Infamous Woman: The Life Of George Sand

Infamous Woman The Life Of George Sand None

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  • Title: Infamous Woman: The Life Of George Sand
  • Author: Joseph Amber Barry
  • ISBN: 9780385068307
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. To place George Sand on a pedestal is to risk letting go of a warm, caring and sensitive personalityand to concentrate solely on the Woman who stands for her Time, but also transcends it in the values and causes she espoused, publicised and popularised. Strangely, the very works that carried her message, those many novels and tracts,now appear dated and passe, and practically totally replaced by her Own Life.That Life has been the subject of film and books for some years now because her Life car [...]

    2. She was a really interesting woman. She didn't consider herself a feminist, per se, but this would be a good read for modern day feminists and non-feminists alike.

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