Right to Kill

Right to Kill When a team of commandos highly skilled and armed to the teeth tries to kidnap retired CIA station chief Linda Genneken from her home trained Marine Nathan McBride and his partner Harvey Fontana ar

  • Title: Right to Kill
  • Author: AndrewPeterson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When a team of commandos highly skilled and armed to the teeth tries to kidnap retired CIA station chief Linda Genneken from her home, trained Marine Nathan McBride and his partner, Harvey Fontana, arrive just in time to join the fight But their well honed CIA instincts tell them this is only the beginning.McBride and Fontana set out to learn who ordered the midnight raidWhen a team of commandos highly skilled and armed to the teeth tries to kidnap retired CIA station chief Linda Genneken from her home, trained Marine Nathan McBride and his partner, Harvey Fontana, arrive just in time to join the fight But their well honed CIA instincts tell them this is only the beginning.McBride and Fontana set out to learn who ordered the midnight raid, and why Is it connected to a rescue mission they conducted with Genneken in South America a mission that nearly killed McBride Is it related to the string of assassinations happening simultaneously in that area of the world Or both With the help of their CIA contacts and aided by Genneken, the two men unravel a criminal plot with global implications And as their race to find answers unspools in six supercharged hours, McBride and his team will be tested like never before.

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    1. Good read.Humor, non stop very detailed action. Author knows his weapons, long long action scenes. Nathan, Harvey and Linda characters knows how to fight, they are there to help and support each other. But this book isn't for this old woman.

    2. Well at least there was one other person who felt as I did about this one. I tried to listen to the Audible version -- OK, I'm not a fan of Dick Hill's voice anyway but if the story had been a worth listening to I might have pushed on. However life is too short and there are way too many good books I still want to read to persist any longer.

    3. In Andrew Peterson's "Right to Kill" (Thomas & Mercer 2016), sixth in the Nathan Mc Bride series, Linda Gennekin (LG) is the retired chief of Latin American operations, living a peaceful life with her husband and two dogs, but the classified information in her head "uld cost lives and topple governments." Which explains why she uses Nathan McBride to kit out her home with the world's most thorough security system, including not only motion detectors but thermal imaging. On top of this extrem [...]

    4. This was the Audible version read by Dick Hill. I've always said that I could listen to Dick Hill read the tax code and enjoy it. I now retract that statement.This might have been an OK short story but was extended to novel length with a lot of tedious and contrived dialogue among the characters. My initial reaction was "who really wrote this?"No where near the caliber of the previous Nathan books.

    5. ExcellentOnce again Nathan McBride takes on the missionl the while with the internal conflict of his past demons created by his career. The loyalty of his partner Harvey illustrates the brotherhood bond between the men. This is a continuation of the series of Nathan McBride, ending in a way unexpected. Just as excellent of a read as all those before. Descriptive, page turning, unable to put down.

    6. ConsistentFor all of you who are thinking of picking up this series, don't hesitate. I have to say I'm glad I read your comments in the authors notes, I also get a little crazy rehashing nathan, not so much his physical characteristics but his emotional ones. We read your series because we know he is still good guy one explanation in the beginning of an op is more than enough. Love the series, and like most fans, more quicker please.

    7. I have read all 6 books and really liked themThey keep you on your toes all through the books. Please keep them coming.

    8. Quick read. One of the weakest books in the series, at least for me. Too many implausible scenarios, reminded me of an episode of 24. Hope the next one is better?

    9. The battle at Linda’s house is incredible. It’s sustained, complex, and absorbing. It quickly becomes clear that they want to capture Linda, not kill her. Luckily she has the same war-time experience as Nathan and Harv, and does an incredible amount of damage before they can even get to her (and her husband). After her reinforcements arrive, the battle continues to swell.Nearly the entire book consists of battles. They’re wonderfully long, and as a result the book doesn’t actually cover [...]

    10. 4 stars. OLD ENEMIES RESURFACE. Right to Kill is the sixth book in the Nathan McBride series. This book can be read as a standalone with no cliffhanger. Though I highly suggest you read the previous books to have some of the backstory on Nathan. There is a lot of violence.The book blurb adequately describes the storyline so I'm not going to repeat that info here. The author did a good job of summarizing the series for new readers to give them a better understanding of Nathan McBride. It has well [...]

    11. This is book six in the Nathan McBride series. The Marine veterans, Nathan McBride and Harvey Fontana, built a successful security firm and sometimes do work for the CIA. They have installed the security system for many of the retired marine and CIA people in the San Diego area.Late one night the security alarm notifies Nathan and Harv of a break in at Linda Genneken’s house. Linda is a retired CIA station chief. When Nathan and Harv arrive at her home, a battle in ongoing and they join it. Th [...]

    12. I read all these books in sequence. I had to. Once Andrew Peterson's character Nathan McBride got in my head, I had to know all about his adventures. Every one. No stopping until complete. That was my mission. I think it took me a couple weeks to read all six. It was a rush. I was addicted. The damaged hero who must do the right thing just became part of my day. This time I tagged along as McBride and his partner Harvey Fontana help out a colleague, who's been targeted by some highly organized h [...]

    13. The twinsThis is a great standalone addition to the Nathan McBride series and KU library read. It's the first book I've read by Andrew Peterson, but it definitely won't be the last because I'm reading book one next and won't be stopping till I get back to this one. It is nonstop action that I didn't want to put down, even with a houseful of family due for dinner. The book begins with a retired CIA station manager coming awake to what could be an earthquake. Instead it's a high end alarm system s [...]

