Rock Me Dirty

Rock Me Dirty Are you looking for sexy cheesy insta love stories that ll make your Kindle melt Looking for something that won t take a month to read but is satisfying with a hero who deserves his happily ever aft

  • Title: Rock Me Dirty
  • Author: Avery Kaye
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Are you looking for sexy, cheesy insta love stories that ll make your Kindle melt Looking for something that won t take a month to read but is satisfying, with a hero who deserves his happily ever after and would never cheat on his woman Look no further Avery Kaye promises to deliver exactly what you want Short brimming to the top with tropes reads with plenty of sexy tiAre you looking for sexy, cheesy insta love stories that ll make your Kindle melt Looking for something that won t take a month to read but is satisfying, with a hero who deserves his happily ever after and would never cheat on his woman Look no further Avery Kaye promises to deliver exactly what you want Short brimming to the top with tropes reads with plenty of sexy times and to die for heroes who make sure their women are satisfied all ways.Twenty effing years I ve given my fans, my agents, my band members everyone but me what they wanted I gave them everything I had But I can t any I m dead inside There s nothing left to give Until I see her The girl wearing wings White Angel wings She turns to me and her eyes find mine And a blast of electricity rips through me And I feel it I feel the music like I haven t in years.I don t know a thing about her At least, I don t know things that don t matter Her name Where she lives All I know is that she has somehow ignited that fire in me again.She s my angel My siren My salvation Mine.There s only one problem she doesn t know it yet.Warning this sizzling story of insta lust comes with an extra dose of cheese If you re expecting a deep, philosophical read, try Hermann Hesse.

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    1. A short insta-love story and I liked it! It's the first book of Alexa Kaye and if she writes books like this, I would definitely read the rest of her books. It's a safe one for me (check safety below).The story was about Cole (his age was not mentioned, just that he's 20 years older than her) and Tessa, 20.Cole's a rock star. He's a rock star for twenty years now and he's tired of living that life. Booze, drugs and women. He felt empty and he can't do it anymore. Not until he saw Tessa in one of [...]

    2. Pretty decent quickie from a new author. It had that OTT, MINE! mentality I love. I wish it was longer. It had the potential to be a really good story with interesting characters. I would have like to see them further out in the future too. I'll definitely read the next one.

    3. Super cheesy, sweet, sexy and OTT insta-love rock star book. Fun, short read. Way OTT, but what the hellmetimes that hits the spot!

    4. This was insta luv/lust in 0-60 sec's flat!Enjoyable,but I would have loved a longer story as this had really great potential to be a full length .Aged rock star 20 years older than the college age heroine (20),who sees her at his rock concert and falls instantly for her and vice versa.Cute little epilogue where they are married and expecting.

    5. Holy mama, this was super hot. I love the experienced older man with the innocent virgin plot. Although there wasn't really much plot, just a book full of smut!"This pussy is mine. Mine, mine, mine. Mine to eat. Mine to fuck. Mine. It was too short in my opinion but I still enjoyed it! Definitely have this author on my radar for OTT insta-love :)

    6. The story is ok but really? a rock star and a virgin? I am not sure I buy that! Also if she is such a fan why did she not fall all over everything he wanted!? She is obviously stronger then she appeared to be. They are faithful and it's totally safe! (Other people none, condoms used )Note: The only thing I hated was that she says "he was old enough to be my father" and she still wants to hit that!? Wow! He is 20 years older then her. It's a cute short story that doesn't lead to much. This story [...]

    7. Great short story by Avery Kaye and my first book I read of hers. I will be hitting up and for more of her titles. I'm a sucker for OTT alpha males and stories with insta-love and this one has both! Yummy!

    8. Why the angel wings? Did I miss the explanation?Also, apparently I'm not into rock stars.She didn't just follow him, she thought about her future, her education. Applause for her.He waited for her. Applause for him.

    9. 1.5 "almost there but not quite" starsThe story started off promisingly. Cole Zaden is a rock star of i am guessing epic proportions who has come to a low point in his 40 something life - he's jaded and is losing his rockstar mojo.So suddenly one night he sees a girl wearing angel wings standing on the side of his stage. It was never explained why she's wearing wings but it caught Cole's eyes and he sees her as his angel come to save him from his rock funk.So he grabs her and decides she's "The [...]

