One thought on “Michelin the Green Guide Paris”

  1. Lol! I wrote this edition, so I'm a bit biased, but since I do a lot of guidebooks, I will tell you what I think makes this one different. Michelin Green Guides are very detailed in architectural and artistic description. So, for example, if you are visiting a church that's in the guide, there is usually a little diagram and a description of the architectural style and all of the major artworks within. There are good maps and walking tours to follow. The recent guides also have a short section o [...]

  2. I last purchased Guide Michelin: Paris in 1990. I've been through a few other Paris guides since then and I don't know why. There's really no need for any other. What I love about Michelin guides, and this is edition is no exception, is that you have enough information to get around- including the best walking routes- but you are allowed to experience things on your own. It's a "Just the facts" guide without opinion beyond a few "Don't Miss" suggestions. The "Introduction to Paris" provides an e [...]

  3. The rabbi that is officiating our wedding recommended this book. I was leaning towards more the "Lonely Planet" versions but ended up with this one. It's been really great so far. We'll see how good it is once we're lost in Paris :o)

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