What Are The Chances?

What Are The Chances Oh there s a point to a summer fling Trust me The Inn is sold and Derian Lafleur has been accepted to two universities one close by and one across the country Before leaving Britannia Beach for good

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  • Title: What Are The Chances?
  • Author: D.R. Graham
  • ISBN: 9780008145200
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • Oh, there s a point to a summer fling Trust me The Inn is sold and Derian Lafleur has been accepted to two universities one close by and one across the country Before leaving Britannia Beach for good Deri wants to enjoy one last summer of sun and fun However her best friend, Sophie Sakamoto, is interested in making sure Derian has one last summer romance The que Oh, there s a point to a summer fling Trust me The Inn is sold and Derian Lafleur has been accepted to two universities one close by and one across the country Before leaving Britannia Beach for good Deri wants to enjoy one last summer of sun and fun However her best friend, Sophie Sakamoto, is interested in making sure Derian has one last summer romance The question is, with whom Deri has had a crush on childhood friend Trevor Maverty since forever But he s already taken And Mason Cartwright is back in town after a year abroad But will he remember her Faced with tough choices, emotional revelations, and heart breaking goodbyes, Derian knows that whatever happens it s definitely going to be an eventful summer.

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    1. *This book was received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*I really liked this book. It had a good plot, the characters in the book, especially Trent and Derian underwent good character development. (view spoiler)[I am so glad Trent and Derian have finally admitted their feelings for each other and have started to go out. (hide spoiler)] I enjoyed reading more about Derian's premonitions especially since she is learning how to understand and use them to help save people. I am glad no [...]

    2. Derian and Sophie have one last summer in Britannia Beach. Deri has been accepted at two different universities, but she hasn't made up her mind yet. Sophie is very much in love, but Deri's love life has been pretty uneventful. She's always had a crush on Trevor, but he isn't available. Mason is, he's kind and generous and he's back in town after a year abroad, so Deri finally has the chance to get to know him better. Who will Deri end up with and will her summer be everything she hoped it would [...]

    3. FOR FULL REVIEW PLEASE VISIT: mortalreader.wordpress/20Summary ConclusionWhat Are The Chances is definitely a 5 star read for me, I have thoroughly enjoyed my reading experience of book 1 and now book 2 and I can't wait to see what book 3 has in store. It is safe to say I can imagine another rollercoaster of emotions and drama. The constant will they - wont they feel attached to Derian and Trevor isn't drawn out and whilst I have felt infuriated at times it is simply because I have interacted wi [...]

    4. It was August 25th at midnight while I was waiting for time to pass by. When it finally was midnight and August 26th, I immediately bought the eBook of What Are The Chances? and I started reading. I love this book!The book started a year later then where Put It Out There (read my review here) left of, and one thing that really stricks me is how grown up Derian is. Even though it’s only been one year, Derian appears to be much older than she actually is and I love that about her. In Put It Out [...]

    5. Review Posted on Reading Lark 10/19/16: readinglark/2016/Derian (aka Deri)'s senior year has come and gone in this installment. After spending time in Europe, Deri is home at her beloved inn in Britannia Beach. The inn has already been sold, but her grandfather is helping the new owners transition into their new role before he officially retires and moves off the premises. Deri is still sad about the sale of the inn, but she has come to terms with her grandfather's choice. She realizes that he c [...]

    6. Follow my reviews. :Jane Hunt Writer First StepsJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews FacebookJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Google+Connect on:TwitterDerian has come to terms with losing her childhood home, the Inn at Britannia Beach but she still craves something more than friendship with her childhood companion Trevor. He is at University, getting on with his life, so she should do the same, right? Sophie her best friend wants her to live a little in her last summer in Britannia Beach and have a summer [...]

    7. I am teen drama trash, so I gobbled this up, but the rating is kind of generous. I enjoyed the first book, but wasn't crazy with how it ended because of how the couple was kept apart for barely any reason. Basically Deri declares her like for Trevor and he's like "eh, maybe later." It felt lazy and contrived because the will-they-won't-they tension had to be dragged out another two books.This book sort of jarringly picks up a year later. I read the first book two months ago, but had already forg [...]

    8. 4 StarsA great addition to Derian's life at Britannia Beach. This book takes place approximately 1 year after the end of book 1. It's Derian's last summer at Britannia Beach since the family inn has sold and she'll be moving onto university. Derian still loves Trevor, but jumps at a chance to move on with the promise of a new relationship with Mason Cartwright from book 1.This book has similar elements to the first book - "will they/won't they" between Trevor and Deri, friend and family relation [...]

    9. So let me just tell you there are more levels to this book than a love triangle. I went into this book not knowing any details. This book made my heart warm. There was this happiness I can't explain. There were so many layers and levels to this book. I actually didn't know who to root for in this scenario. It could of ended like the selection, or it could of ended like p.s I love you. The book didn't flow like a typical contemporary and I loved that most. The author was took a different approach [...]

    10. Sequels usually make me nervous. I think the fact Derian still had a lot of decisions to make at the end of book 1 meant I was kept suitably excited for this book. It didn't disappoint. I enjoyed this book even more than Put It Out There because I have already come to know and love Derian and her friends. This is a sweet and very readable book. There's tension and drama about family and relationships I think we can all relate to. I am looking forward to seeing what life throws at Derian next and [...]

    11. Book two in the Britannia book series. Like the first one this was an easy read but it added more mature dilemmas into the mix. Again I loved all the characters the banter the family vibe I found myself laughing so much through this book. I can't wait for the third and final book to see what happens with Derian and Trevor they are destined to be together but I'm also dying to see what happens with Sophie and Doug!

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