Indignation Against the backdrop of the Korean War a young man faces life s unimagined chances and terrifying consequences It is in America the second year of the Korean War A studious law abiding intens

  • Title: Indignation
  • Author: Philip Roth
  • ISBN: 9780547054841
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Against the backdrop of the Korean War, a young man faces life s unimagined chances and terrifying consequences.It is 1951 in America, the second year of the Korean War A studious, law abiding, intense youngster from Newark, New Jersey, Marcus Messner, is beginning his sopho year on the pastoral, conservative campus of Ohio s Winesburg College And why is he there andAgainst the backdrop of the Korean War, a young man faces life s unimagined chances and terrifying consequences.It is 1951 in America, the second year of the Korean War A studious, law abiding, intense youngster from Newark, New Jersey, Marcus Messner, is beginning his sopho year on the pastoral, conservative campus of Ohio s Winesburg College And why is he there and not at the local college in Newark where he originally enrolled Because his father, the sturdy, hard working neighborhood butcher, seems to have gone mad mad with fear and apprehension of the dangers of adult life, the dangers of the world, the dangers he sees in every corner for his beloved boy.As the long suffering, desperately harassed mother tells her son, the father s fear arises from love and pride Perhaps, but it produces too much anger in Marcus for him to endure living with his parents any longer He leaves them and, far from Newark, in the midwestern college, has to find his way amid the customs and constrictions of another American world.Indignation, Philip Roth s twenty ninth book, is a story of inexperience, foolishness, intellectual resistance, sexual discovery, courage, and error It is a story told with all the inventive energy and wit Roth has at his command, at once a startling departure from the haunted narratives of old age and experience in his recent books and a powerful addition to his investigations of the impact of American history on the life of the vulnerable individual.

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    1. INDIGNATION,the novel, and an opinion regarding literary criticismPhilip Roth's twenty-ninth book "Indignation" is one of those novels about which some critics are a bit, well, indignant. They're indignant that Roth didn't produce another masterpiece of the same degree as "American Pastoral," "The Human Stain," or "The Plot Against America," to name a few.They also are a bit indignant that Roth once again addresses the same issues he has repeatedly addressed in previous works, that is, overcomin [...]

    2. الراوي حاضر بنصه وروحه / غائب بجسده هذا هو بطلنا، جثة ميت. تذكرني برواية (ماركوس زوساك : سارق الكتاب) حيث كان الراوي (الموت) بنفسه في حبكة بسيطة وليست معقدة وليس ذات خيال خصب يجبرك روث على حب طبيعة هذا العمل الفوضوي في داخل الإنسان كعادة سوادوايته يغرقنا في سخطه، روث بروايته سخط [...]

    3. As always Roth delivers fantastic story built of just human frailty and indignation. Marc Messner is indignant about things ranging from his father's obsessive over-protection to the Winesburg College requirement for chapel attendance 40 times. His own failure to compromise (Dean Coulter for all his faults was right about that) was his undoing. The Olivia Hutton incident is so heart-rending as well. Only a master writer like Roth could pack so much into such a short powerful book. Yes another se [...]

    4. “Of a terrible, the incomprehensible way one's most banal, incidental, even comical choices archive the most disproportionate result.” ― Philip Roth, IndignationThere was a period when I hated Roth's small books. I loved his big, strong, hefty books. I thought DeLillo and Roth's novella periods were horrible indulgences; vanity projects meant to expel some small idea, some festering detail yet unexplored in their earlier masterpieces. A prose zit popping. I still think they are a bit indul [...]

    5. PERCHÉ NON SONO CRISTIANORitorno a Winesburg, Ohio, che per essere un'oscura cittadina sperduta dell'Ohio, è diventata letterariamente celeberrima grazie all'invenzione, o creazione, di Sherwood Anderson, cui Roth paga omaggio nel suo romanzo.Indignazione è un ottimo romanzo di formazione, e deformazione, e disgregazione, visto che si conclude con la morte del protagonista, un memorabile Marcus Messner. Ci sono momenti più che notevoli: su tutti, secondo me, il primo colloquio tra Marcus e i [...]

    6. 3.5 starsEven when Philip Roth is not at his best, he's still plenty readable.Indignation is definitely not Roth bringing his A-game chops but, still, quite riveting trying to fathom what's making 1951 college student Marcus Messner so damn indignant. The son of a kosher butcher, Marcus is a Jewish (by birth only) non-believer whose sole raison d'etre seems to be to do well at college at Wineburg, Ohio, so that he can avoid bring drafted into the Korean War as anything less than a lieutenant (an [...]

    7. «Non scherzare, Markie. Non scherzare su tuo padre. Questa cosa ha tutte le caratteristiche di una tragedia.»Nella serie degli ultimi libri – la fase tarda di Roth – che ha portato all’attuale silenzio, questo è uno di quelli buoni. Probabilmente non all’altezza del periodo d’oro ma pur sempre una lettura coinvolgente, dal ritmo incalzante e con alcuni momenti straordinari (su tutti, il primo colloquio con il decano della sezione maschile e le descrizioni del lavoro nella macelleria [...]

