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  1. 4.5 starsI got this book from my mom's stuff when she died since she had made some notes in it. As I read it and looked at her annotations, it was really nice, since I felt like I got to spend a little time with her.Whenever I read something by M. Catherine Thomas, I always think she has really valuable things to say. This book is no different. It's very personal, almost a writer's diary, as she invites us along on her path to finding peace and joy. Here's the premise of the book:"When life's bu [...]

  2. I just finished Chapter 6, Enduring Marriage. (interesting choice of words for chapter title - either we endure an unsatisfactory marriage - or we work to create an eternal, enduring marriage.)Some things that stood out to me:A great many divorces today do not arise from the gross unrighteousness of the partners; rather, they happen because one or the other fails to understand, or comes to reject, the nature and purpose of true marriage. What follows is to be understood in the context of two goo [...]

  3. I read and saved an article she wrote in the Ensign from 1993 that had such a powerful effect on me that it literally changed the direction of my parenting. So I looked up anything else she'd written. This book is an expansion of that article and is as powerful now as it was for me then. I'll read and review this book often because of its depth and insight into personal relationships and how the Savior's grace changes everything. I highlighted so many passages, but this one seems to sum it up:"I [...]

  4. This was one of the best books I have read (outside the scriptures)to give me new ideas for improving my life and spirituality. It is about making your life happier by changing yourself rather than those about you. It is spiritually Lightening. The author is a professor at BYU and very honest and open about how her life. Recommended by 2 daughters. I am so glad I read it and underlined it. I will begin to reread it tonight.

  5. I read this book as a recommendation from my mom. Sometimes it's difficult for me to "get into" spiritual books, but this author had a way of expressing her ideas (taken from years as an LDS teacher) that really touched my spirit and made sense. It's deep and meaningful and has inspired me to be a better person. I will read it again in a few months.

  6. Catherine Thomas is one of my heroes. She is a brilliant gospel scholar. I loved this book - basically a group of short essays on some very relevant topics for those of us who struggle with what the Lord would have us do and when.

  7. This little book could be the most insightful and beautifully explained treatise on how the gospel works that I have ever read. It is marvelous!

  8. So much brilliance and depth and truth in this book. Don't judge this book by its cover. It's not at all fluffy stuff. It's full of powerful nutrients.

  9. Phenomenal! I can't say enough about this book. I love the way the author expresses extremely complex, heart-felt concepts in accessible ways. I've turned to this book several times since finishing it to recall specific passages I found comforting or fascinating. I look forward to reading it in its entirety again -- something I never do -- because I hope to glean all that I can from it.

  10. I love Sister Thomas's writing. Much growth and many answers to prayer have come through these chapters. All for paying $1 at DI! Favorite chapter (right now): "'The Doer of Our Deeds'"Quote:"In the courtship processe major question must be, given these initial qualities, Is this a person I want to love by nurturing him and compassionately seeing him through his development and problems, whatever the course of time may show them to be?" (p. 60)

  11. One of the deepest, but best LDS books I have read. It changes the way you see yourself, your relationship with the Savior and those around you. I will be reading this over and over again. Hard to find. Out of print at Deseret Book, but found it on .Recommended by Wendy Townsend.

  12. Loved it! Thomas has a really great way of integrating scripture with each point, which had a very powerful effect. She did a great job challenging the reader to improve without condemning him or her for where he/she currently is. I would highly recommend this book to anyone, especially those who are looking for some added help in turning their lives over to the Lord.

  13. A great book from my BYU professor. This book speaks clearly about dealing with difficulties in life without over simplifying or falling into the easy trap of cliche etc. Something I reference on occasion and always seems to have something worthwhile to offer. It was out of print for awhile so the fact that they started reprinting it speaks volumes.

  14. This book is simply amazing and one of the best gospel books I have read in a long time. M. Catherine Thomas gives so many insights with sound doctrinal backing. This book has really shifted my perspective on various gospel related topics. Must read for all Latter-day Saints.

  15. This book was given to me by a dear friend because it really affected her life as it did mine! So many poignant thoughts that really helped me with certain situations I am currently going through! Loved it!

  16. Other people have really enjoyed this book, but it took a lot of energy for me to actually pick it up and read it. It didn't interest me at all. I only finished it because I hate quitting a book in the middle.

  17. This book communicates the author's spiritual journeys and the wisdom she has gleaned from them. She challenges us to sacrifice and submit, to gain strength and comfort from the spiritual. Good reading for thinking disciples.

  18. I really liked this book. It is hard to read more than 15 pages at a time because it is packed with enlightening concepts. I read this at a job when I worked at 4:30 a.m. That was roughI don't recommend reading this if you are tired. Pretty interesting thoughts. (This is a church book).

  19. Life changing. I have read and re-read this book over the years. It has changed the way I think, feel, respond, interact, etc.

  20. This personally inspiring book is the best I've read on how to apply hope, grace, and the power of the Holy Ghost to become a purified individual.

  21. I absolutely LOVED this book! It was exactly what I needed for the things I am learning right now in my life. So many great insights and inspiration on how to be a better, more Christlike person.

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