An Almond for a Parrot

An Almond for a Parrot I would like to make myself the heroine of this story an innocent victim led astray But alas sir I would be lying London In Newgate prison Tully Truegood awaits trial Her fate hanging in the b

  • Title: An Almond for a Parrot
  • Author: Wray Delaney
  • ISBN: 9780008182540
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover
  • I would like to make myself the heroine of this story an innocent victim led astray But alas sir, I would be lying London, 1756 In Newgate prison, Tully Truegood awaits trial Her fate hanging in the balance, she tells her life story It s a tale that takes her from skivvy in the back streets of London, to conjuror s assistant, to celebrated courtesan at her stepmoth I would like to make myself the heroine of this story an innocent victim led astray But alas sir, I would be lying London, 1756 In Newgate prison, Tully Truegood awaits trial Her fate hanging in the balance, she tells her life story It s a tale that takes her from skivvy in the back streets of London, to conjuror s assistant, to celebrated courtesan at her stepmother s Fairy House, the notorious house of ill repute where decadent excess is a must Tully was once the talk of the town Now, with the best seats at Newgate already sold in anticipation of her execution, her only chance of survival is to get her story to the one person who can help her avoid the gallows.She is Tully Truegood.Orphan, whore, magician s apprentice.Murderer

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    1. ‘’Alas, we players are unaware that the curtain goes up the minute we take our first gulps of air; the screams of rage our only hopeless comments on being born onto such a barren stage.’This novel was a severe case of ‘I fell in love with the cover and I regret nothing.’ Instant love. When I read the blurb, I thought this was a great opportunity to renew my relationship with Historical Fiction works set in the 18th century, an era when seduction, decadence, and the joie-de-vivre- way o [...]

    2. An Almond for a Parrot is an interesting mix of erotic romance, historical fiction, and magical realism set in 18th century London. This novel opens in the story's present-day with our narrator/heroine in prison for murder. She takes readers back to the beginning, where everything beganwhen she was married off at the age of 12. Don't worry, you won't be reading anything sexual at this age, but as with many women of that time who sought both survival and independence, her sexual awakening began e [...]

    3. “The gods made our bodies as well as our souls, is it not so? They give us voices, so we might worship them with song. They give us hands, so we might build them temples. And they give us desire, so we might mate and worship them in that way.”----George R.R. MartinWray Delaney, pen name for Sally Gardner, an award-winning British children's author, has penned an intriguing and a very sizzling historical fiction called, An Almond for a Parrot that revolves around a young woman in London locke [...]

    4. 1756, London in Newgate prison, Tully Truegood is awaiting trial for the alleged shooting of her husband. How she got to be in the position is an exuberant and titillating story of despair leading to debauchery, magic, and murder. Tully faces a world full of misogyny and hypocrisy as her father puts her through misery as a child and then at the age of 12 is married off to clear a debt.Tully's change from being the daughter of a drunken gambler to one of living a life of indulgence as a sought-af [...]

    5. 4.5 starsI received a free copy of this book from Harper Collins in exchange for an honest review.It’s 1756 and Tully Truegood is languishing in prison, accused of murder. In Tully’s own words, she writes down her story so those reading can understand her actions. From ignored daughter to famed and beloved courtesan, the reader follows Tully through the high and lows of your young life until eventually arriving to how she ended up behind bars.This is an absolute fantastic book that had me ho [...]

    6. Lucky enough to be sent a copy of this from the publishers, Harper Collins, in return for a fair and honest review.I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book!! Set around 1756, it starts in Newgate prison as we meet Tully Truegood who is awaiting trial for murder. So she sets out to tell us her story - and what a story it is!!This isn't a light and fluffy book! It features some very graphic sexual scenes, but not over the top as Tully starts her journey from her very grim background, with a [...]

    7. Tully Truegood is an orphan, and a whore, she also sees ghosts, works with an ageing Magician and is soon the talk of the town.I found this hard to read, for the simple reason, it tried to be too many things, and it was all jumbled up. Some readers will love it, I personally would not have picked it to buy,

    8. An interesting departure for Sally Gardner in this raunchy, magical, Georgian set novel with a lingering mystery at its heart. Incredible writing, an unforgettable character evolution in the lead, Tully, and an ending so bittersweet it's hard to know what to think.

    9. An Almond for a Parrot is an interesting book that blends magical realism into a tale along the lines of Fanny Hill. The story entertained me from start to finish and I was keen to see how Tully's journey would end. I did find some of the sexual euphemisms a little too flowery language-wise for my taste; its purple prose dragged me out of the story several times. Also, the ending, when it came, felt a tad rushed compared to the earlier pacing. However, regardless of these minor gripes, it was en [...]

    10. Crimson Petal & the White meets Tipping the Velvet with a dash of magic to spice the mix. 3.5 stars of enjoyable reading.

    11. The novel opens in the year 1756 with the heroine of the story, Tully Truegood, locked up in Newgate prison, awaiting trial for murder. I don’t use that word “heroine” lightly but even though Tully herself denies it, I disagree and think the term is appropriate. The story is told in the form of a first person written account of what led her to be incarcerated at Newgate, but just whose murder she is accused of remains a mystery for most of the novel.To be honest, I didn’t expect to like [...]

