One thought on “Sergei Bongart”

  1. I was at Ground Zero for the writing of this book, for Mary Balcomb was my mother. Norm Nason did an extraordinary job of designing the book, and it has become much sought after, world-wide, as a landmark book.After valiantly suffering many years of debilitating conditions, Mary died April 5, 2013. Cody Publishing did two printings, and my publishing company (Amphora Editions) took over the remaining stock of the second, which sold out rather quickly. However, I discovered a cache of rare first [...]

  2. I paid more for this book than for any other book I have ever bought. And yet, I still found it for under 150.00 online. It is a beautiful book. The artwork is reproduced vividly. And there is a plethora of Sergei's paintings in this book. The story of Sergei's life is compelling as well. He was never a Soviet. He walked and walked across Europe to escape German occupation also. The text is interesting, if not totally balanced. His students loved him for sure. I believe he would be loved just as [...]

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