she was born and raised. When they arrive there is a letter from her for each of them. Each letter sends them on their own journey of self discovery. This is a heart warming novella of family relationships. It is part of the Callaway series but could be read on its own. I look forward to the next installment which will be Ian's story. Than [...]

    19. A short novella with so much love and family and Ireland. There are three Callaway' cousins that the Grandma Ellie choose to make a trip to her city where she grow up: Burke, Emma and Ian The three of them are needing a Grandma's hug, a Grandma's lap and Ellie Callaway knows even if they didn't talk to her.A beautiful and charming novella with so many meaning to anybody who love family.I loved met Emma & Max, Burke & Maddie and to know a little more of Ian. I'm anxious for the next Calla [...]

    20. I actually finished this book sometime last weekI received an ARC copy. I read it in a few days. I have been to Ireland before, so it was nice visiting that country again. The story was good and beautiful. My only wish was that more of the trip was mentioned instead of just the first day or two. There's so much more there that could've happened in just a day or two. I do realize it was a novella, but I still wish that. :) However, I am glad we got to be reunited with Max and Emma again. I love t [...]

    21. Lovely quick read from Barbara Freethy1Heartwarming novella as three of the Callaways are encouraged to begin to live their lives more fully!  Their grandmother sends them to her hometown in Ireland and arranges for them to follow separate quests to remind them that there is more to life than following their careers and that issues can be handled with help from their loved ones.  It was fun to see Emma and Burke with their spouses enjoying their trip and to meet Ian.  I can't wait to read [...]

    22. This was a sweet quick story that added more to the Callaway family story. Burke and Maddie, Emma and Max, and Ian take a quick trip to Ireland at their grandmother's request not only to learn more about her early years but also to give each of them a little help with their personal struggles. This is a wonderful series full of likeable characters that makes you want to keep following their stories. This was a quick and enjoyable read.

    23. ARC copy for honest review with no compensation. Love this series!!Take Me Home, takes Burke, Maddie, Max, Emma and Ian back to their ancestors home in Ireland at their grandmother's insistence. Once they arrive Ian, Emma and Burke are each given a letter to help them understand more about their family history and to help with things they each are struggling with. So much is packed into this novella, once you start reading you won't put it down. Looking forward to Ian's story!!

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