Classified Christmas Mission

Classified Christmas Mission UNDERCOVER GUARDIAN Days before Christmas CIA agent Amber Starke is on the run with her murdered best friend s special needs son And they re next on his criminal father s hit list Amber failed her un

  • Title: Classified Christmas Mission
  • Author: Lynette Eason
  • ISBN: 9780373677924
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback
  • UNDERCOVER GUARDIAN Days before Christmas, CIA agent Amber Starke is on the run with her murdered best friend s special needs son And they re next on his criminal father s hit list Amber failed her undercover mission to bring down her friend s husband for his crimes, but she won t fail to protect her friend s son Now that the killer knows she s not just a nanny but an aUNDERCOVER GUARDIAN Days before Christmas, CIA agent Amber Starke is on the run with her murdered best friend s special needs son And they re next on his criminal father s hit list Amber failed her undercover mission to bring down her friend s husband for his crimes, but she won t fail to protect her friend s son Now that the killer knows she s not just a nanny but an agent, she must rely on her childhood crush, Deputy Lance Goode The handsome lawman was burned in love by his first wife, who was killed while evading the law But he ll do everything he can to help Amber, except offer his heart Unlocking the secrets in Amber s autistic charge is the key to their survival, but with the killer on their trail, one mistake could cost them their lives.

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    1. Classified Christmas Mission was a great continuation to Lynette Eason's Wrangler's Corner series. I loved the characters and getting to read Amber's story. I found it fascinating that she could so skillfully hide her true job from her family and no one guessed it. So fun!The suspense was good. I liked the beginning and how Lance happened upon her by accident and was there to help when needed. There were a few moments towards the middle of the book where I wasn't 100% into the story, but for the [...]

    2. That was a bit of a let-down . . . After reading Clay's story, I was very excited to hear the rest of Lance Goode's story. While this story definitely kept me on the edge of my seat, I felt like the character development could have used quite a bit of work. Both Amber and Lance felt really underdeveloped, which was disappointing, as Lance especially had the potential to be a fabulous character. Sam was adorable though, and I loved the portrayal of autism and how Sam processed things using number [...]

    3. Amber, a CIA operative, drives from sunny California to wintry Tennessee with a six year old boy, Sam, the son of her murdered friend. The lad is autistic and may know who killed his mother. To me it seems odd that she could not rely on any backup, but when she gets to home in Wrangler's Corner she meets a friend, a sheriff's deputy, who hears her story and helps them. This does take some explaining as everyone here thinks Amber is a travel writer. Danger follows. This is an inspirational suspen [...]

    4. Excellent book! There was one moment after the boy witnessed again another parent dying when he says (basically) you're number one mom nowat was really corny and unrealistic. I rolled my eyes but it wasn't enough for me to dock a star ;)

    5. The fourth book in the Wrangler’s Corner series is very action orientated. Shortly before Christmas, Amber Starke returns on the run with Sam, a special needs child. While being chased by the boy’s father’s gang, Amber runs into Lance Goode, a childhood friend. This is an exciting story and a fast read by this great author.Quotes I liked from this book: Amber talking to Lance, “I used to have the greatest crush on you, you know."Find Classified Christmas Mission at the Westminster Public [...]

    6. I'm a sucker for police and military stories and children in stories don't bother me like they do some readers. So, I was hopeful for this story. The author is new to me but the blurb was promising. Sadly, it was just okay. I seem to be in the minority though as over here on it has lots of 4 and 5 star ratings. Ah well.I don't know much about the CIA, mainly what I read in books and see in movies but much of Amber's story and actions struck me as implausible and I questioned just how competent [...]

    7. Amber is a CIA agent on the run when her best friend was killed and has her friends autistic son safe with her. Amber believes that her mission is compromised and needs to keep this child safe but needs the funds to continue running so she heads to her home town to pick up some money, little did she know was that she was follow and is now being hunted by the people responsible for her friends death. With the help of a cop who managed to help her out shes needs to find the people responsible for [...]

    8. This book is by one of my favorite authors, and she does not disappoint, from the first page forward we are waiting for another shoe to drop. We have a man so evil, he wants to kill his autistic six year old, after he has already murdered his wife. While Sam might have his disabilities, he sure is a delight, and made me want to be around him, but will Amber’s family and friends be able to accept and feel the same? The bigger issue is will they all survive, and why is this happening. Love the p [...]

    9. I love a good Lynette Eason book! The suspense is tense and the characters are strong. CIA agent, Amber Starke, is running from a killer. Bad enough she witnessed his last murder but she also took his autistic son, Sam, with her when she ran. Can she keep them both alive long enough to rain down justice for her friend, Sam's mother? Protecting Sam is her top mission now and taking him home with her to Wrangler's Corner is her only option. Lance Goode was one of her brother's best friends growing [...]

    10. 4.5 starsAn excellent ending to a good series! I particularly loved the charactersI've been wanting Lance to have a HEA ever since his personal tragedy in book 1. I also like the realism; these are small-town police going up against international criminals. Yes, they get outsmarted. Yes, the bad guys get the upper hand more than once.Really good seriesbut I want more than four books. :)

    11. CIA returns home for some supplies, but puts her family at risk instead. With an autistic boy in tow, she fights for both of their lives.This would be a great book for youth, but underperforming for adults. It's well written regarding grammar, but has implausible details that make it more suitable for juvenile readers.

