A Hint Of Scandal

A Hint Of Scandal If Alexander Duke of Westlake were conscious he would find himself in a pickle He s been sorely wounded by highwaymen and is now being nursed back to health by a young townswoman Bella Tichley But

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  • Title: A Hint Of Scandal
  • Author: Rhonda Woodward
  • ISBN: 9780451208576
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback
  • If Alexander, Duke of Westlake, were conscious, he would find himself in a pickle He s been sorely wounded by highwaymen and is now being nursed back to health by a young townswoman, Bella Tichley But just as a spark lights, one night threatens both their reputations and their budding love will be put to the test.

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    1. While I thought this was a pleasant read, it was not my favorite book of Woodward’s. I don’t know what to say that won’t give away the plot or surprises of the story, so I’ll try and keep it brief. Lord Westlake is found injured on Bella’s doorstep. She nurses him back to life and the two begin a nice friendship. They have a nice start and a good foundation, however some things happen that put a bit of a damper on their relationship. While the story was nice, I did think there was a li [...]

    2. This book was ok. Only a few kisses, nothing else. The heroine and her cousin spoke to each other and spent more time together than the hero.

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