Shotgun Wedding

Shotgun Wedding Kat My father s marrying me off to the Russian mob But is it still a shotgun wedding if I used to be in love with the groom Growing up Gray Petrokov was my closest friend and confidant Then he left t

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  • Title: Shotgun Wedding
  • Author: Natasha Tanner Ali Piedmont
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kat My father s marrying me off to the Russian mob But is it still a shotgun wedding if I used to be in love with the groom Growing up, Gray Petrokov was my closest friend and confidant Then he left town and broke my heart into a million pieces Now he s back and waiting for me at the altar But Gray s transformed into a tattooed hitman with a cocky smile, a dirty mouKat My father s marrying me off to the Russian mob But is it still a shotgun wedding if I used to be in love with the groom Growing up, Gray Petrokov was my closest friend and confidant Then he left town and broke my heart into a million pieces Now he s back and waiting for me at the altar But Gray s transformed into a tattooed hitman with a cocky smile, a dirty mouth, and the biggest, um, gun I ve ever seen I d be crazy to still be in love with him I m not the kind of girl who takes orders, even from a Bratva boss Even when I m carrying his secret baby So, I m planning on being a runaway bride But what will I do if he catches me Gray I never wanted innocent Kat to be touched by my criminal lifestyle But now she s in deep And that s all I can think of being deep inside her That, and keeping us alive Kat was too good for me, too good for the things I ve done So I pushed her away Now she s caught up with the mob and I m her only hope She s looking at me like I m a killer and she s right My feelings for her haven t changed Call me crazy Obsessed An animal But if she finds out I ve been lying to her she ll run Now that I ve had a taste of her, I ll never let her go I ll chase her, hunt her down, claim her as mine No matter what Shotgun Wedding is a standalone romance novel with no cliffhangers and no cheating, but one seriously bossy, seriously big Bratva hitman Due to the tattooed guy s dirty mouth and dirty deeds, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

    One thought on “Shotgun Wedding”

    1. 3.75 stars. I liked H much more than h. H not only was h's best friend when they were teenagers but also saved her when her father was indebt to the mob boss.He may be bossy, didn't express his love to h right away, but he did explain what danger h may be in if she didn't go out with bodyguard, but h constantly reject it, refused to answer his phone, even complain all the time, really immarure and annoyed.Besides h's annoying behavior, this story was Ok.

    2. I had no expectation on this book at all. This is a wonderful story about a mafia "enforcer" who goes the extra mile to protect the woman he has always loved from the bad elements in her community. Now the hero does things in order to protect her that are very questionable but all in all he was looking out for her. He marries her in order to protect her and because he loves her like crazy. Always has! He then tries to take down his crime family. This is where we get a lot of the action. We get a [...]

    3. romanticcynicblog.wordpress.cBeware of Spoilers!Star Ratings:Heroine (Kat): 24yrs old – 3/5Hero (Gray): 29yrs old – 5/5Plot: 3/5Grovel: noneCheating: noneHEA: yes with babies!Triggers: assaultAverage score: 3.5/5Best Line: "You can't tell me what to do," Kat says, sitting up. "You may be the boss of everyone else in this place, but you're not the boss of me!" - Can’t get over how immature this line soundsWorst Line: “It's nothing like Gray's loveslaps.” – A slap is a slap…no two wa [...]

    4. Title: Shotgun WeddingAuthor: Natasha Tanner & Ali PiedmontPublisher: SelfReviewer: MelissaRelease Date: May 17, 2016Genre(s): Contemporary RomancePage Count: 264Heat Level:4 flames out of 5Rating:4 stars out of 5Blurb:Kat My father's marrying me off to the Russian mob. But is it still a shotgun wedding…if I used to be in love with the groom? Growing up, Gray Petrokov was my closest friend and confidant.Then he left town and broke my heart into a million pieces. Now he's back and waiting f [...]

    5. I received this book for free to give my True and Honest ReviewMy oh my Natasha and Ali this was excellent you HAD ME GRIPPED I loved this love come gangster story between the ONE TRUE LOVES of Kat/Katya and Grey but oh what a stupid man to do what MEN are known for by 'running' away though ALWAYS watching over her for those 7 yrs, except for the quick fleeting commentary about that area.I loved all the heated up tension and denial between these 2 childhood friends who desperately loved each oth [...]

    6. GreatI really enjoyed this book, as soon as the book starts it draws you in and you can't wait to find out what happens with Kat and Gray.

    7. I freaking loved this book!Kat's huge, sexy, alpha male, Gray Petrokov, a mafia bad-ass up and forces an impossible decision. Little did Kat know Gray has loved her from a distance he created only to protect her from his dangerous lifestyle while Kat felt he had left her abandoned all the time when she loved him madly. Now he forced her into a one possible solution decision for Kat. She must either marry Gray right now or choose to say no and the head of the mafia will kill her father and possib [...]

    8. 3,5 Kat was super-annoying tbh. All Gray wanted was to help and protect her and she just had to put on a fight

    9. 2.5 ASININE HEROINE/TERRIBLE GRAMMAR STARSOkay, okay– so, I totally lied when I said I would be staying away from the Mafia romances for a while.I have a thing for big, bad heroes and Gray fit the bill to a T. I LOVED the description of his character's massive height, musculature, and physical attributes and the fact that he was a blonde Russian but sadly, that is where the positive qualities of the book mostly end. I found Kat's character to be a bit too petulant for my taste. It was hard for [...]

    10. Unselfish LoveThis book shows well sacrifices of unselfish love. How when you are betrayed by family you are saved by someone you least expected to ever see again. I loved that no matter what Gray was doing or what was happening in his life his love for Kat never stopped neither did hers. You get to know Gray & Kat and the passion was allowed to build, which was very hot and full of steam. Which worked well for this storyline. Gray & Kat got their HEA. I hope Gray & Kat's friends, El [...]

