Where the Dead Lie

Where the Dead Lie London Sebastian St Cyr Viscount Devlin is no stranger to the dark side of the city but he s never seen anything like this the brutalized body of a year old boy dumped into a makeshift gra

  • Title: Where the Dead Lie
  • Author: C.S. Harris
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • London, 1813 Sebastian St Cyr, Viscount Devlin, is no stranger to the dark side of the city, but he s never seen anything like this the brutalized body of a 15 year old boy dumped into a makeshift grave on the grounds of an abandoned factory One of London s many homeless children, Benji Thatcher was abducted and tortured before his murder and his younger sister is stilLondon, 1813 Sebastian St Cyr, Viscount Devlin, is no stranger to the dark side of the city, but he s never seen anything like this the brutalized body of a 15 year old boy dumped into a makeshift grave on the grounds of an abandoned factory One of London s many homeless children, Benji Thatcher was abducted and tortured before his murder and his younger sister is still missing Few in authority care about a street urchin s fate, but Sebastian refuses to let this killer go unpunished Uncovering a disturbing pattern of missing children, Sebastian is drawn into a shadowy, sadistic world As he follows a grim trail that leads from the writings of the debauched Marquis de Sade to the city s most notorious brothels, he comes to a horrifying realization Someone from society s upper echelon is preying upon the city s most vulnerable And though dark, powerful forces are moving against him, Sebastian will risk his reputation and his life to keep innocents from harm.

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    1. I have been on a roll of 5 star reviews. It is such an exciting feeling to have 3 books in a row being all 5 stars. That does rarely ever happens but my reading has been just fantastic lately. I just love this series. I feel like with each hook that the characters just seem to grow on me. This is the 12th book in the series and it is for surely growing very strong. The books just seem to get better and better. This one is my favorite one. I just loved the mystery. I could not stand that monster [...]

    2. 4.5 Sometimes after reading several novels set in contemporary times it takes a while to get in the mindset and mood that a return to the early 1800's requires. Need not have worried, due to this author's remarkable talent, within a few pages I felt right at home. Waiting for me. right where I left them was Sebastian, Hero, the reprehensible Jarvis and his long suffering wife, Tom, Giles and Paul, ready to tell me their story.Street children are disappearing, their bodies discovered horribly abu [...]

    3. Just when you think this series can't get any better, it does! I enjoyed everything about Where the Dead Lie. Sebastian and Hero are in such a good place and all is right in their little world. However things are not so good in the outside world as Sebastian discovers when he attempts to bring a pair of child killers to justice. This author is able to create such a perfect picture of England at that time. She certainly knows her Old London Town well - the seedier side of it as well as the upper [...]

    4. ETA: Completed audiobook reread on 10/18/17. I always love revisiting these books in audiobook format for two reasons: 1) I love the books and the characters and, 2) Davina Porter always does an excellent job. This was my first time listening to this particular installment in audiobook format but it delivered in giving me several hours of comfort and enjoyment during my otherwise stressful work commute. Having Sebastian and Hero with me always makes it better.It's been a month since Sebastian an [...]

    5. When the tortured and mutilated body of Benji Thatcher, a 15-year old street urchin, is discovered after the attempt to bury him is interrupted, Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin gets involved at the request of Paul Gibson. What was done to this child offended Sebastian's sensibilities and he immediately launches an investigation only to find that there appears to be a pattern of street children inexplicably disappearing. No one seems to have noticed. Throughout this series, the plight of the p [...]

    6. WHERE THE DEAD LIE is book 12 in the Sebastian St. Cyr series. I have to admit that this series is one of my favorites, as I have read all twelve books in the series. So, I was quite overjoyed when I got the chance to reading this book a couple of months before it was released. So far, not a single book in this series disappointed me and I'm quite thrilled to be able to say that this book is actually the best one so farAD THE REST OF THE REVIEW OVER AT FRESH FICTION!

    7. The subject matter of this story is among the darkest that Harris has explored so far in this entire series, and this book is one of the strongest. It’s brimming with high emotion: fear, love, power, anger, and grief. It got me like a kick to the gut. All those missing, exploited, murdered street kids, it’s enough to rip my heart (and I suspect most readers’ hearts) into pieces. As for Sebastian… well. How do I even begin to talk about this giant-hearted avenging angel who relentlessly p [...]

