Renegade Leo

Renegade Leo When I signed up to serve as engineer on a spaceship bound for Kartak I thought I had life figured out Explore the ruins of a dead civilization Take everything worth selling Buy myself status and an

  • Title: Renegade Leo
  • Author: Delores Diamond
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When I signed up to serve as engineer on a spaceship bound for Kartak, I thought I had life figured out Explore the ruins of a dead civilization Take everything worth selling Buy myself status and an easy life How hard could it be Turns out, Kartak is very much alive and the inhabitants are the stuff of nightmares When I crash land on Kartak, I lose all my suppliesWhen I signed up to serve as engineer on a spaceship bound for Kartak, I thought I had life figured out Explore the ruins of a dead civilization Take everything worth selling Buy myself status and an easy life How hard could it be Turns out, Kartak is very much alive and the inhabitants are the stuff of nightmares When I crash land on Kartak, I lose all my supplies and my only friend With an inhospitable environment, violent natives, and an apocalyptic cult hunting me death stalks me at every turn My only chance to survive is by taking shelter with a brutal alpha lion shifter Deadly but irresistible, he declares me his fated mate and leaves me walking on the knife s edge between pleasure and fear In the struggle to save my own life, I will have to choose the danger of a fierce, frightening mate or certain death without his protection Renegade Leo is a standalone romance novel set in the Shifter Kings of Kartak universe No cliffhangers and a sexy happy ending guaranteed

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    1. First book I have stayed up late reading in weeks!The author really built a unique world. I guess to me it ended up like a Mad Max alien world with some old advanced technology. I thought she did a good job building the world without devoting chapters to it. You discovered it throughout the book.I did not dislike the heroine as much as others but her internal thoughts made her hard to like at times. I kind of understood her actions though. But I agree it took too long for her to get there emotio [...]

    2. I'm not a fan of short stories, but this was good for what it was. It's maybe a little longer than novella-length; I'm not sure because there isn't a page count?!? For a debut novel about alien shapeshifters on a far away planet, this was very well written. The writing is causal-friendly, and the author occasionally takes familiar language liberties like "gotta go" and "specially with all that he" There are very few grammatical errors and typos, a particular feat considering this looks to be a s [...]

    3. *Taps the microphone*Alright. I, the blog-less wonder, have waited a long time to say thisI was given an ARC by this author in exchange for an honest review.Well, this book was AWESOME. I'm talkin' 4 stars awesome. How I got it: Of course I received the ARC in pdf format but for everyone else it's either available for free with Kindle Unlimited or available for purchase for only 99 cents. I have KU but actually chose to buy the book so I can own it and read it whenever I want.This is this author [...]

    4. I'm not going to rate this because it's more of a "not really my thing" then a badly written book. Giant blue Aliens with huge purple cocks, just don't work for me. Plus Astrid was a HUGE ASS biatch

    5. Here's the thing: Astrid is a manipulating, selfish bitch who uses a man's belief to her own benefits. Let's just say that Leo deserves so much better. I wouldn't mind having him, that's for sure. He's a man that would do anything and everything for his woman. The story could have been good, however, the 'insta-love' and Astrid's personality ruined things for me. Also the book was very confusing Oh and I wonder; what happened to Kole? Is he dead? “It's too cold in space for love, Rhea. I'll se [...]

    6. Not sure if I would give this a 3 1/2 or 4 stars, the story is very interesting and really easy to get pulled into. Yes there is insta-love on the heroes(Leo) part but he knows the heroine(Astrid) is his fated mate he was told about. The hero Leo is hard not to love he see's Astrid and thats it, his world revolves around her and keeping her safe and happy is all that matters and if killing is something he has to do to make sure she is safe and happy he will gladly do it. Astrid our heroine comes [...]

    7. Desert planet, water hugely important, giant devouring worms, a prophecy.The similarities to Dune end there. This is written in first person present tense (some sentences are flat) with two POV. My rating 2.5"He stops when I resist says something in his deep voice." This is the first nonsensical sentence I read. There are homophone mistakes and other small mistakes. An editor would bring this up a star for me.The h is a cursing, mouthy spacer that has no morals about using people. The H is a str [...]