    11. I read this book after receiving a copy of the book after it, because it kept talking about their story! For a Russian mobster, Gray is a sweetie and totally deserved his HEA.

    12. This book was definitely one of the best books I have read all year. If I could I would give it 10 stars or more because i liked it so much. There were many reasons why I liked the book. The first one was I loved the main characters (Kat and Gray) chemistry, he was cocky demanding, and an arrogant bastard, she was stubborn and proud, but they fit well as a couple. The second reason I liked this book was because of their background and future together, 7 years ago she was 17 yrs old and he was 22 [...]

    13. This is a intriguing and fascinating book to read, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, the opening chapter caught my attention and kept it til the last page was turned. What you will find in this book is drama, intrigue, suspense, action, a feisty spitfire of a woman and unwilling bride ( Katherine O'Malley aka Kat), the groom who is a assassin and member of the Russian mafia (Greyson Sergei Petrokov aka Grey), a uncaring father offering his daughter (Kat) as a trade for debt, the boss of the R [...]

    14. Kat and Gray were best friends growing up and both suffered at the hands of abusive fathers. Gray left seven years ago and promised he'd come back and get Kat. He never did. Gray joined the mafia in order to save his father's life, but has watched Kat from a distance in hopes of keeping her safe. Gray knew the life he ended up living was not good enough for Kat so he stayed away. Now Kat's father is in trouble and is offering up Kat's hand in marriage as payment. Gray will not allow anyone else [...]

    15. Loved this book I ended up reading Dirty Chase before this one And I have to say it didn't matter. Which is a good thing :) I loved this book all on its own Kat and Gray have loved each other for years, but never telling each other. This is a fast pass and wonderful book LOVED IT

    16.   *** Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review ***The story built really nicely and had a great flow and characters. This is the story of Gray and Kat, who was each other childhood protector even through teen years. Gray lefted to join the mafia as payment for his devilish father debts for seven years with Viktor Solonik and broke Kat's heart.He came up in the organization and became an assassin for his ruthless boss and known as the Ghost. Kat had always thought Gray wa [...]

    17. Received this complimentary arc copy from the author for an honest review Gray and Kat, childhood friends, neighbours, sweethearts maybe, have always looked after one another. Then when they get older, he goes away, not telling her, just disappears for 7 years. Poor Kat. Years later he appears but not as she expected. To be married off to him, no explanation, just for her safety's safe. A story of Gray and Kat, thrown together due to circumstances. Lots of secrets, lies, deception, danger, but s [...]

    18. Gray & Kat share a history. Both dealt a shitty life, fending for there wellbeings and looking out for one another. Declarations of hope, running towards a better future. One day gone, without a word, leaving her to pick up the shambles called her life. For a second time her life's uprooted when she has to pay the piper for her dad's addictive dealings. Kidnapped to marry the man of her dreams may not be so bad. Everything that's happened has led to this point. Blood will be shed, secrets re [...]

    19. ****received a copy for my honest review****This was a solid story. Gray and Kat haven't seen each other in seven years. They were best friends growing up. She is forced to marry Gray or her father will be killed. I loved how Kat didn't back down from Gray. Didn't just give him all control right away. She stood her ground. She wanted answers. Gray just wanted to protect her, he was a serious alpha. When he confessed his feelings for her, your heart melted a bit. My only gripe on this was we didn [...]

    20. I LOVE LOVE LOVE SUCH BOOKS!!! These kind.of storylines are my weakness. TRULY!!Mafia romances are the best.I honestly didnt have any expectations from this book but it turned out so effing good.I will admit that there were SO MANY spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes and at one point Gray's name was even changed.But overlooking that,there was so much potential.Solid storyline. No lame or sudden or sudden or unexplained emotions.Yes some moments were eye rolling but hey at the end,it was s [...]

    21. I really liked Gray and Kat. Gray is stuck in the Mafia because of his father. Just when he sees a light at the end of the tunnel his old friend and crush is shoved into the middle of the Mafia by her father. He agrees to new terms and that includes marriage to Kat. Kat was a very no-nonsense kind of girl. She didn't just hide behind Gray and hide away. She gave as good as she got. It was a great read, would definitely recommend.

    22. Great readThis was a great bad boy romance. Katya has not seen Gray in seven years and suddenly she is standing next to him in church and getting married. If you like strong, tattooed Russian men and independent and sassy women you will love this book.I really hope there is another book as I want to know what happens between Chase and Elle please.

    23. i really like this book, mafia guy saves the girl from a bad fate, married her at his boss request. at the same time he is plotting to keep her safe. Its a simple read you could ave with a quiet cupper. Its well written and i liked how it flows. Would liked a bit more content and length, however its a worthy 4 star read.

    24. I just love Russian Mafia romance novels, and this is one of those that you just cannot put down until you have read the last sentence. Oh my goodness I just loved Gray, he is so handsome and a real gentleman. He treated Kat like a princess. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good Russian Mafia romance.

    25. A great read!I loved this book. I read this in one sitting because I could not put it down. The characters were well written and developed. I can't wait to read more books by this author.

    26. Good bookI loved this story. It was somewhat dark, so much more. The story showed 2 people that we r e somewhat Insecure but yet so in love with one another but afraid of getting hurt.

    27. Shotgun weddingHot alpha male best friends reunited kind. Of confusing wished there was more . And what happened to her best friend Elope and Chase are they going to have their own book. Sure hope so. Great book I love the romance and you don't know what going to happen next.

    28. The h is an annoying stuck-up ungrateful selfish bitch therefore for the lack of stars.I thought that H deserves better than her.

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