The Beast That Never Was

The Beast That Never Was What if Beauty was the Beast Lise s father is dead and the life of plenty and freedom that she has known as the daughter of the King s Huntsman is gone She must now live a life of duty to her mother

  • Title: The Beast That Never Was
  • Author: Caren J. Werlinger
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What if Beauty was the Beast Lise s father is dead, and the life of plenty and freedom that she has known as the daughter of the King s Huntsman is gone She must now live a life of duty to her mother and sisters, helping them to cope in their altered circumstances But where her mother would have her wed a childhood friend to secure their future, Lise knows that is not whWhat if Beauty was the Beast Lise s father is dead, and the life of plenty and freedom that she has known as the daughter of the King s Huntsman is gone She must now live a life of duty to her mother and sisters, helping them to cope in their altered circumstances But where her mother would have her wed a childhood friend to secure their future, Lise knows that is not what she longs for.When she meets a mysterious woman in the forest, Lise feels the stirrings of emotions she cannot give voice to, but with this woman, she doesn t have to say anything Senna knows.Cursed, hunted, and feared, Senna has been forced to wander from place to place for years than she cares to remember She gave up hope long ago that there could ever be an end to her isolation.Odd sightings in the forest monsters of legend come to life, old enemies back from the past, fearsome beasts on the prowl begin to frighten the people of Lise s village Somehow, all of these things are connected to Senna As the villagers fear grows, so does their hatred.Senna prepares to flee, accepting what has become her fate, but Lise isn t ready to give up her one chance for happiness Soon, only Lise stands between the villagers and the woman she has grown to love.

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    1. What if Beauty was the Beast? That in itself is already an intriguing twist on the classic Beauty and the Beast tale. But there's more. Whoever cast this spell on Beauty is one creative witch. Too bad I can't reveal what it is exactly, except to say it gives some modern horror vibe to the whole tale. No need to be afraid though. Except for the occasional creepy scene, there's not a bit of horror in the book, even though the author could have easily taken the story in that direction. This is a fa [...]

    2. If I were to rate this book purely as a romance, it would score fairly low. This isn't a romance, however--it's a fairy tale. And, as a fairy tale, I rate it very highly. There aren't many fairy tales that speak to my identity, but here we have one, and it offers some nice twists. The main character, Lise, is, without knowing it, a feminist. I'm tempted to describe her as a tomboy as well, given her love of hard work and the outdoors, but she makes the point to her would-be suitor, Rhein, that t [...]

    3. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and found it hard to put down. I'm not a huge reader of fairy tales so had no preconceived ideas of how the plot might, or should, play out. There's only one intimate scene, which totally floated my boat, despite it not being overly explicit. To me, the author proved an erotic scene can be just that, erotic, without all the mechanics being spelled out. Not that I mind that kind of thing either ;) I'll most definitely be checking out more books by this, no longer n [...]

    4. A wondrous fairy tale for the modern age When you look in the mirror, what do you see? If you look beyond your reflection, within the deepest parts of yourself and consider your emotions, what might you find? In an imaginative and thoughtful way, The Beast That Never Was leads the reader to think about such questions.The Beast That Never Was is a beautiful work of literary fiction, that is part fairy tale and part romance, as well as a thoughtful examination of the deepest and most complex eleme [...]

    5. This story follows the oral traditions of fairy tales, weaving subtle lessons to be learned under the cover of a gentle and entertaining tale.I loved the clear cut good vs. evil portrayals and how consistent they were throughout the novel. Yana and Azra win for worst in show. They could give Cinderella’s family lessons in sheer nastiness. Earnest Lise, adorable Isabelle and kind hearted Rhein and his father represent all that is good in the world. I enjoyed the pastoral setting, this community [...]

    6. Not really my cuppa.This would've been a 2 stars for me, were it not for the author (whom I'm a huge fan of).The characters didn't grab me and (view spoiler)[ the whole "I think I'm in love with her" was really out of the blue. Like, really. Like, "here I am, walking through the forest, then hi there beautiful strange girl, I think I love you". (hide spoiler)]

    7. The two main characters are likable. I was hoping for some more interactions between Lise and Senna before they both actually fall in love with one another. Overall, I really enjoyed this read. The author did such a good job at making a different premise of beauty and the beastexcuse me, beauty as a beast is more like it. The curse worked in such a wonderful way that it's borderline complicated (Freya must have a lot of time on her hand back then). If there is a fairytale for my childhood, inste [...]

