Grinder Gage McPherson was the Seattle Shark s best Grinder until he shattered his shoulder last season Time heals all woundsbut the heartbroken single dad has than his share of trust issues The playboy only

  • Title: Grinder
  • Author: Samantha Whiskey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 165
  • Format: None
  • Gage McPherson was the Seattle Shark s best Grinder, until he shattered his shoulder last season Time heals all woundsbut the heartbroken single dad has than his share of trust issues The playboy only lets one girl close to his iced over heart his pint sized daughter who s the center of his world She s the only thing important to him than hockey, and he truGage McPherson was the Seattle Shark s best Grinder, until he shattered his shoulder last season Time heals all woundsbut the heartbroken single dad has than his share of trust issues The playboy only lets one girl close to his iced over heart his pint sized daughter who s the center of his world She s the only thing important to him than hockey, and he trusts no one with herexcept me We ve been friends since we were kids, and I love his daughter like she s my own, so what s the easiest solution to help Gage out Move in and be his live in nanny for the season As far as she goes, the arrangement is perfect But her drop dead sexy father Frustrating on every possible level There is a thick, professional line drawn between us by his own hand, and despite understanding the terms, my body is practically begging him to cross it Our chemistry is off the charts, but one misstep, and we could hurt the one person we love most This game is all or nothing Can I risk my heart on a guy who is known for the shut out, on and off the ice

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    1. romanticcynicblog.wordpress.cBeware of Spoilers!Star Ratings:Heroine (Bailey): 26yrs old – 2/5Hero (Gage): 27yrs old - 2/5Plot: 1/5Grovel: noneCheating: technically noneHEA: yes with babyTriggers: H is a manwhore and h has to listen to him have sex with OWAverage score: 2/5Best Line: “I deserve a lot of things, like a man who’s willing to risk his heart for what we could have together.”Worst Line: “Fuck, I loved sex. I adored women. I fucked a lot of women. Then they left.”Personal R [...]

    2. I have not read this and do not plan to read it.(view spoiler)[ Many reviewers mention that the hero brings home puck bunnies to have sex with while the heroine is there as his nanny. The heroine has secret feelings for him. (hide spoiler)]

    3. 5 'Grinder' Stars. Sometimes I don't always feel like writing reviews so I just read a book and give it the stars that it deserves I was going to apply this to Grinder as well. But I can’t hold myself back on this one and just have to write a review it is that fantastic. Gage is the Grinder for the Seattle Sharks. A year ago he tore his shoulder and his wife left him with their two year old daughter Lettie. Now let me tell you something. Lettie is the real star of the book, she is the icing on [...]

    4. 4 Intense & Passionate Gage and Bailey StarsI think I've just discovered another hockey series to follow. I do have a weak spot for those NHL hotties! This book kicks off the Seattle Sharks series and this book is about Gage McPherson and his best friend since childhood, Bailey. Gage has a 3yr old daughter, Lettie, and an ex girlfriend from Hell. The ex took off leaving him with their baby daughter when he suffered a career threatening injury. She found another guy and attached herself to hi [...]

    5. This book was Ok, I mean I liked it, it just was kind of annoying in a way? Let me explain. You have a hot hockey player whose heart has been crushed by his ex-wife, who left him and their daughter when he needed her most. Then you have his nanny, who is also his best friend, who is in love with him. He is also in love with her. This story should go smoothly. Nope. I get the heartbreak. I truly get it, however there is a time to move on and get the hell over it. That is what I got annoyed with. [...]

    6. For a couple who were supposed to be best friends, I saw very little connection between them. If they hadn't of mentioned that they'd been friends since they were kids, I would've thought they only knew each other for as long as she was his kid's nanny.The hero has no self control and even by the end I had trouble believing he loved her, much less trusted her. And she was justwell, kind of pathetic.

    7. 4.5 Stars!!!! Why are hockey players so darn sexy??!!!!! Gage McPherson is a single dad with an adorable little girl. He is also Seattle Shark’s best Grinder, until his shoulder was shattered last season in a game. After getting his heart broken by his daughter’s mother he has real trust issues. His whole world is hockey and his daughter and he only trust 2 people with his daughter and that is his mother and childhood best friend, Bailey. Bailey & Gage have been friends since they were v [...]

    8. What a little sweet and sexy read the Grinder was. It was first from this author but surly not my last. I enjoyed this one from start to finish. Bailey and Gage's story is a best friend to lovers one of my favorite kind.Gage and Bailey have been best friends since they were kids. After Gage's girlfriend leaves him with their daughter to raise on his own, he has sworn of all relationships. No more kids. He will not let anyone hurt him again. Bailey now works for him as his daughters nanny and liv [...]

    9. This was a nice, light, quick friends to lovers story. Gage is a single dad and NHL hockey player. Bailey is Gage's BFF who becomes his daughter's live in nanny. I enjoyed the story of the most part but I was not impressed with Gage's and his flaunting of the puck bunnies he brought to his house for sex while Bailey and his daughter were home. It would have been more tasteful if he did this discreetly.Other than that issue I really enjoyed the book and am looking forward to what Samantha Whiskey [...]

    10. I want to note off the bat, that I loved this book The only reason it's not a five-star rating is because of one little thing that sort of made me twitch. Outside of that, it was fantastic. I don't want to really go into what made me twitch, because it is what I consider a spoiler, but I will say that for most it wouldn't be enough to put them off this book. It didn't me, that's for sure.

