Living With The Devil

Living With The Devil As the principal of his own law firm and known as Mr Condo to his Chicago condominium clients Donnie Rudd was at the top of his game Charming offbeat and eccentric he appeared on his own televisio

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  • Title: Living With The Devil
  • Author: Lori Hart Cindy Hart
  • ISBN: 9780997707700
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
  • As the principal of his own law firm and known as Mr Condo to his Chicago condominium clients, Donnie Rudd was at the top of his game Charming, offbeat, and eccentric, he appeared on his own television show and taught at a local college But behind the public persona of a successful lawyer, Donnie Rudd s life was unraveling as police investigated the death of his seconAs the principal of his own law firm and known as Mr Condo to his Chicago condominium clients, Donnie Rudd was at the top of his game Charming, offbeat, and eccentric, he appeared on his own television show and taught at a local college But behind the public persona of a successful lawyer, Donnie Rudd s life was unraveling as police investigated the death of his second wife, the murder of a local woman, and claims of fraud by several clients.The fascinating memoir by Donnie s step daughters describes the chaos of life with a sociopath as the allegations of infidelity, madness, and murder against Donnie interrupt their lives again and again The sisters recount the riveting true story of events over a span of 40 years that will leave readers breathless and wondering how Rudd was able to evade accountability for so long In the midst of the madness also lies a story of redemption and triumph as the family overcomes the dysfunction of their early tumultuous life.Purchase booklivingwiththedevil

    One thought on “Living With The Devil”

    1. Don't miss out on this fascinating true story. This story will keep you captivated and it will be difficult to put it down. You will finish the book wanting more.

    2. 'Living With The Devil' is the intriguing true story of one mans' hold over an entire family. This book is written by sisters Lori and Cindy Hart and chronicles many years of their lives spent with their evil stepfather, Donnie Rudd. I won this book through Giveaways.

    3. I won this book in a giveaway. I could not put this book down. Thank you to the authors for sharing your life story. I hope that the writing of this book was therapeutic after all you've endured. This story really hit home as I grew up in that area, went to school in Hoffman Estates. Your book was very well written. I hope many people read your story.

    4. I enjoyed this book. I love hearing about complicated relationships and family history I did a few times wonder - what the? As in, how on earth you could get involved in some of his business ventures knowing what he was like.I guess you had to be there to understand!

    5. This book was given to me by one of my students along with a note from his mom saying it was written by his grandmother. I immediately put it to the top of my "to read" pile and I am glad I did. Living with the Devil recounts growing up with a stepfather, Donnie Rudd, who lied, cheated, and allegedly killed his former wife (and perhaps others too). The authors, Lori and Cindy Hart, knew all along that something wasn't right with their new stepfather's behaviors, but they never could get their mo [...]

    6. Wow, what a ride! This book captured my interest from start to finish. The events took place nearby my house so that made it even more interesting to read. I did not know about the events surrounding these murders or anything about the prime suspect which made the story even more intriguing. If you like true-crime books, then this is a good book to pick up. At times I read it with my mouth open in disbelief and at other times I almost had to laugh out loud at the ridiculous lies and deceit. It i [...]

    7. Very interesting non-fiction book based in the Chicago burbs. With pending trial set for this fall, its a great read, especially for Chicagoland readers.

    8. Heartbreaking and disturbing. The authors tell a chilling life story of living with a sociopath. So much more upsetting because bad things kept happening to these good people. So glad they could keep their heads above water.

    9. This is an always fascinating, at times chilling, memoir of the authors' lives. Lori and Cindy Hart were born into an "ordinary" American family, but this all changed when their mother moved in with the man she had been having an affair with. The authors describe their new, very unusual, living arrangements and refer to their stepfather as a sociopath, whose behaviour, which started off as being described as a little odd, gradually turns nasty and very frightening. They describe many incidents t [...]

    10. For a self-published book that seemed to be only lightly edited, this was a highly enjoyable read. Sure there were some glaring typos, and I for sure would have made some different editorial decisions, but that didn't take away from the overall narrative of the memoir. I wish an actual publishing house would pick up the story, clean it up, and do it justice. If any of you remember this story in the Tribune, you'll want to buy this book: chicagotribune/suburbsI found out about the memoir through [...]

    11. I couldn't put the book down. I had heard snippets of the story from others and they couldn't stop talking about it, so had to read it out of curiosity. The story is unlike anything you've read before, and even more so because it's true. The authors bring to life what must have been so difficult, but I thank them for having the courage to share their incredible family. The story is beyond compelling and could easily be a movie!

    12. Not even sure how I heard about this book, but I'm glad I did. Really interesting story about a completely dysfunctional person and his effect on his families and community. Lori and Cindy, thank you for sharing your story. It could not have been easy to share such personal memories.

    13. My husband and I both read this book and neither of us could put it down! Reads like a novel but even more fascinating because it's true.

    14. Excellent memoir and one where truth is much stranger than fiction. This book is extremely well written and the right balance of details and person feelings without dwelling on feeling sorry for herself and her siblings. How this man got away with what he did for so many years and is still in the news is mind blogging.

    15. Fascinating story written by two sisters chronicling their mother's marriage to a deranged sociopath. It was a quick read and kept me hooked. I would need decades of therapy to undo the damage caused by this very sick man.

    16. The pages keep flying by- and the chapters present even crazier events than the previous ones. Definitely a page turner -would be amazing to watch on screen. The families have gone through immense dysfunctional behavior - and still seem to be strong individually and as siblings.

    17. Wow wow wow! This is a very quick read because you cannot put this book down! Each chapter was more fascinating than the last as the details of living with a sociopath were chronicled. It is amazing what this family endured at the hand of the scheming, manipulative and dangerous man. These children supported each other with love and courage and triumphed in the end by becoming successful and productive people despite every obstacle intentionally thrown at them. We read this book for book club an [...]

    18. This true life story is captivating. I couldn't put it down. It was thoughtfully well -written, and organized in a manner that helps the reader keep track of the many players.

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