    8. It wouldn't be a Philip Roth book without some raining semen.This time the splooj comes not from a chronic masturbator, but a lil goodie two-shoes named Markie Boy. Him, and a couple of frat dooshbegs that raid the girls' dorms at a small college in a display of human atrocity similar to the Apache ambush in Blood Meridian. Marcus is like the Anti-Portnoy, repressed instead of indulgent. Both of them come from strict Jewish households and both have parents that have inculcated them with extreme [...]

    9. Fa veramente star male pensare al " terribile, incomprensibile modo in cui le scelte più accidentali, più banali, addirittura più comiche, producono gli esiti più sproporzionati".Questo romanzo è un invito a vivere fuori dalle convenzioni e dalle scelte bigotte. Un invito a vivere la vita nella sua pienezza, perchè la vita è un attimo.Ma com'è che in gioventù si è così intransigenti tanto da non capire che le cose non sono o nere o bianche ma esistono infiniti toni di grigi?Perchè si [...]

    10. "Uhvaćen sam u stupicu - dao sam joj ( majci )obećanje koje nikad ne mogu prekršiti, a to će me slomiti!"Brzo štivo koje nam pokazuje Ameriku početkom 50-tih godina prošlog vijeka , vremenu kada je Korejanski rat počeo i tenzije su bile velike sa svih strana , gdje pratimo početak fakultetskih dana mladog jevreja Marcusa , koji ima svoja vjerska uvjerenja , koji radi šta on misli da je ispravno i nije ga briga šta drugi misle , osim jedne osobe Ovo je moj prvi Roth , i nisam se nimalo [...]

    11. Great book, it's one of those books that leaves you wondering of all the "what if's". Things could have turned out different.

    12. A diverting but hollow novel about Marcus, a butcher’s son encountering various problems in his first term at college. The strongest moments in the book are the touching father/son scenes in the first section, followed closely by the comedic bouts of hauteur exchanged between Marcus and the Dean of the college in the latter part. But please excuse, humble reader, the clanging Kosher butcher/Korean war metaphor, the unconvincing “disturbed” love interest, the shamblingly overwritten and lud [...]

    13. Βαθμολογία: 9/10Αυτό είναι το πρώτο βιβλίο του Φίλιπ Ροθ που διαβάζω και, ειλικρινά, δεν ξέρω αν θα μπορούσα να κάνω καλύτερη αρχή. Έχω άλλα τρία-τέσσερα βιβλία του στην βιβλιοθήκη μου, είχα σκεφτεί να γνωρίσω τον συγγραφέα διαβάζοντας το πρώτο του βιβλίο, το "Αντίο, Κολόμπους" [...]

    14. One of Roth's so-called "short, devastating sex-and-mortality novels" "I did that because I like you so much."Marcus Messner, a Jewish kid from Newark, son of a kosher butcher man, says he used to be "the nicest boy in the world," until he goes to Winesburg College (a fictional nod to Sherwood Anderson's short story collection), a small Lutheran college in Ohio (maybe south Ohio in hillbilly country). He has fled his overprotective father and intends to focus on his studies. His goals at 19 in 1 [...]

    15. Un amico me l'aveva detto è terribilmente vivo desolante in alcuni brani,spietato in altri e malinconico, anche.InIndignazionec'è l' inesperienza ,la stoltezza,la resistenza intellettuale,la scoperta sessualeil coraggio e i passi falsi di un ragazzo .C'è il terribile e incomprensibile modo in cui le scelte più accidentali e banali ,possono produrre conseguenze tragiche, gli esiti più sproporzionati.Un passaggio che mi è piaciuto molto:Cerca di essere piu' grande dei tuoi sentimenti.Non so [...]

    16. Ho letto in qualche commento che Markus Messner, il protagonista di Indignazione, sia in un certo senso avvicinabile a Holden Caufield: anche lui un’anima pura, un idealista “indignato” che si scaglia contro il mondo bigotto degli adulti americani. Markus è uno studente modello, sempre primo nei voti, figlio devoto di un padre ebreo macellaio kosher che lo adora, tanto da esasperarlo con i suoi soffocanti controlli fino a spingerlo ad allontanarsi dal college che frequenta a Newark, dove [...]

    17. I guess I never wrote reviews on the Roth books I read. Yet He was one of my favorite American Authors! Retired now Can't blame him. But Oh , how I'd enjoy new Roth book today!

    18. This book was a mess. It's the story of a young, blue-collar college man, Marcus, who grows up happily working in his father's butcher shop and idolizing the old man. Then, for reasons that remain unexplained, his father succumbs to traumatic anxiety about his son's future, and ends up questioning every decision of his and Marcus's. Of course, the parental anxiety of letting go is understandable as a motive, but Marcus's father jumps far beyond the ordinary, with no explanation (and no attempt, [...]