    11. This one fell a bit flat for me. It was very cliched and I could see what was coming a mile off. Didn't like the way the H took the h for granted. Not my cup of tea, sorry!

    12. A good KU read. Could have had a little bit more relationship building between the characters, but it was still decent.

    13. Gage and Bailey have known each other forever, since they were only slightly older than Gage's three-year-old daughter Scarlett. While Gage may always have looked at Bailey as a BFF, she thinks a little more (a lot more) sexually about him. Since the departure of Scarlett's mother, Bailey has increasingly taken over childcare duties, despite having advanced degrees in art and philosophy.Bailey is one of those people who doesn't really know what her dream job is. She'd like to manage a gallery, b [...]

    14. For a debut book, this one is perfect. Our H is Gage McPherson and our h is Bailey Gage and Bailey have been friends since they were kids, the results of their moms being best friends. Bailey has recently graduated from Cornell with degrees in Art and Philosophy. She has a dream of running her own art gallery. For now she needs a job and with the moms help, she gets one working as Gage's Nanny. Gage is a hockey player for the Seattle Sharks and their best Grinder. He is also a single father to a [...]

    15. Hero(s) rating: 3.5 starsHeroine rating: 3.5 starsSexual tension rating: 4 starsSex scenes rating: 4 starsSex scenes frequency: 4 starsPlot rating: 3 starsDialogue rating: 4 starsOther woman/men drama: Baby Momma dramaCheating:NoStorytelling rating: 4 starsStory ending rating: 4.5 starsCliffhanger: (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]HEA: (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]**********************************************Overall rating: 4 starsBestfriends-to-lovers are one of my fave sub-genre's of thi [...]

    16. I love the relationship between Gage and Bailey though I admit I felt like the story was lacking a few things. It moved rather fast, the story was rather short as well.SPOILER ALERTREALLY I WOULDN'T LIE ABOUT THISI felt like there should have been more from Helen instead of "Hey I'll sign the papers No I won't Yes here I go. I never wanted to be a mother" Perhaps I thought she would play a little more cat and mouse with them before really giving into what Gage wanted. How miracley they are now p [...]

    17. First book by Samantha Whiskey and I absolutely loved the story. Gage is a single father who focuses his whole world on his little girl. But he needs help - he needs to find a nanny for his daughter that he trusts. Bailey has been his best friend for years and has always been there when he needed something.But as they begin their new roles and they start to resemble more of a family, how do they adjust to this new setting? Will they continue to stay friends or will they let their hearts and emot [...]

    18. This book, was amaze-balls! Not only is Gage an amazing father, but once he straightens his heart for Bailey, he was an amazing lover as well! I loved that there is hockey talk and hockey time but it isn't overdone and it didn't shadow the romance like some sport books often do. Now obviously Lettie aka Scarlett stole the show and her love for the sound of music?! Such a fantastic little girl. This is the authors first book, and it was fucking brilliant, so you know anything else she writes will [...]

    19. 3.5ishI enjoyed the story. I would've enjoyed it more if it weren't for typos. Great build up and development of friends to lovers story. Ms. Whiskey writes a great love story with interesting characters and well written sexy times.Typos were jarring. Places where a wrong word was used, the spelling of a character's name was different than before. Probably would give it 4 stars if it weren't for numerous editing issues. I have great hope for the next book in this serieshopefully, will be typo fr [...]

    20. I picked this one up well ok it had Sharks in the the title one of my fave NHL teams (shallow I know) and cause single dad hockey player and sort of friends to more. That's a good trifecta. This author seems pretty new but I liked it nothing too drama (for me at least), balance in the story tension, sweet and steamy plus the hockey of course. The kid was pretty awesome and pretty good for a quick, enjoyable read. The next books should be interesting.

    21. This book was a sweet story about best friends falling in love while working together in regards of his daughter As a hockey player he tries to do what's best for his family, but what he doesn't realize is that what's in front of him, its what's best for him! This story sucked me in right from the very beginning I'll be on the lookout for more books from this author for sure!

    22. This was a short cute little read available through Kindle Unlimited. Its written in alternating pov's but could use a little editing for misplaced words here and there. Bailey and Gage have been friends since childhood. She becomes a nanny to his daughter Scarlett. He is a professional hockey player and she is looking for a job in the art world. This works out for both of them. What doesn't work is their attraction for each other since she moved in. It cross's the friend zone he needs to keep h [...]

    23. Well2.5 starsFirst, if you're a serious hockey fan who loves romance novels, I don't think this is for you. Maybe I'm being too tough on the author, but the hockey related parts of this book were a huge distraction. As they were important to the story, I just couldn't get past them. The author wrote about hockey as if it was just like baseball or football, with a star player worrying about losing his spot to a rookie and only playing one game a week. The premise, a friends to lovers story with a [...]

    24. A great, sweet and sexy romance between Gage & Bailey. He is a hockey player & she's nanny to his adorable daughter. The conflict between them is believable & one I didn't see coming.SPOILER FOR EARLY PLOT POINT I lowered the rating from what would have been 5 stars because while enjoyed this story, I question a Hero who brings random hookups home for overnights when there's a 6-yr old daughter at home. Especially when he doesn't yet have sole custody. AT LEAST Gage questions the wis [...]

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