    12. I began this with a certain amount of uncertainty because I had the sense that it was a Moll Flanders knock-off. And certainly there are echoes of Moll's story in this piqaresque novel/romance of Tully Truegood, but the tale here is warmer and much more appealing to the contemporary reader than Defoe's novel. Tully is warmer, certainly than the eponymous Moll, and while she loses her innocence and becomes a worldly woman in the course of the novel, she never becomes hardened to life.Briefly, An [...]

    13. I received this book from the publishers in return for an honest review.This is the story of Tully Truegood a young girl who has the power to see and make others see spirits, which she uses to great effect during this book. During her life she is a drudge for her drunk and violent father, she is a loved step daughter, and a whore of great repute. I really enjoyed this historical novel by Wray Delaney, her first adult novel so far, and i hope not her last. The only reason i knocked off one star w [...]

    14. Having read the premise of this book in the library, I was expecting some kind of historical crime mystery. What I got was part crime mystery, part fantasy, part erotic novel and part family saga. It seemed as if the author wasn't entirely sure which genre to follow, and so it became a bit of a muddle. The different genres never really blended together, it was either one thing or another, so while we were trying to work out her past the crime got forgotten, while we were 'entertaining' her past [...]

    15. A formulaic romance, but a well-told one that finds a clever balance between the supernatural and the historical. The eroticism is handled with taste and emotion, and the main character is predictably but believably plucky. Pleasant, escapist fare.

    16. Found this an interesting read. Part Crimson Petal and part Night Circus, this took me on a journey that I sometimes found a bit anxious and I had to put down. But I always had to pick back up again as I HAD to know what happened next.

    17. Posted on Les Romantiques - Le forum du siteReviewed by JazzmenReview Copy from the PublisherThis novel takes place in the eighteenth century, in London. The story begins while Tully Truegood, the heroine, is in jail for murder, but she hasn’t been judged yet. She decides to tell us, readers and another character, about her life and why she is here.It’s not part of a series.I didn’t know this author and I was absolutely delighted to discover her and her story was definitely fascinating! I [...]

    18. Novel set in 18th Century LONDON (a titillating read)This is the first adult novel to be penned by the acclaimed children’s writer, Sally Gardner and I, for one, fervently hope that it’s not her last. Think a captivating blend of Fanny Hill and the best of Sarah Waters. Delaney’s novel takes the reader to 18th century London and brings to life the rat-infested overcrowded prisons and hovels of the poor as vividly as she does the bejewelled and glittering upper class brothels or the stately [...]

    19. Na brilhante capa de Memórias de uma cortesão de Wray Delaney está escrito, e cito: “ Um conto de fadas erótico para adultos”. E é mesmo. O livro, embora de 2016, parece um clássico inglês do século XVIII onde se juntam as festas, o poder dos homens nobres, o declínio dos jogadores e a exploração das mulheres pelas figuras masculinas. Tully é uma jovem fogosa ignorada pelo pai e que acaba, por força dos acontecimentos, por se tornar meretriz. Ela para além de ser uma mulher lin [...]

    20. An Almond For A Parrot by Wray Delaney is an epic historical novel set in the mid eighteenth century in England. It is the tale of one woman, awaiting her fate in Newgate prison. The novel begins in present day and then sweeps backwards, before travelling forwards in chronological order. The reader 'walks' through her life as the story is told in the first person.The reader 'experiences' life in eighteenth century London - it's sights, smells and poverty. It is comprehensively described, enablin [...]

    21. An Almond for a Parrot is a historical novel with high language and setting appeals. The author does a fantastic job building the world of 1700s London, the intrigues present in high society, and the social injustices present in the era and location. The main character is also well developed, as she grows from child to adult in a time where women are considered things, and morality is highly hypocritical. Those who love intense historical novels with some humor thrown in would greatly enjoy this [...]

    22. I love a good historical smut book, but I couldn't handle all the talk of body parts being root vegetables. I was giggling and rolling my eyes, which probably wasn't what was supposed to happen. And, ewww, child prostitution.

    23. Tully Truegood is in Newgate Prison, accused of murder and awaiting trial. It is 1756. If found guilty, Tully is sure to hang.This is the story of her life, which she tells in her own words.Tully is a whore at the Fairy House, London's most sumptuous and well-known brothel, but she also has magic powers. She is a spirit seer. Her fame has spread and she is a celebrity in London. Wray Delaney is the pen-name of Sally Gardner, an award-winning children's novelist but this is her first adult novel. [...]

    24. An interesting romp. It's Fanny Hill with a 'ghostly' twist, but without the staying power of Fanny Hill.

    25. Imagine Fanny Hill but with magical realism and a stint in Newgate, and you're getting close to the crux of this novel.This 4 stars actually represents 3.5 stars, although this book would have been a 4 star book if it weren't for two things. Firstly, this is a novel with a lot of sex in it. This isn't something I have a problem with. However, purple sex scenes I cannot abide, and these ones were certainly on the violet side of the colour spectrum. Breasts weren't breasts, they were 'apples'. Pen [...]

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