    12. Love this books because it was fast paced, great characters! If you like suspense that you can’t figure out who done it then this book is for you. Plus some romance! I will be reading more books by this author.

    13. I enjoyed this story as I enjoy all of Lynette Eason's book but one thing bothered me about this book. I grew up in Tennessee and very rarely do they have a snow of significance in December and there is definitely not enough snowfall any time of the year that an emergency department would find the need to purchase an expensive piece of equipment like a snowmobile. In Tennessee when you get a snowfall it will usually melt within a couple of days. The weather is mild and often erratic. You may nee [...]

    14. Title: Classified Christmas Mission (Wrangler’s Corner #4)Author:Lynette EasonPages:221Year:2016Publisher: Love InspiredMy rating is 4 stars.Amber Starke is on the run for her very life. She has been working undercover for the CIA as a nanny for her best friend, Nadia, who has been feeding her information on her criminal husband. Her friend also has a 6-year-old autistic son, Sam, to whom Amber has been given full custody right should anything happen to Nadia. Nadia is murdered, so Amber grabs [...]

    15. A non-stop thrill ride to save their lives when a CIA agent's cover is blown, the life of a special needs child in her protection is in danger from his father, and the only place to go is back home. This was a gripping tale with the constant fear filled action and twists in the plot. The tension is high, and with the blown undercover identity Amber has no idea who she can trust from her agency. The only people she can rely on are family and people back home, but bringing danger to their doorstep [...]

    16. This is the fourth book in the Wrangler's Corner. I love to read Lynette's books they are always awesome. This book is no different, it's well written, full of action, and faith based. I know you will love itA Agent Amber Starke is undercover as a nanny to her best friend's autistic son. She was gathering information on the boy's father when the man killed his wife in front of the child. Amber took the boy and ran home to a cabin no one would no of where she had passports and money waiting for h [...]

    17. Classified Christmas Mission is a love inspired suspense by Lynette Eason. It is one of the Wrangler’s corner series. It definitely keeps you on your toes. CIA agent Amber Starke spent four years as Sam Pirhadi’s nanny in Afghanistan. Sam’s Mother, Nadia became as asset as she wanted to have her Husband arrested and imprisoned. She had been forced to enter a loveless marriage to him but things changed when she had her son Sam. Sam was autistic and to Yousef Pirhadi wanted to have him kille [...]

    18. i liked the story and the way everyone worked with Sam. if you like suspense and children you need to read the story. Amber does not know who to trust, Lance does not trust women, but Amber and Sam need help and he will help them. looking forward to more books

    19. Amber, a CIA agent, is on the run from a murder. She has Sam, the special needs child of her friend. The problem is that Sam knows something and his father will kill to get Sam back. Sam runs to the only place she knows she'll be safe - home. But as she's navigating a snow storm just miles from home, she's run off the road by someone who is shooting at her. And when Deputy Lance arrives at the scene of the accident, Amber convinces him to help her evade the killer until she can figure out what i [...]

    20. Classified Christmas Mission by Lynette Eason is part of the Wranglers Corner series. Although the book can be read alone, I highly recommend that you read them in order to get the full impact of the characters. For those of us that have been following the series we were starting to wonder if Amber really was a travel writer. Well she isn’t; she works for the CIA. She has been undercover and her best friend has been killed. She now has custody of her friend’s autistic son, Sam. Sam adds an e [...]

    21. There is an air of desperation right from the very first page and it just doesn't let up. Amber's lived a secret life for years while serving her country but now, with her cover blown and assassins tracking her every move, she makes her way home to Wrangler's Corner. It's supposed to be a quick in and out kind of stop -- there's no way she wants to lead the sinister danger stalking her to family and friends. But childhood friend (and secret crush) Lance has other ideas. Can we say clashing of wi [...]

    22. Lynette Eason is one of my go to authors in the suspense, romance, Christian category. This book is no exception. There is an extra element of cheering for good over evil because of the innocence of the autistic child that is being kept from harm. I liked the interaction between characters. Although this is a stand alone, I did feel I would benefit from having read the other books in the series before this one. There seemed to be history that couldn't exactly be filled in.Another good addition t [...]

    23. I was sold on reading this book the minute I learned the hero was Lance Goode, whose tragedy is told in the first book, The Lawman Returns. That was my only other read in the series (so far), but for me, Classified Christmas Mission surpassed that one. This current release begins with jaw-jarring action and the presence of a brilliant, but autistic, boy. There's plenty of danger in the Tennessee snow for any Lynette Eason fan and Lance's past provides plenty of reason to find him sympathetic. Fa [...]

    24. Action from start to finishFantastic book Lynette Eason is my favorite Christian suspense author. This book has everything, murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, and issues of trust. The hero had been dealing with trust issues since his first wife had passed away. The heroine was trying to protect her son from his evil father. She heads home to get away from Sam's father the first person she run into is her high school crush.

    25. This was a very emotional story in learning how to deal with a very smart autistic boy who is being protected by his nanny (a real CIA agent) and her friend a deputy from someone who is trying to kill the boy and his nanny.

    26. I always love Lynette's books. What I loved about this one was the constant suspense tied together with a woman's desire to protect a special-needs child that wasn't even hers. That added a wonderful subplot to the story and a sense of purpose to the need to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

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