    19. ‏من لم يحبّ رواية "الحارس في حقل الشوفان" سيحبّ رواية "سخط"، ومن أحب رواية "الحارس في حقل الشوفان" سيحبّ رواية "سخط" أكثر!مع أن كلتا الروايتين تنتميان لجنس روايات "التمرد" إلا أنني وجدت سخط أكثر إقناعًا وإتقانًا من الحارس في حقل الشوفان . فرواية "الحارس في حقل الشوفان" ليست سوى بي [...]

    20. Genelde kısa romanlar bende heyecan ve merak uyandırmaz; yazarın bu kadarcık sayfada etkileyici bir şey anlatma ihtimali düşüktür. Fakat Philip Roth bu konudaki önyargımı kırdı diyebilirim; Sokaktaki Adam'ı da beğenmiştim, bu kitapla birlikte iki kitabın da tesadüfen iyi olmadığını, yazarın bir hikâyeyi anlatmak için ilginç bir yol izlediğini anladım. Sanki 300 sayfalık bir roman taslağına bakıp bunu şimdi nasıl 130 sayfaya sığdırabiliriz, demiş gibi. Fakat [...]

    21. Portnoy'un Feryadı'ndan sonra okuduğum ikinci Philip Roth kitabı ve Marcus Messner'le birlikte Roth'un toplumla sorunlu Yahudilerini daha da sevmeye başladım. Bence Dickensian gibi Philip Roth kitaplarındaki Yahudi karakterlerden oluşan, Newark'da geçen bir dizi hiç fena olmazdı. Philip Roth'un yarattığı karakterler aşağı yukarı benzer dertlerden muzdaripler ancak Öfke, Portnoy'un Feryadı'na kıyasla biraz daha ciddi sorunlarla uğraşan bir kitap. Alexander Portnoy, Yahudi ki [...]

    22. ‎"Potete essere stupidi quanto volete, potete anche dar mostra di voler appassionatamente essere stupidi, ma alla fine la storia metterà le mani su di voi. Perché la storia non è il fondale: la storia è il palcoscenico! E voi siete sul palcoscenico! Oh, quanto è nauseante la vostra spaventosa ignoranza circa il vostro tempo! E la cosa più nauseante è che se siete qui a Winesburg è proprio per liberarvi da tale ignoranza. A che razza di tempi credete di appartenere? Siete in grado di ri [...]

    23. تنبيه: ما سيأتي يكشف تفاصيل الرواية سخط ماركوس ميسنير الابن الوحيد لعائلة يهودية، يترك الجامعة التي التحق بها ليتخلص من والده الجزار الذي صار لا يطاق منذ بدأت الحرب الكورية، حيث صار يخاف عليه، ويطارده بالأسئلة، ينتقل إلى جامعة واينزبيرغ التي تبعد 500 ميل، هناك ينفرد بنفسه وي [...]

    24. This is only my fourth Roth novel (though I do believe American Pastoral to be one of the great American novels of the 20th century) so I don't really know how to place it. If Samuel Beckett took Portnoy's Complaint and distilled it into a seething novella of adolescent angst and disconnection (leavened with a heavy dose of Oedipal conflict) it would probably look something like Roth's latest offering. Why Beckett? Well, his view of the afterlife suggests we are condemned to live, over and over, [...]

    25. В началото ми беше скучно, но за радост авторът изостави умозренията относно тегобата на сините топки и прострените на няколко страници метафизични философствания за естеството на отвъдното и се зае със сюжета. За толкова къс роман оставя забележително чувство за удовлет [...]

    26. Sort of typical Philip Roth rehashing characters he's used before. Here we have an oddball college sophomore whining about his inability to get laid. Stop me if you've heard this one before. Because this plot wouldn't be realistic in today's world, the story is set in the 1950's during the Korean war, and the whiny college student is actually already dead, just looking back on this college experience. Because he refuses to compromise some vague unclear principles, he gets kicked out of school, l [...]

    27. ماركوس ميسنير فتى في الثامنة عشر ابن لعائلة يهودية محافظة يعيش صراعات على عدة مستويات مع والده ومجتمعه ومع نفسه .ماركوس أيضاً تتنازعه الأفكار حول تمسكه بما اعتاد عليه أو التقدم إلى الأمام.وهنا تبرز تناقضات شخصيته التي أتقن فيليب روث في عرضها . .المعضلة الكبرى كانت مع والده : ص [...]

    28. Със сигурност най-добрият роман, който прочетох през тази година!Рот разсъблича цяло едно общество и не се притеснява да насочи погледите към онова, което се крие под дрехите - религиозни и семейни предразсъдъци; неясни ценности, що се отнася до любов и интимност; знакови по [...]

    29. Филп Рот пише изумително. Не знам защо имах лошия късмет да започна с Американски пасторал, която никак не ме впечатли и после дълго време не четох нищо от него. Но сега, след приключването на Възмущение, съм като ударена. Този кратък роман наистина е помитащ. Ясно е, че той пр [...]

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