    14. I have been hoarding this book until I was down to almost nothing else to read because I really wanted to extend out the time between this and the next book. I have read the other 5 and immensely enjoyed them. Sadly, this was just not up to the quality of the other stories Peterson has written for Nathan McBride. Another reviewer mentioned it would be a good short story and I would agree. This was not the book I was expecting and it was a complete let down to be so excited after waiting to read [...]

    15. Right to killI love this series from Andrew Peterson. He is a good writer. I will always love to read these series. Think about what Nathan and his friend do. They help a lot people out, but in doing these, they had to kill a lot of people and this really bothers them. They forgive people that even kill their love ones. This is had to do for a lot of people. I hope I am not one of those. I am not saying that I am good, just as Jesus. I am a sinner and I believe that HE died for my sins, our sins [...]

    16. Another fantastic book!Nathan McBride and Harv Fontana are an example of fantastic friends. Having been together for years as partners in the military and the CIA and later as business partners in a very successful high end security business.This book the latest in a series, it is easy to read as a stand alone book - it gives a lot of information about each of them and their supporting characters, and a new plot that's almost flawless.Yet for those of you reading the series it carries on seamles [...]

    17. The Nathan McBride SeriesI have read all 6 books so far and cannot put them any higher on my list of "hero worship" characters and books. Both Nathan McBride and Harvey Fontana as the main characters and repeat visits from SAC Holly Simpson, FBI field agent Grangeland and CIA Director Rebecca Cantrell. The stories rich and well thought through. The characters have human flaws just like the rest of us. I find my heart racing as Nathan and Harv encounter the bad guys. This will be one of those ser [...]

    18. Another thriller with non-stop action starring Nathan and Harvey. There were some really evil characters in this book (Tomas, Ursula and Conejo). The government is really interested in why retired CIA Linda Genneken was almost kidnapped and what her connection could be to Conejo. Conejo is the front runner in Venezuela's special presidential election. If he gets elected there is a great threat of nuclear weapons. Nathan and Harvey's mission is to keep Linda safe and capture Tomas and Ursula. Har [...]

    19. So continues the very active lives of 2 special opsI really enjoy this series, for the excitement and "normalcy" of the characters' lives. The author tells the story in such a way that you are a 3rd person witness. I find myself hiding quietly behind them looking out for danger. The characters have become like family to me, like co-workers of many years of comradery. They are brave, relentless and show the importance of teamwork. I can hardly wait to read the next book about their adventures and [...]

    20. NATHAN DOES IT AGAIN!Have now read all of the first 6 books!Nathan McBride is a new "hero" in the Gabriel Alon, Jack Reacher mode - fully believable and exciting!Nate and his partner Harv with their girls are a great team, ridding us all of evil people. (Or at least trying).Love the way Andrew always shows his love and respect for the military (as my wife and I do) he's absolutely correct, freedom isn't free.Now on to book 7 with my new friends.

    21. Another great book and story. I really enjoy reading about Nathan and Harv. I read the authors notes about comments he gets from other readers. I will say this, I enjoy reading the descriptions and the retelling of Nathan's and Harv's past and particular Nathan's struggle with his own capture and torture. I think it add something to each story. I've read all 6 novels and have no problem what so ever and can't wait for book 7. Thank you Mr. Peterson

    22. Like This AuthorGreat series! Like the characters. I can almost see them in my minds eye. I read at the end how someone had remarked about repeated discretion of the characters,to me that only makes sense because like Mr Peterson said ,if you only read one book then you wouldn't get the idea of what the characters were , of course I couldn't image Anybody only reading One. I read one right after another!

    23. Well if like the character s of the McBride series then to wont be disappointed, enjoyed the story even though it seems very shirt and eushedThe story line is very good but seems throughout its been condensed or shortened like the writer's looking to end the tail any page. I enjoyed the read and you can be the judge of its shortness compared the the length and detail of the other books. Thank you A.P I guess begers can't be critics.

    24. Outstanding! I always wait till I read every book to give a review. I have enjoyed every single book. Nathan McBride and Harvey Fontana makes us believe that there are heroes out in the world. Andrew Peterson is an outstanding writer. If you like to read like I do you will not be disappointed with his books. Thank you Mr. Peterson for your time and I can hardly wait for your next book.

    25. Best action thriller availableThis McBride series is consistent with thorough descriptive scenes, heart pounding action that just keeps going and an in your head description of their kill when necessary and spare when it warrants. Kindhearted but deadly, marines to the core. Recommend to any and all military.

    26. Great series!This was a great series. I am sad it is finished for now. Nathan McBride is a man with a terrible past. It is a story of good and evil and how they are both present in our lives and we need to allow good to prevail. Great series if you like to sit on the edge of your seat.

    27. Another Hit for Andrew Peterson!I just finished #6 "The Nathan McBride Series Book", and anxiously awaiting #7. I've loved every single one from the first book to the 6th one. Aside from being one of the most heart pounding action-filled exciting books, these guys are a serious good guys, which makes it so much more satisfying read. I just love them!!!

    28. Hoping for more Nate & Harv books.I have read all 6 books & loved them all. Couldn't put the book down until I finished it. I really hope there are more Nate & Harv books to follow. I will be recommending these books to others to read. Very entertaining. I have the same respect as the author for all that have served & continue to serve our country.

    29. Very good series.I read all 6 books in this series and can't wait for the other books to come out. McBride and Harvey seem to be true Patriots and heros. I know about the pain of of being attacked by a deranged person with a knife and I survived. The scars are there but they tell a story. One that I fought and won. Thank you for this great series.

    30. Love this series!!!Nathan and Harvey are my heroes! Peterson creates such real characters who, even with flaws, can impact the lives of those around them. As a friend of mine saidese books are like a Steven Seagal movie. I think they're better. They are in my imagination.

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