The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet A trio of friends from New York City find themselves trapped inside a mechanical board game that they must dismantle in order to save themselves and generations of other children in this action packed

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  • Title: The Gauntlet
  • Author: Karuna Riazi
  • ISBN: 9781481486965
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A trio of friends from New York City find themselves trapped inside a mechanical board game that they must dismantle in order to save themselves and generations of other children in this action packed debut that s a steampunk Jumanji with a Middle Eastern flair.When twelve year old Farah and her two best friends get sucked into a mechanical board game called The Gauntlet oA trio of friends from New York City find themselves trapped inside a mechanical board game that they must dismantle in order to save themselves and generations of other children in this action packed debut that s a steampunk Jumanji with a Middle Eastern flair.When twelve year old Farah and her two best friends get sucked into a mechanical board game called The Gauntlet of Blood and Sand a puzzle game akin to a large Rubik s cube they know it s up to them to defeat the game s diabolical architect in order to save themselves and those who are trapped inside, including her baby brother Ahmed But first they have to figure out how.Under the tutelage of a lizard guide named Henrietta Peel and an aeronaut Vijay, the Farah and her friends battle camel spiders, red scorpions, grease monkeys, and sand cats as they prepare to face off with the maniacal Lord Amari, the man behind the machine Can they defeat Amari at his own game or will they, like the children who came before them, become cogs in the machine

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    1. That synopsis tho! I went to go add this to my to-read list but I apparently did that back in February. WELL DONE, PAST ADAM.

    2. They say good shoes take you to good places, I believe the same thing could be said to books. The Gauntlet is that book.It will take you to a place where winning a challenge is a must to survive. It will take you to an unimaginable land where cultures intersect. It will take you to a community where vibrancy and comradery exist between a cluster of people. It seems so simple, but the lasting effect is there. The Gauntlet easily become my favorite. It has everything I want in a book, there’s th [...]

    3. This is such an excellent Middle Grade novel. I'm so happy this book exists. It's fast-paced, beautiful, and intriguing, and perfect for all ages - not just middle grade readers. The stunning description will leave you hungry (for the described food) and wishing you could see what Farah and her friends are (for the architecture and more). I would HIGHLY recommend this one. RTC.

    4. The Gauntlet was one of my most highly anticipated releases of the year. The premise of retelling Jumanji, one of my all-time favourite childhood movies, with steampunk + Middle Eastern influences sounded too good to be true… which, in the end, it was. I know that I am definitely a black sheep with this opinion but I just did not enjoy this book as much as everyone else seemed to. I struggled to even make it to the end of the story! It was undeniably enjoyable but I just did not enjoy it that [...]

    5. The Gauntlet, a reverse steampunk-esque Jumanji and meets The Wizard of Oz inspired MG adventure with a Middle Eastern flair is exactly my cup of tea! I don't know about you, but the moment I heard about this novel I immediately knew I had to get my hands on a copy. I don't read middle grade that often, but this one sounded like it would be well worth my time. Sure enough, it absolutely paid off. There is so much to love about Riazi's diverse fantasy debut - it has something for everyone and it [...]

    6. The Gauntlet is for sure one of my most anticipated 2017 books. Karuna Riazi is my hero and I look up to her so much. I saw a bit of Jumanji and a bit of Wizard of Oz to be honest too. I loved loved this book and how it was written. The chapters are short so it has that easy flow that middle grade novels have. It is 1000% adventures and action and games and all of these wonderful things everyone will love. It has a lot of puzzle games and board games, which I adore in real life and to see them i [...]

    7. This was SO GOOD! I loved the characters and the world and the food descriptions and just EVERYTHING Review to come

    8. More of a 3.5 star really. It was really fast paced which I liked, and the representation was great. The setting was okay, but I found the characters a bit boring. Rtc

    9. What a ride.I don’t quite know how to begin this review.So that’s how I will begin it. Ha. When I feel too much for a book, I generally don’t like talking about it because I want to keep these feelings close to me. I have known Karuna for a while now and have been anticipating this book ever since I knew it existed. Not just because she is my friend and a wonderful writer but also because how important this book is and what its existence means.First though, the synopsis of The Gauntlet: A [...]

    10. Jumanji + steampunk + Middle-Eastern influences + tons of awesome = The Gauntlet. 👌- When I was a kid, I watched Jumanji and cried my eyes out because I was terrified. Haha! But THIS is awesome; perfect if you want an exciting adventure with unexpected twists and turns.- This is a middle-grade book, but honestly? EVERYONE can enjoy this book! It's so much fun!- I adored the characters! They showed strength through adversity and weakness, and showed that, by working together, we can accomplish [...]

    11. I won a copy of The Gauntlet in a First Reads giveaway.Farah Mirza is a gamer from a family of gamers. The Mirzas love all sorts of tabletop games, card games, and puzzles. On her twelfth birthday, she mistakenly receives the Gauntlet, a malevolent and self-aware board game. When her younger brother, Ahmad, gets trapped inside the game, Farah and her two friends have no choice but to enter the game themselves and beat it in order to retrieve Ahmad and exit. But the Gauntlet has not played in ov [...]

    12. In this book, a Bangladeshi-American tween named Farah, And Her Two Friends, have to battle a sadistic, hidden game-master in order to rescue her brother from a board game. They have to play by his rules -- showing up on time for each game, not making it too obvious they're trying to bust out, and only looking for poor Ahmad during their few moments of free time. The games include, for example, life-size Mancala with holes big enough to fall into that are also full of bones, so the whole thing i [...]

