No Plain Pets

No Plain Pets A child enumerates the many exotic pets there are from which to choose from big black gorilla to an imaginary thing with six legs sticking out of its head

  • Title: No Plain Pets
  • Author: Marc Barasch Henrik Drescher
  • ISBN: 9780060224721
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A child enumerates the many exotic pets there are from which to choose, from big black gorilla to an imaginary thing with six legs sticking out of its head.

    One thought on “No Plain Pets”

    1. When I first read this book, I was just blown away by the surrealistic images in this book! “No Plain Pets!” is a children’s book by Marc Ian Barasch along with surreal illustrations by Henrik Drescher and it is about how a young nameless boy tells his mother that he wants an unusual pet, in other words, “NO PLAIN PETS!” “No Plain Pets!” might be a bit too surreal for some children to handle, but it is a brilliant book that everyone should read!One night, a young boy tells his moth [...]

    2. "No Plain Pets" is one of Marc Ian Barasch's best children's books ever created. In this story, a young wild haired boy imagines having pets that are not considered normal to have, such as a camel, a huge lizard, and a flying fish. Marc Ian Barasch's poetic writing is silly as the boy imagines that his pets could do surreal things such as, having his bullfrog jump through a ring of fire. Henrik Drescher's illustrations are at their best here as he makes each character look surreal, such as the y [...]

    3. In No Plain Pets, a little boy fantasizes about owning an exotic animal, but admits in the end that what he wants most is ANY pet he can call his own. The lyrical writing is outstanding and the surrealist images fantastic, but if the artwork seems unsettling to you, try If I Had a Gryphon for a cutesier take on the same subject.

    4. Odd, but fun rhyming ditty about the types of pet this boy would like to have. The illustrations are very bizarre and colorful, typical of Henrik Drescher. We enjoyed reading this book aloud together and discussing our preferences for pets afterward.

    5. My kids liked this book especially the part where the kid says it's time to get a pet and the mom just says "Alright." But, "No Plain Pets" didn't do too much for me. I've decided that I don't like this illustrator. The boy in the story is just plain ugly so this story doesn't inspire me!

    6. Very fun little rhyme about a little boy wanting to get a pet - but not a plain one. He goes on to explain to his mother all sorts of fun pets he could get.Wacky, colorful illustrations.

    7. This book is really fun. It is about a boy who wants a pet, but not just any pet. He wants a unique pet: a gorilla, camel, or maybe an eel. The illustrations are strangely wonderful and incredibly detailed. The book is written in rhyme, which I am a big fan of. I think picture books are more fun if they rhyme.

    8. This is a poem about a child trying to convince his mother that various exotic pets will not cause a problem. There's a new verse on each page, scrawled in a child-like font, with large double-page watercolors in a zany sketchy style. The illustrations are a highlight.

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