    10. Hot little read. Not a lot to it and you don't get much character development because of the legnth. Cole is the lead singer of a popular band and Tessa wins tickets to the concert. He sees her and its love at first sight. No cheating or ow/om.

    11. If there was ever a line to turn me offey are about to have sex and she thinks this"A man who is old enough to be my father."

    12. Wow. This one took me by surprise. Great for people who love insta-love/lust/sex/marriage.This was smoking hot!! I read a book before this with about 5 or so sex scenes and all of those combined were nowhere near as hot and sexy as this. Love this sweet dirty talking alpha.Yes people might be turned off by the fact that the H is older than the h while shes still in college but that actually turn me on. felt a little taboo which made it even hotter. =)Short and steamy. Just the way I like it.

    13. There isn't a whole lot to review about this novel. It was a sixty-one page story about a rockstar's instalove/lust over a young girl. It wasn't specific, however I guessed the hero Cole to be around twenty years older than our heroine, Tessa. Cole and Tessa's story takes places over a two day span excluding the epilogue. Cole was an intense, sexy alpha. Their interactions together were dirty, steamy, sexy and a completely unrealistic fantasy. Hell, I would have loved to have a fantasy like that [...]

    14. 3.5 stars. Super short, total insta love smuttiness. Not the best I've read but for what it was, it was ok. I will try the next book. There was a sneak peek for it.

    15. Rock star with a heartA worn out rock star who's fed up meets a sweet innocent girl at his show. What follows is a hot insta lust turned love story. Great writing with a hea to make you smile.

    16. Good bookThis was a good book to read. It was a short story but I loved the insta-love from the characters. I only wish it was longer to read. I hope to read more from this author.

    17. Holy Moly, that was a dirty sexy read. 3.5 stars not much of a story it's about day and a half together (a couple hours each day)then a little epilogue.The Endbut it was HOTT!

    18. best way I can describe this book in real quick wordage "wham bam thankyou ma'am", don't wanna give anything away but what a quick to the point story. i guess if you want a story that there is no real backstory or crazy around and around loops this is a direct shot to the point there! I don't usually make a big to do i am not the greatest speller myself, but this is a book that has lots of spelling errors to the point where at times you are questioning yourself as to what they author was me [...]

    19. Gotta love a rock star!I give this 3 1/2 starsIt was a fateful night that Tessa meets her fav rock star. He's older and she unknowingly has him doing cartwheels to spend more time with him. He's persistent and determined and ready to give her the world.

    20. Can't complain you were warned that it was cheesy insta love full of sexy time and yet again cheesy, so If you want light cute sexy and short story that you can read on the queue at the bank or any waiting room I totally recommend this one , not much thinking to do here and even though the characters did not come a cross as a very smart couple , well you were warned

    21. This was exactly as the synopsis indicated. Incredibly dirty older rock star falls instantly in love with a 20-yr old college student. I found this cringe-worthy, frankly. The sex drugs rock and roll thing is not my cuppa.Don't look for any depth of character (throwing in the "I was a foster kid" was irrelevant), this is "romantic" ha! erotica. The creep factors included: let's play the game of whenever you say no it really means yes (AWFUL) and how she mentions how he's old enough to be her fat [...]

    22. Hottest book I've read. Just a fun quick read not much to it but a hot alpha male completely crazy about his woman! I am not sure what made it the hottest book ever maybe the fact that the guy is older or that there is an almost taboo feel to it. There were moments that felt a little like non consent but nothing bad it was mostly a game being played by both characters. This book just did it for me

    23. All He Had To Do Was a Tell HerThe disillusioned rock star. The fresh young angel appearing out of nowhere. Instalove for him, but not for her. These are short novellas, so fuzziness on details is expected. But then there's too short. And Cole never told her that he'd lost the music until she appearswhich, how'd that happen, her onstage? What was up with the wings? Too short, even for a steamy, quick romp.

    24. Good short storyI enjoyed this story even though it was short. It was still hot yet sweet at the same time. Bad boy rock star finally has had enough of the wild lifestyle and wants something real.

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