Manipulating Needs: Capitalism and Culture

Manipulating Needs Capitalism and Culture No

  • Title: Manipulating Needs: Capitalism and Culture
  • Author: Conrad Lodziak
  • ISBN: 9780745308548
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • No

    One thought on “Manipulating Needs: Capitalism and Culture”

    1. This is a challenging book for scholars and activists on the left because Lodziak presents a potent Marxist critique of the dominant tendencies in much of contemporary Marxist social theory and scholarly analysis. For much of the last 60 or more years leftist scholarly theory has centred on the power of ideology, and indeed a large portion of left-wing political practice has been centred on a need for ideological struggle. Lodziak's powerful critique of this position come not from the approach t [...]

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