    8. AlrightI actually enjoyed this book. I was a little worried about it mainly because I seem to be reading a lot of alien books and most of them aren't that great, but this one I liked.So we have Astrid, who is an engineer on her ship. She works for a terrible man who is demeaning and thinks he knows everything. Well they go to land on Kartak and the boss man won't listen to the warnings and the ship ends up crashing. That's where we meet Leo. He sees the ship falling from the stars and knows it i [...]

    9. While pretty run of the mill alien romance fun, it is fun. If you like crashing on alien planets and alien heroes. you should enjoy this book. The heroine isn't as honest with the hero as I would like and that sours things a little and the world building is a bit unclear in places but the pace of the plot pulls us along.

    10. Sorry,but Poor Leo deserved 100% better h than Astrid ;(Sorry this was a DNF for me got to 60% yet just could not stay w/it,when off and read other book and found I just Didn't wanna come back. I adored Leo !! He could be ruthless but was his mate he was sweet and kind and amazing,he'd waited a l o n g time for her in a rough waste land kinda world and all he wanted was to love and protect his mate,while Astrid , Astrid just wanted to use him to further her own means. Hopefully for Leo's sake so [...]

    11. I love a book with a spunky, no-nonsense, kick-ass, smart-mouthed female lead character. In Delores Diamonds' Renegade Leo we have all that and more in Astrid, a spaceship engineer who, along with shipmate and friend Rhea, are two women working hard and trying to make a better life for themselves. Unfortunately, having their ship fired upon and subsequently crash landing on the planet Kartak puts their plans on hold as each woman is faced with the immediate task of mere survival. Enter the stron [...]

    12. The story was interesting but I really disliked Astrid. She dropped the rating significantly although the creative world building kept my attention. I'm willing to check out the next book, though, because I liked most of the other characters.

    13. Renegade Leo by Delores Diamond is a new great book series, that i warmly recommed that you read it. Because it shows a lot of potential as a sci fi romance book. I enjoyed reading it very much. Leo and Astrid two people that are great and honorable; we have a sexy, muscled, affectionate hero warrior; and a beautiful, smart, loyal, courageous heroine.The plot was well developed, a spitfire for a heroine, and I for one loved it when there's a kick ass female lead in a book. And a warrior willing [...]

    14. *I received this ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review*RENEGADE LEO by Delores DiamondAstrid is an engineer on a ship bound for Kartak. When her arrogant and rude boss doesn't listen to the warnings signs of the ship, it crashes. But Kartak is not as dead as she thought, but actually very much alive with inhabitants that come straight from your nightmares. But she has bigger problems, she loses her supplies, her only friend, and now she is been hunted by the violent natives. Her on [...]

    15. Pretty good for a first book.Ok, so the author of this book ( or her team, whatever) reached out to me on asking me to read her book for free and review it honestly. It's been a week, no book. No problem, I have kindle unlimited. The premise is one I like a lot. I didn't love the title, but it's not a deal breaker. I liked the characters, the world building was well done. There were a few grammatical errors, but not too many. The plot moves a long pretty smoothly. There were a couple of times w [...]

    16. DNFI was pleasantly surprised, considering it was a paranormal sci-fi romance. Honestly, most of these shifter romances that have been popping up recently, let's face it, are mediocre at best. The plots are not developed or thought through well, but I really and truly was surprised when I started this up. It was captivating from the start, and I was thinking it was such a good book. That is, until it got to the sexual nature. It wasn't even romance, it was sex, and it wasn't even that good. It w [...]

    17. Not a bad read for alien smut. Here's what I liked and didn't like:Liked:- there were a couple little surprises in the plot that I didn't see coming. That's a nice change.-epilogue was pleasant and a good set up for the next book-characterization was pretty good for what this book is.-world building was pretty good for shorter length.Didn't care for:-too short for all that happened and some things happened "off screen" that should have been added in fully to story-intimacy was a bit too quick an [...]

    18. Whenever I read a debut novel, I always try to keep an open mind and not be too critical but I have to say for a debut novel, this is truly really good! Yes, there seems to be a need for an editor but taking into account the storyline, I must say I am truly impressed. The world building is truly interesting with skinners, icky green lizardmen, shape shifting blue aliens with purple cocks yes, purple cocks!Astrid, the h is spunky, sassy and all around kickass engineer. Leo is affectionate, sexy, [...]