    8. This is the 6th of Caren J. Werlinger’s books I have read and once again she has stepped outside of the traditional romance genre. After a series of extremely well done lesbian novels and the start of a mage/dragon lore fantasy series, The Beast That Never Was is by far the lightest and most fun of her stories to date.This is a fairy tale, told in the style of a novel, and a romance at that, but it’s a fairy tale to the core. Set in the wild forest and with a cast of the Kings’ Huntsmen, w [...]

    9. WrensReads Review:WHO HAS SEEN BEAUTY AND THE BEAST AND WHO LOVES IT? I need to know everyone's opinions stat! I won't be able to go see it until my family comes to visit later this month, and Belle is my spirit-princess (that's now a thing). With that being said, you can only imagine how pumped I was for this retelling. The beast and the beauty gender switched? That's amazing. Why hasn't anyone ever thought of that before? I love the idea of gender switching stories like that. This story is so [...]

    10. "No matter how much her head told her she and Senna could never be together, her dreams took her where her heart would go."I guess this could be considered a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, with some changes, of course. The most obvious is that the Beast is another woman, and she's not exactly a beast-like creature. That's all I'll say because I think it's better to find more about it reading it!Our protagonist is Lise, the eldest of four daughters who, after her father's death, took upon her [...]

    11. I received a copy of this book from the author via Netgalley for an honest review.This is my third story by this author, though only second book.I was somewhat reluctant to read this book for one specific reason. I had read the original fairy tale a while back. And did not particularly like it. A lesbian version of that tale did not really seem like something I would want to read. What with a man, the father, being willing to have his daughter killed in his place (or at least thinking so); and t [...]

    12. Beauty and the Beast. The timeless classic of Stockholm Syndrome and bestiality. Or a preparatory tale to get young women ready for arranged marriages back in the day. Or a sweet romance, depending on your perspective. I just watched the new cinematic adaptation on DVD. Very nice remake/live action update. Anyway, I was inspired and this freebie was just sitting on my kindle and waiting and sowell, this isn't really a retelling so much as a story inspired by. More along the lines of beauty and b [...]

    13. I received this book from the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This is a version of Beauty and the Beast that is even more twisted than the retellings usually are. If it weren't for the Beauty/Beast aspect of the book, one would think it was its own story, which in a way, it was.What was different about this retelling apart from the girlxgirl part- which is the first I've seen of this particular tale- is the fact that the Beauty was the Beast. That alone is what made me wa [...]

    14. I absolutely loved how Ms. Welinger took some elements of the Beauty and the Beast fairytale and not only added a lesbian spin, but the creative interpretations and new twists to the story were absolutely brilliant. The characters were wonderful, the details vivid, this was a very fun read. I always love her stories for the solid writing, excellent character development and interesting storylines. Wonderful book that I highly recommend!

    15. Lise does all the harder work for her family because her father, the King's Huntsman, died. Almost everyone sees her marrying her childhood friend but she knows it isn't something she wants. After a few mysterious sightings in the forest by the villagers, Lise herself sees a mysterious woman.Much to her surprise, Senna regains hope from meeting Lise that she would no longer be lonely.The sightings are somehow all connected to Senna.I was invested in the story from beginning to end. What intrigue [...]

    16. I was intrigued with this different take on a classic fairy tale. Although it has an interesting premise, there was just something missing and I wasn't as drawn to the plot as I'd anticipated.There were lots of sub-plots introduced throughout the story and I'd wished that those could be expanded, instead of being wrapped up so briefly afterwards. At times, it felt like there wasn't any building up of anticipation, with some revelations quickly presented. It ended being just an okay read for me. [...]

    17. Review written & published on criticalwritA fantasy F/F romance that is heavily inspired by The Beauty and the Beast, without the creepy stuff from other versions like Disney’s, and with women? Count me riiiiight in. And now I want more F/F retellings of fairy tales. Why do we cater to men who think that it’s ok to stalk someone by stealing their shoes or kissing people in their sleep (don’t read the original version of that one, I warn you)? And who cares about royalty anyway? Let’s [...]

    18. Oh my god, I did not expect to like this novel as much as I did. Written by heretofore unheard of (by me) novelist Caren Werlinger, The Beast That Never Was is not so much a lesbian retelling of Beauty and the Beast as a story loosely inspired by the events of that fairy tale and then unfolding in its own way. Lise is the daughter of the late Woodsman, whose job it is to keep watch over the woods, stop anyone from hunting or laying traps in the King's land and generally just kinda love the woods [...]