    8. For those not in the know, I have annual standing book dates with certain authors or series that are truly an event for me where I clear the calendar for several hours and set up in a cozy spot with my beverage of choice and the latest shiny installment of my favorite series. The Sebastian St. Cyr series makes the cut and I gladly was lost in the dark underworld of Regency Era London along with Sebastian on his latest detecting adventure. Where the Dead Lie is book twelve in the series and would [...]

    9. TRIGGER WARNINGS: PEDOPHILIA, CHILD TORTURE, CHILD RAPE, CHILD DEATHI stayed up until 6:30 a.m. reading this book, so you know it's good!This is the darkest book in the series so far. It was like a Criminal Minds episode in Regency England, with Sebastian trying to solve the mystery in time to prevent more children from being kidnapped, tortured, raped, and murdered.It was so unbelievably tense!!!I've read some people complaining about the disappointing conclusion, but honestly it's just setting [...]

    10. Where the Dead Lie5 StarsAfter fighting in the Napoleanic Wars and solving several horrific murders, Sebastian St. Cyr should be familiar with the darkest depravity that human beings have to offer. But nothing has prepared him for the discovery that someone amongst the city's wealthy elite is preying on London's most vulnerable denizens, and committing some of the most brutal and sadistic crimes that Sebastian has ever seen. Each installment in C.S. Harris's incredible Regency mystery series is [...]

    11. Once again an excellent addition to this superb series. If there is one historical mystery series you should be reading than it is Sebastian St. Cyr. While this book felt a bit more gritty then previous books, it had me gripped from start to finish.

    12. I've given this an A- for narration and an A for content at AudioGals.It’s the rare author who can reach the twelfth book in a long-running series and still keep coming up with fresh ideas and interesting developments, but C.S. Harris manages to do both those things and more in her latest Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery, Where the Dead Lie. In this new instalment, our aristocratic sleuth becomes involved in the search for the perpetrators of the most horrible crimes upon the weakest, most vulnerable [...]

    13. I've given this an A at AAR.When it comes to C.S. Harris’ long-running series of historical mysteries featuring the aristocratic sleuth, Sebastian St. Cyr, I arrived rather late to the party. With eleven books already available, I wasn’t going to be able to catch up on them all in print, so, as I often do in such cases, I turned to the audiobook editions instead, and have been catching up with Sebastian’s adventures that way, and enjoying them hugely. I couldn’t resist the temptation of [...]

    14. This is a series I thoroughly enjoy. Kirkus reviewed this as "bleak" but I think it was just darker than the rest of the books in the series. There is violence mentioned in all of the books, but this was so much more darker because it involved children. These children were the poor, street children in London that do not have a champion, aid, or agencies in place that care for them. It's a scrappy, harsh existence that ensured most barely live to adulthood.In true, C.S. Harris fashion she leaves [...]

    15. C.S. Harris has crafted a wonderful thriller with Where the Dead Lie. Sebastian St. Cyr navigates the stews and brothels of London's underbelly trying to solve the brutal murder of a young boy. The crime is as heinous as it gets, and only St. Cyr and his opium addicted surgeon friend Paul Gibson seem to care. A child-killer is on the loose, and Sebastian must seek answers from the suspicious poor and the secretive ton gentlemen tainted with nefarious reputation. It's a slippery slope and one pri [...]

    16. This is one of the best series I've read, in any genre. It must be read in order, in my opinion.The cliff-hanger is partial, with respect to family member(s) and one major suspect.It will be a long wait for the next book to appear; I have to live with that!

    17. This book made me tear up. The core of the mystery is super dark (someone is abducting, abusing and murdering street children), so I was more than invested in Sebastian's search for the perpetrator. The way this book wraps up, though Well, let's just say I really can't wait for the next one to come out.

    18. 3.75 stars!There are possibilities of SPOILER in my review.But mostly just my rants for this book!😡😡😡I warn you again, POSSIBLE SPOILER!!!Here the things, I knew the villain correctly from the early on, so blatant obvious!And I have to say that's my first from this series. But instead of unveiled to us bit by bit how clever Sebastian chasing this animal, Ms. Harris made him chased other leads which honestly not that reliable. Because you know what? For doing this crime in this scale you [...]

    19. I need to gather my thoughts on this oneutterly fantastic writing, but the subject matter was heartbreaking and very timely. I have to think about what to say.