    13. 1* dnf: 124/294 (I was wondering why I was reading this so fast when I realized I was trying to get it over with.)I keep waiting for the game to actually start and the first game was really lame. I don't really care about the characters which is a problem. I feel like I kept waiting for the story to get to the point. Also it unnaturally throws in a lot of Farah's culture constantly at unnecessary moments. Wow CHAI TEA!!! So awkward and unnecessary what the hell. For example some of the foods and [...]

    14. I adored this book! A great adventure story of friendship and sibling love set in a Jumanji type game. (Imagine getting sucked into the game than the game invading your world.) If you enjoy fun, action packed middle reader books you MUST check this one out! As a bonus you get all of the amazing food descriptions that make you want to order Indian food ASAP.

    15. I read a sample of this one courtesy of Simon Teen Canada. And OMG. It is SO GOOD. I can't wait until the full title releases so I can read the rest.

    16. Um maybe 3.5 stars?I can't quite put my finger on it, but I found it very hard to get into the story. A lot of things went over my head, like the challenges the kids were playing I just couldn't conceptualize them at all. It may be a me problem, because the book itself is pretty enjoyable.

    17. This was my most anticipated book of the year and it did not disappoint! In fact, I loved it even more than I expected to. Farah and her friends, brother, family members, and all the people she encounters in The Gauntlet of Blood and Sand are real people who absolutely leapt off the page, and their adventures read in glorious 3D. So magical and lovely.— Annika Barranti Kleinfrom The Best Books We Read In April 2017: bookriot/2017/05/01/riot-r

    18. When Farah's brother is yanked into a magical board game, she and her two best friends dive in to save him - but if they don't beat the challenges the game lays out for them, they may be trapped inside forever. THE GAUNTLET is a fast-paced fantasy rich with worldbuilding and cultural detail that will please any fantasy fan.

    19. This was so fun! I really enjoyed Farah's fascinating (and delicious-sounding) journey through The Gauntlet. Don't read this while you're hungry; those food descriptions are to die for. Can't wait to see more from Karuna! :D

    20. Ahhh I never marked this as read! I LOVED this book. It was really fun from start to finish, and the voice felt really authentic. I loved the sibling relationship and the friendships in the book, and I can really see kids reading this book and talking about it together. My copy's heading to my mom's classroom for her upper level readers! Definitely high on my rec pile for middle grade! Also, I know people are always looking for books to rec to all genders for this age group: I think any kid read [...]

    21. Farah and her friends get caught in a magical game. They'll have to win challenges if they want to escape.Farah is a quiet and analytical sort of person, who comes from a family that play a lot of games. I liked that she is Bangladeshi and a practising Muslim, who wears a hijab. This is treated in a positive way. Her friends have known her for a long time, so there's no hostility or questioning from them (there's some from the children from Farah's new school, but this isn't shown in detail).Som [...]

    22. This was so fun. It reminded me of a childhood favourite,The Game Of The GooseI think the only downside was that there were so many foods mentioned, but no recipes at the end to recreate all that decadence.

    23. When twelve-year-old Farah and her two best friends get sucked into a mechanical board game called The Gauntlet of Blood and Sand—a puzzle game akin to a large Rubik's cube—they know it's up to them to defeat the game's diabolical architect in order to save themselves and those who are trapped inside, including her baby brother Ahmed. But first they have to figure out how. Under the tutelage of a lizard guide named Henrietta Peel and an aeronaut Vijay, Farah and her friends battle camel spid [...]

    24. “The Gauntlet” which I won through Giveaways is an imaginative fantasy with a Middle Eastern flair that begins when Farah Mirza and her two friends follow her brother Ahmad into a mechanical board game hoping to rescue the reckless seven-year-old. Trapped inside a puzzle game conjured by the mysterious Architect who’s snatched countless children offering them their freedom after they win three challenges Farah, Alex and Essie ‘s skills are tested as they search for Ahmad hoping to free [...]

    25. Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for approving my request for a free digital copy in exchange for a review. The Gauntlet is the type of book you read in one sitting. It is fast-paced (at times to its own downfall) and brilliantly captures the adventurous spirit of young readers. Moreover, the book offers a positive approach to friendship and family. Additionally. I really enjoyed the diversity in the portrayal of characters and was extremely happy to have a POC, own-voices lead. However, th [...]

    26. With the launch of Salaam Reads – an imprint of Simon and Schuster focused on bringing Muslim voices into publishing – and an author known for being passionate about diversity, Karuna Riazi’s The Gauntlet was a novel that I know many people were excited about. After reading The Gauntlet, I find that my thoughts on it are quite scattered, and so the best way for me to write a cohesive review was to create a pros and cons list.Pros:- As a South Asian, I was really looking forward to having a [...]

    27. *I received this from NetGalley, and in no way shape or form does that affect my opinions.I am not Muslim so I will not speak about the representation. What I can say, is that I absolutely loved this book. The Gauntlet is a fun, fast-paced, somewhat adventurous read. The Gauntlet is a game similar to Jumanji, the only way out is to win all the challenges. When I was reading, I felt like I was in the game with Farrah and her friends. I really love when I can put myself in the books that I'm readi [...]

    28. Actual rating 3.5***This review has also been posted on Xpresso ReadsThings You Need To Know About The Gauntlet1. It is a great book for kids who love games and kids who love RP games. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were made a character in your fav game? WELL THIS BOOK ANSWERS all those questions and more.2. Friendships are a huge deal in this book. Farah and her friends grew apart when she moved and as they are forced into The Gauntlet, they reconnect and work together to [...]

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