    19. Im really happy I decided to read this book. I dont usually browse the LGBT section but I finally did on a whim and it didnt disapoint. This is yet another great book I got for review. I was pleasantly surpised by how much I enjoyed it. I love retellings that are done in a unique way and this story really hit the mark for me. Ill forever remember this version whenever I think of Beauty and the Beast.Lise and her 3 sisters milk cows and make cheeze to sell at the market. Not accustomed to having [...]

    20. 2016 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: The Beast That Never Was1) Great plot development. The story is easy to consume and to follow and has a lot of logical progression to it. The plot is a little predictable in places, but overall, it's fun to read and enjoyable. They did some research and had some details that were very uncommon, but thoughtful. I can really appreciate that. It's the hallmark of a good writer not just to be able to put prose onto paper, but also to be able to use the setting [...]

    21. This is my first read by Caren Werlinger and I found it to be somewhat frustrating because the book could've been so much more than it was. The writing and story foundation were in place but it just didn't go far enought enough into the psyche of either of the main characters or into their relationship, in general. It seemed to skim the edges of something much darker and deeper in all respects but remained at the surface which, to me, was unfulfilling.The leads spent most of their time apart and [...]

    22. 3.5 starsI hate to review books like this. Werlinger has put together a wonderfully written story, with an interesting and engaging concept, that I didn't really like. My problem with the book is most likely about pacing. I felt it started really slowly, which agrees with others I've discussed the book with. Others told me that it gets better, so I decided to keep with it. And yes, while the pace did pick up, things still moved rather slowly for me. It's almost as though the details, especially [...]

    23. Awesome bookThus was a really great story and I loved the fairy tale aspects and the characters. I highly recommend reading this book.

    24. The Beast That Never Was — Caren J. Werlinger (21 chapters) December 2-10, 2017Even though I "started" reading this book on Dec. 2, I really started reading it on Dec. 9. It's a fun, quick read. This is the second book I have read by this author, and it is just as good as the first one. It helps that I throughly enjoy re-tellings of classical myths and fairy-tales from the lesbian slant.Yes! This is a story about two consenting females that couple up. If this disturbs you, skip this book and r [...]

    25. So, I'm just going to start out and say I loved everything about this book. It kept me interested throughout, my heart on the edge, and a couple times needing a few moments before continuing with the book Not that it was bad, but because I was afraid of what was about to happen because my heart had become so invested in the story. I was physically distraught on more than one occasion, not gonna lie. My favorite character though, if I had to pick one, would probably be Lise's young sister, Isabel [...]

    26. "I don't think love is ever something we should be afraid of."I'll admit that at the start, I wasn't convinced by this book. The writing style, especially in the early chapters, is very Fairytale^TM, but as the book got going I was swept up into the story. What really stood out for me was the way that Werlinger brilliantly weaves the lesbian themes into the fantasy element and making them essential to the plot. The initial twist of the Beauty being the Beast was followed by some fantastic reveal [...]

    27. I read the tagline "What if Beauty was the Beast " and decided to download the book. I had no other information about the story, and when I started, was delighted to find a strong and self-aware female protagonist. By the end of the first chapter, you knew that she struggled with her sexual orientation and that broke my heart for her. The magical element of the Beast captured my attention. I was able to suspend all disbelief and became swept away by the fantasy and fairy tale in this story. I ty [...]

    28. Cute For as interesting as the concept of the curse and the history of all the people were in their own right, specially in the Era where this book was set, I feel like this was kind of bland. There wasn't much beyond Lise going from the barn, making cheese and the town. The conversations and time spent with Senna (whom is the love interest) was stilted at best, and their relationship felt rushed. Super rushed. In fact you can probably count on one hand their interactions and even then they seem [...]

    29. Good bones and Lise is a solid protagonist, but the writing is lackluster, the pacing is off, the characters are generally inexplicable, and the one sex scene is a major tonal departure.Back in the days of ffn, I came across multiple fics where the general storyline was PG/PG13, but a single chapter would be hardcore erotica and marked as such. The little drop-down menus for navigating the chapters would read:Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9***THIS IS THE NC-17 PART*** Chapter 10Chapter 11The asteris [...]

    30. This was such a sweet story. While the prose was nothing special, and the pacing a bit rushed at times, the concept was unique and well-executed, and I loved the characters. If I think of it as a fantasy novel, I think I would find it a bit lacking in depth--but as a fairy tale, it's lovely. More lesbian fairy tales by lesbian authors, please.

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