    20. It always seems like a very long wait for the next Sebastian St. Cyr book so the I was offered a ARC on Netgalley I jumped at the chance. Once I started reading I was back in the wonderful world that Harris has painted. Once again Sebastian is trying to solve a murder and runs right into a world that Jarvis controls. Not everything is solved and I was left with the feeling that things were not what the seemed in the Jarvis household. Now I have to wait another year to see if what I think I saw i [...]

    21. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I've read a couple of the Sebastian St. Cyr books and enjoyed them. The author also writes as Candice Proctor, a historical romance author, and there's generally a bit of romance in her mysteries, but they are also good mysteries and atmospheric with the historical setting. I've sort of dipped in and out of the books, and while it would be nice to go back and read them all, I've just got so many other books that I rea [...]

    22. First Sentence: The boy hated this part.Poor street children die all the time in London. Dr. Paul Gibson calls for his friend, Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, to view the body of Benji Thatcher, a young boy who was tortured and murdered, and whose young sister is missing. His outrage leads St. Cyr to learn how many children are missing, the writings of the Marquis de Sade, and the realization of wealthy men who torture children for pleasure.There is nothing better than a compelling opening c [...]

    23. Wow - I am a historical mystery buff, but I'm still amazed at the ability of this husband and wife author team to write chilling, atmospheric, tense mysteries set in the early 19th century- no cell phones, computers or forensic technology!Sebastian and Hero are a wonderful couple, but she is more concerned with domestic concerns and her own work in this novel, leaving Sebastian to rely more on Sir Henry Lovejoy, Gibson and Tom for investigative assistance in this quest to track down a Marquis de [...]

    24. This is another strong entry in the series and C.S. Harris does not disappoint. The crime and criminal are heinous and there were some very uncomfortable moments, but the mystery was solid. It was good to revisit old friends and even the less appealing recurring characters. I look forward to the next one and hope they continue to be high quality.

    25. Where the Dead Lie has Sebastien St. Cyr, Viscount of Devlin investigating the torture and murder of a street boy. Ben Thatcher was one of the throw-away children of London, and he and his younger sister had to survive as they could when their mother was deported to Botany Bay.Devlin, outraged by the abuse inflicted on Ben Thatcher, is determined to bring the guilty party to justice. His inquiries reveal the disappearance of a number of homeless children, and Devlin's suspicion and apprehension [...]

    26. I really liked the personal stuff in this one, but the case was just so grim and there's really no promise of it ending because of (view spoiler)[Ashworth's marriage to Stephanie (hide spoiler)]. Super excited about the Hendon/Devlin reunion, though. That has been a long time coming.Am I supposed to have concern's that Hero's cousin poisoned her mom so she could get with Jarvis, though? Because I do.

    27. openbooksociety/article/whWhere the Dead LieSebastian St. Cyr Mystery #12By C.S. HarrisISBN # 9780451471192csharris/Brought to you by OBS Reviewer DanieleSynopsis: The gruesome murder of a young boy takes Sebastian St. Cyr from the gritty streets of London to the glittering pleasure haunts of the aristocracy . . .London, 1813.Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, is no stranger to the dark side of the city, but he’s never seen anything like this: the brutalized body of a fifteen-year-old boy dum [...]

    28. In most novels, Regency England is something of a paradise, in which lovely young men and women in fancy dress dance semi-scandalous waltzs under the watchful eyes of adult chaperones before falling in love and retiring to their country estates. Which they have because of course they do - isn't the whole world rich and well-dressed and titled?That Regency England is not the sandbox in which C.S. Harris plays. Sure, her hero - Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin - is rich and well-dressed and titl [...]

    29. Well I caught up to the series and now have to wait till April or so for the next addition. This book was slightly darker and more disturbing than the usual I've come to expect. Viscount Devlin is on the track of a killer of the homeless, orphaned poor on the streets of London. Once again the author does a great job of setting the stage and giving wonderful, insightful descriptions of the city, dress and historical happenings in early 1800's. London. I find Davina Porter's narration perfect and [...]

    30. Another excellent addition to The Sebastian St. Cyr Mysteries. C.S. Harris' Where the Dead Lie is a finely written book on a horrific topic that has taken place in history from the beginning of recorded history and continues to the present day and will contine - the abuse of 'street children'. Ms. Harris' description of Sebastian's love for his son, Simon, lets Sebastian realize his caring for his 'father' which they get a chance to discuss - finally. Well done, Ms. Harris, and thank you for ano [...]

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