Lakeshore Secrets

Lakeshore Secrets Kate McAdams was forced six years ago to leave her beloved hometown of Willow Valley leaving behind her family and the only man she s ever loved Marc Caliendo Although she has created a new life for

  • Title: Lakeshore Secrets
  • Author: Shannyn Leah
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kate McAdams was forced six years ago to leave her beloved hometown of Willow Valley, leaving behind her family and the only man she s ever loved, Marc Caliendo Although she has created a new life for herself away from the drama, secrets and stress of the small town, she must return upon her grandmother s death Her return brings back wonderful memories, especially of MarKate McAdams was forced six years ago to leave her beloved hometown of Willow Valley, leaving behind her family and the only man she s ever loved, Marc Caliendo Although she has created a new life for herself away from the drama, secrets and stress of the small town, she must return upon her grandmother s death Her return brings back wonderful memories, especially of Marc, but also horrible fears from the past When fate throws her and Marc together once again, how can they ignore the everlasting love and desire between them Will Kate stay and face her demons or will the deceit and secrets of the past destroy any future they may have and force her to leave again This book can be read as a stand alone, but for enjoyment read them in the order of the series, as all the characters appear in future books Read the full BY THE LAKE SERIES THE MCADAMS SISTERS BOOK 1 Lakeshore Secrets BOOK 2 Lakeshore Legend BOOK 3 Lakeshore Love BOOK 4 Lakeshore Candy BOOK 5 Lakeshore Lyrics THE CALIENDO RESORT BOOK 1 Sunset Thunder Coming soon BOOK 2 Sunset Rivalry BOOK 3 Sunset Sail BOOK 4 Sunset Slopes BOOK 5 Sunset Shelter

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    1. Bad Boy Alert! Dax is coming and Shannyn Leah has a Pre-release Giveaway to Celebrate!Click on Banner to Enter! $10 Gift Card & 3 eCopies of DAX are up for grabs! November 3 -20, 2017 She left her home and family years before, carrying the weight of secrets, a broken heart and a determination to make something of herself in the world. When Kate must return after the death of her grandmother, she harbors sadness, fond memories and the secrets of her past. Marc only knew that the magic of youn [...]

    2. After the death of her beloved grandmother Kate goes back to one place she thought she wouldn't return Willow Valley. There's reasons behind Kate's sudden departure and leaving behind the love of her life Marc that come to surface. There's lots of drama, secrets and intrigue that made this a really good second chance love story.

    3. Lakeshore secret was a good first installment in The MacAdams sister's family. Two families entwined for years and in between Marc and Kate, high school sweethearts, until Kate ran away.As you might guess, there was definitely more than a breakup between Marc and Kate. Something heavier involving their families. With a family saga like this, you got obviously some drama, secrets, sexual tension, a hint of sassiness and humor.The banter was quite good, the characters charming, endearing and the s [...]

    4. This was the first book in the series about your McAdams sisters. Kate has not been back home since she left to go to college and make a life for herself. Six years after leaving she returns for the funeral of her much loved grandmother. She left with secrets and has no plans of addressing those secrets with anyone. Especially Marc. He was her boyfriend up until she walked out of his life. Kate returns to find her sisters in various situations that she did not expect. She is reminded of how she [...]

    5. I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.I have to say I loved these characters. I felt the sadness of the two main characters, and in turn I felt sad for them. I rooted for them to finally end up together, but with each turn there was always something that secret knocked them back. You end up holding your breath and then releasing with a sense of disappointment. There was always something.It's a great read and the outcome is satisfying.

    6. I fell in love with Kate and Marc's story while I loathe Marc's dad for his callousness and dirty power over Kate! I rapidly read book one and got to the end before I was ready, but now I'm anxious to continue the series.

    7. Good storyA good book to relax with to escape everyday realities. There is conflict but not enough to cause much stress, just enough to keep your attention.

    8. Lakeshore Secrets is the first book in the McAdams series. The author offered a copy in exchange for an honest review. Not having read anything by Shannyn Leah before, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I'm really glad I gave it a chance.After the death of her grandmother, Kate return to her hometown, and ends up staying at the resort owned by her ex-boyfriend, Marc. Having been forced out of town six years earlier by Marc's father, she's hesitant to see him again. Marc, for his part, initially d [...]

    9. **Copy received from the author for an honest reviewI loooooved the plotThe sisterly moments were the best! And let's just say that if I wanted to choose a favorite character, I would go for Peyton We'll see what's coming her way.I loooooved how the truth unraveled slowly. With every uncovered bit I was shocked, literally bouche-bée, jaw droppedI have to admit though that I was expecting the last secret.And if I wanted to describe the book in one word, I would have said CUTE. Actually TWO words [...]

    10. Never ending LoveWow this well-written and entertaining book sucked me up until I saw the last word. Really, I couldn't put it down.I recommend it to everyone whose looking to curl up and lose themselves for a while.This really great story-line contains a very, very cruel father, blackmailing, self-doubt, forgiveness,a tiny bit of hope and finally realizing what's important in life -unconditionally LOVE.I'm so looking forward to the next one in this series.So go ahead, grab this book and let the [...]

