Character Guide (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)

Character Guide Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Relive the movie magic with this hardcover guide which includes essential information about all the main characters of the film

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  • Title: Character Guide (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)
  • Author: Michael Kogge
  • ISBN: 9781338116786
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Relive the movie magic with this hardcover guide, which includes essential information about all the main characters of the film

    One thought on “Character Guide (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)”

    1. If you've seen the movie you don't need the book. There's no additional or new information in it, not even - and that was the most disappointing thing - wand details.In a nutshell: it's nice but if you consider buying this book, don't spend any money on it.Find more of my books on Instagram

    2. Like a previous reviewer, it lacked additional information, especially with the wands. Which wood was used? And what beast hairs were used? We simply do not know. That info could be in a different book though. You know, because they like to rinse you of money. I was also hoping for more info about the Beasts. But the 'character guide' title only applies to humans, with a side dish of the Obscurus. Beast discrimination (sarcasm).However I LOVED the movie stills, and the additional art in the back [...]

    3. I can't rate it too harshly because the audience for this book is clearly for children but I still think a child or young adult would be disappointed with the content in this book. The description of the book says it "includes essential information about all the main characters of the film" but actually 95% of the information was already in the film and nothing new to discover. The Character Guide relayed all of the information we found out throughout the movie but it was also very condensed so [...]

    4. Visually, this book contains pictures of each main character in the movie, “Fantastic Beasts,” and of their defining clothing articles and possessions they each have throughout the movie. This book could serve as a model text for students to pick a character in a novel, or potentially either themselves or another person, and profile them. Written within the book are character overviews for each featured character, descriptions of their significant clothing pieces and possessions, character p [...]

    5. "Fantastyczne zwierzęta i jak je znaleźć. Galeria postaci" to drugi z dostępnych w Polsce książkowych dodatków do ww. filmu (scenariuszu do nich nie zaliczam). Wydana w twardej oprawie książeczka ma niespełna 150 stron. Przeczytanie jej, a właściwie przejrzenie to najwyżej 30-40 minut. Idealna do spokojnego śniadania! Wstęp jest właściwie taki sam, jak w "Magicznym przewodniku po filmie", ale i autor jest ten sam. Powtarza się więc wiele informacji, ale znajdzie się parę nie [...]

    6. I did really enjoy this book! I love how this has so much background information about the actual story. It will absolutely help you understand "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay". I love how it didn't spoil the actual story, but just giving a brief explanation of the characters and some events was just enough. I love how at the end of the book there was pictures of the different creatures and some art for the story. However, it didn't really have additional inform [...]

    7. The Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find them is a MUST see, easily one of the best films of 2016. I’m Potter-head through and through and watched it no less than 3 times in theatres. I devoured the screenplay for the movie in an evening, and still, I’m competely head-over-heels in love with this new universe and extension to the wizarding world of Harry Potter fandom. I’m a huge huge huge merch collector (but I’m also a thrifty gal who doesn’t drop my cash whenever I see anything that [...]

    8. This book takes a look at all the characters in the film and goes into a bit of detail on each. Some characters get more coverage than others, but every character is accounted for. For those who very much enjoyed the movie, this book is a lovely companion to not only read about them and what they wear, but to also catch a glimpse of who these characters are as people. The book tells its reader a little backstory into the characters that you may not get from the film, as well as what their philos [...]

    9. Joo, ei. Rahastuksen makua, ihan kivat kuvat, mutta siihen se sitten jäi. Tekstiä niukasti eikä se vähäkään määrä tarjonnut oikeastaan mitään uutta tietoa liittyen elokuvaan taikka sen hahmoihin. Joidenkin "alaotsikoiden" alla oli hyvällä tuurilla ehkä yksi kokonainen lause, eikä tekstinpätkiä pituudella pilattu kyllä muutenkaan. 2 tähteä, yhden olisi saanut, jos olisin itse joutunut tämän ostamaan. Ehkä jonkun nuoremman fanin silmissä enemmänkin arvoinen, tällainen ky [...]

    10. Gestaltung:In diesem Buch werden sehr viele Momente aus dem Film festgehalten und dies auf wirklich schöne Art und Weise!Inhalt:Dieses Buch kümmert sich um die alle Personen die im Film eine Rolle gespielt haben und man lernt vielleicht noch etwas mehr über sie.Meine Meinung:Dieses Buch zeigt auch ganz viele tolle Szenen aus dem Film, jedoch geht es näher auf die Figuren ein und das ist auch gut so. Man hat durch dieses Buch eine Art Steckbrief und mir gefällt es sehr gut.

    11. Simple yet informative. But the graphic collection is not large enough to my standard :)Very useful for all J.K. Rowling's fan. For sure will re-read this when the second movie go out later.

    12. Nice pics from the film but as others noted, it doesn't tell you anything new. Also, I thought this would be a guide about the different beasts in the movie but instead it is only about the human/wizarding characters (I.e those with speaking parts). The 10-page "Beasts" section consists solely of a picture of each beast with no narrative. Other than being a nice picture book, I'm really not sure what the purpose of the book was.

    13. When I checked this book out of my local library, sight unseen, I thought that it would contain information about the best characters in the movie, the creatures. I was sadly mistaken.

    14. Good human character descriptions and overview of plot. Given the title, the beasts should have received more than the minimal coverage they received. That little niffler is way too cute of a scene stealer to be glossed over.

    15. I expected so! much more of this book, and was very dissapointed.It is a only a character guide, but it could have been so much more.More story telling, like in the disney books.Or! much more, like putting all the old and new beasts in it, mixed with the official Fantastic Beasts bookd so onLike drawings,movie pictures character guides, like a real character guide/ textbook.

    16. 2.5 starsI was underwhelmed by the character guide which offered no greater insight into these characters (save their full legal names) or their background, which I had been hoping to find.The twists and turns of the film remain secret and are never revealed.Information from the film about the characters is oft mentioned two or three times in every section. Over and over. It simply isn't necessary to repeat info like that.

    17. This is a short read and not really aimed at my age group, but I did enjoy the brief insights into each major character's personal philosophy, and also one or two hints of deleted scenes, which I hope will be included on the DVD. (I absolutely loved the film and have been reading everything about it that I can get my hands on.)

    18. 3,5/5 estrellas.No lo ame sinceramente. En algunos personajes se volvía como muy repetitivo y no aportó taaaanto al mundo de fantastic beast. Pero siempre disfruto las cosas relacionadas al mundo mágico, las fotos estaban muy pero muy buenas y la edición era preciosa.

    19. Really beautiful edition, but it is rather a picture book than a character guide. Very little information is provided about the characters. It's still a gorgeous book especially with the posters in the back. Fans of the movie will definitely love it.

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