    19. Hot Sex!! If you want to read about Hot Alien Shifter sex then this book will be right up your alley. The alien hunk has an purple anaconda in his pants. Plus he puts his mouth to good use as the hero and heroine have a huge language barrier. No words are needed as human girl is on her back and ready for action. I think I am just too old for easy human girls, even if the alien has a magic long tongue that can give a girl an incredible O! First contact with and unknown alien sources and she is a [...]

    20. Rating 2.75Unlike many of the other reviewers I found this to be just a so-so sort of story. While there were a number of interesting and original bits about it, I felt like it borrowed a bit from other things I read. Mainly I was reminded of Ice Planet Barbarians (which I love) with Leo being seven feet tall, blue, and with some enhanced and interesting male equipment, as well as the the setting of a planet with extreme temperature conditions (although desert-like instead of arctic). There was [...]

    21. A love that crosses the stars!RENEGADE LEOA SCIFI ALIEN SHIFTER ROMANCE DELORES DIAMONDAstrid's life is never going to be the same. Will Astrid find riches or a love that crosses the stars? What will she get in this alien planet, Kartak? Will it be beyond her wildest imagination?Leo has given up hope of ever getting a fated mate. His disenchantment and disillusionment made him into something else. Read to find out what he gets in the pages of this book. Did he get fated mate?This story rocks! Yo [...]

    22. Up coming author alert!!!!This is the first book by Delores Diamond and for a newbie she's done well. Leo what can I say He's an alien, he's blue and with eight ridges he outshines all the rest but that's not all he has going for him. Astrid well she took a bit longer to like as she's as stubborn as they come, thinks before she acts and maybe a bit danger prone but by the end of the story I was cheering her on as well. I love sci fi and this one has all the good bits e.g good aliens, bad ones, a [...]

    23. I found this to be a very interesting and unique book/story. At first, it was a little slow going,but then it picked up and I was riveted to it, and had a hard time putting it down!! Leo is a really different alien but just as HOT as any other alpha male!!! I was totally surprised with Astrid and how she changes, is able to shift, and what she shifts into!! It is so awesome. A rather emotional part of the book is when Leo thinks he's lost her! A romantic happy ending and I do recommend this book [...]

    24. Holy freaking epic coolness!!!! Definitely at least top ten in the past 3 months epic coolness list! Despite some drawbacks (see tags) and complete lack of genre-savviness (I was screaming at the protagonist in my head several times: "Don't you see?!?" XD) I was genuinely involved with the characters and rooting for them! A quick, easy ready that was freakin' awesome! Could be fleshed out more~~

    25. A wonderful fast read that was different, hot and all out engaging! I've been on a alien romance kick lately and I loved getting to know the characters in this story. Leo with his alpha lion personality and Astrid with her fierce independence, this made one hell of a great read. Here's to hoping more stories come from this new author and her series of aliens and romance and sexiness.

    26. I received this book as an ARC I am ashamed to say I forgot about it until this morning. It was a good read. Kinda sorta reminded me of Dune and Ruby Dixon's series Barbarian Planet with a totally new spin on it. Having said that It is original and has great potential as a series and I'd definitely read more!

    27. IntenseThe relationships of the characters really dragged me into the story. The heroine was outspoken, feisty and sometimes selfish. The hero is kind and very giving. I wondered why he didn't just tell her to sit and shut up because at times she was testing even my patience. Lol. Overall I really liked the story and can't wait to read the others

    28. Leo got a solid 3.5 stars. He was loving, caring, protective and willing to trust his woman to handle herself. Astrid, well, she barely gets a 2.5. She was ungrateful, uncaring and lied. Hard to like someone that stole from a person that saved their life and was planning on stealing more.

    29. I'm not going to rate this book because for some reason I couldn't get into it. Sometimes it's because I'm just not feeling it at the moment. I'm going to put this on my read later list an try it again at a later date.

    30. Omg I loved this book I was blown away by this book I can't believe that this book is the author first novel written the details of the story plot was well written I loved the connection between both MC no spoilers hereI was given this copy for an honest review

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