    11. Received an ARC at no cost to authorI am a little upset with myself that I waited so long to get to book, but I got it to it and am thankful that I did. Well as the title states we have secrets and due to these secrets it made life and reconnection difficult for Marc and Kate. The book sucks you in til the end, you continue to turn the pages until you find out what happened and will marc and Kate get their HEA. well I am not going to tell you, you need to read Enjoy!

    12. Kate McAdams and Marc Caliendo were best friends and lovers. Kate was from the wrong side of the tracks and Marc was from a rich family. Marc's dad was a ruthless businessman and had unscrupulous was of doing things. He wasn't above threats or worse. So when he tells Kate she must leave Willow Valley and Marc and not come back, she does. Kate feels leaving her family and her first love would be better and safer for them. After the death of her Grandmother she decides to return to Willow Valley, [...]

    13. I received a free copy of the book from Carlex Ruby Press via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. Make sure to read more reviews at Katherine's Book ReviewsLakeshore Secrets by Shannyn Leah is a romance novel and the first in the By The Lake series. It stars Kate Mcadams, a young lady who manages to break away from her past. Six years ago after graduating college Kate manages to leave home, her family and her old boyfriend Marc Caliendo. As much as she loves Marc, she realizes at the tim [...]

    14. Plenty of twists and turns!Interesting story of a love shared from teen years between Marc and Kate and the ensuing problems. Well written in three distinct emotional periods however it did start to drag but progressed in the closing chapters of the book. Poor editing here and there really bothered me “breaks” instead of “brakes” to mention just one of them. Plus their are so many siblings at times they gave me a headache and the villain of the piece Melissa could have been better develo [...]

    15. Lakeshore secret was a good first installment in The MacAdams sister's family.Two families entwined for years and in between Marc and Kate, high school sweethearts, until Kate ran away.

    16. This is book 1 of The McAdams Sisters Lakeshore series. Kate was forced to leave 6years ago. When she left she left behind the only man she would ever love - Marc Caliendo. Will they ever reunite?? Will they ever get the happy ever after?? Kate and Marc have secrets from their past they have to work through hopefully they get to regain their trust in each other!!

    17. Lakeshore Secrets by Shannyn Leah a fab four star read. This is my first book by this author and It was great, I can’t wait to read the rest of the series as this is the first book in the By The Lake series. We meet the McAdams sisters and what a family, they make mine seem almost normal!! It was a great story, there was so much drama and fun in this story, you will get sucked in and you won’t be able to put this story down. It really does seem like this is going to be a great series

    18. This is the first book in the McAdams series and while I really enjoyed it, I regret that I didn't start with this series first. Having read the first book in the Caliendo Resort series, Sunset Thunder, I already knew some of Marc and Kate's story. However, even knowing some of the big secrets of their story, I still enjoyed seeing how these two childhood sweethearts found their way back to one another. Just because I knew what the secrets were didn't diminish the story at all. Shannyn Leah has [...]

    19. OmgThis story is full of surprises! Lots of drama, great characters and a pretty full story line. Can't wait to continue the series!

    20. Sometimes life brings you a second chance. This was a wonderful, captivating story full of love, laughter, family, friendship, secrets, deceit, forgiveness, hot romance, passion and more. I loved this book and can't wait to get the rest of the series! The McAdams and Caliendo families are characters you want to know more about and can't wait to hear each person's story.

    21. It was just ok - while i don't need sex details in all my books but if the couple is having sex i would rather have a little more details other than, they played again in the morning.

    22. Great read You like a good love story with all the troubles that's goes with it you Will love this .Took them 6 years to find a way back and pass everything but still found there way back great read

    23. A story of revival of old love.There are events that need to be explained,misunderstandings that have to be cleared.The story moves slowly in the beginning.Too many unexplained things.But it gains momentum later.All the secrets come out in the open.The end is appealing,v sweet.I put the book down,satisfied with what I read

    24. WonderfulThis story started out slow, but as I read I became knee deep into the engaging storyline. Kate left Marc, six years earlier without a word, breaking his heart.When Kate's Gran passes away she is forced to return home to a place that has so many bad memories. Six years earlier she had left Marcus and dreaded running into him.A quick hookup in a cabin with Marcus, makes Kate realize the love she has felt for him all these years was still strong. She wishes she could just cave in. Give in [...]

    25. This book. These families. Kate's past with Marc and her future with Marc is all a jumble hinging on secrets, hearts and hope.Such a family the McAdams seem to be that they are made of rubber. They withstand the scrappy parts of life and bounce back together. Love these characters and their abilities and sense of family and togetherness. Marc on the other hand has a horrible family history to contend with and live through but handles it so much better with the other half of himself being complet [...]

    26. 2.5 starsThis is a story of characters who are full of secrets, and it goes on and on and on. I finally had to skip some chapters when this dragging on got on my last nerve.The author has some difficulties with basic English grammar that a proofreader or editor should have caught: "until her and Abby had faded discretely into the crowd." Her and Abby ?? Really??There are also typos or words omitted "His anxious being slowed as he led her across the floor"His anxious??

    27. ** A free copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. **Highly entertaining and a complete page-turner. Prior adolescent relationships and family issues combined in a romantic and dramatic story. Well written with colorful characters. I found myself so completely invested in the characters that I back-talked, chided, or cheered on their developments and resolutions while reading. Aloud. (HA)

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