Dragon's Successor

Dragon s Successor Words every virgin is panting to hear from her first and only lover A I love you B I can t live without you C You re mine by right of capture Billionaire Dragon Lord Roland Voros went with C BBW Kayla

  • Title: Dragon's Successor
  • Author: Isadora Montrose
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Words every virgin is panting to hear from her first and only lover A I love you B I can t live without you C You re mine by right of capture Billionaire Dragon Lord Roland Voros went with C BBW Kayla Cooper blew him off When a guy has screwed up this badly does he even deserve a second chance Curvy Kayla was shy and retiring before her transformation into a dr Words every virgin is panting to hear from her first and only lover A I love you B I can t live without you C You re mine by right of capture Billionaire Dragon Lord Roland Voros went with C BBW Kayla Cooper blew him off When a guy has screwed up this badly does he even deserve a second chance Curvy Kayla was shy and retiring before her transformation into a dragoness, but now this woman is blazing with confidence High handed Roland has spent years brooding since luscious, passionate Kayla refused his hand But now his enemies have discovered that his fated mate is a dragoness and her child is his fireling Suddenly both Kayla and his son are in danger and Roland needs to act The easiest way for this dragon lord to protect his fated mate is to marry her and take her to his private island But fiery Kayla is still furious about her transformation and Roland s arrogant proposal Only the danger to her precious son would make her contemplate giving this player a second chance Alpha male Roland has met his match and she s not quite what he remembers Kayla will meet his desires as often as he wants And does he want Will shapely Kayla change her mind about this shifter Will the uncontrollable passion between a dragon and his destined bride re ignite when they are forced into close quarters Or is this cocky, high handed tycoon too much for even this dragoness to swallow Spice alert This novel contains fiery scenes of sensual lovemaking between a virile dragon shifter and his passionate virgin mate Book 2 in Lords of the Dragon Islands, Dragon s Successor is a standalone novel with no cliffhangers and an HEA.

    One thought on “Dragon's Successor”

    1. Did not work for me - in some areas it was a carbon copy of Dragon's Treasure which was meh to start with. He is a mega rich, conceited arrogant ass, she is an orphaned plump plucky virgin with big boobs. He sports a permanent woody, she turns in to vagina on legs with a single digit IQ just from one touch. Really big meh.

    2. I'm enjoying this series and at the same time I'm not.The shear arrogance of the Dragon Lords is really annoying. Although eventually things work out between the couple. It's just makes me really angry that the Lords think they can have what ever they want. However they want it and their mates should be grateful, obedient and subservient to them. Grrrrrrr.

    3. I think this author has made me forever loathe the word “plump.” Someone needs to give her a thesaurus. Having to read that single word so damn often was like Chinese water drop torture only instead of “drip, drip, drip,” it was, “plump, plump, plump.” Not that I ever supported that word choice. Plump makes me think more of a thanksgiving turkey or a PC way of referring to a fat child. That being said, on to the meat of the review:***spoiler warning***The story had potential in the a [...]

    4. Dragon's Successor BBW / Dragon Shifter Romance Lords of the Dragon Islands Book 2by Isadora Montrose ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐What a series it continues to grab your attention! The story is still so exciting and compelling, it's paced just right and well written, it's another world you will get lost in. I got so excited as I read the first chapter. I didn't get to read the first book first which just shows that you can read the books out of order and still enjoy each story that you read. I enjoy the way [...]

    5. It's alrightI liked the storyline well enough, but it felt like there were gaps missing in the story. Like when she had the child, all of a sudden it was 4 years later and the chapter wasn't paused with a line saying "Four years later". It continued on without any explanation and left me bewildered. I did a lot of eye-rolling throughout. Roland didn't learn anything about respecting his bride and then in one page a light bulb went off and suddenly he started treating her as an equal-ish.Another [...]

    6. There was too much constant and unnecessary repetition with time jumps that the reader wasn't prepared for. It also seemed that the author just inserted random ideas into the story without any prior or further explanation (i.e. the 'hero' was apparently using magic and spells to seduce the 'heroine' - that came out of nowhere and wasn't fully explained). The 'hero' having to use a spell to keep the 'heroine' complacent was really disturbing. Especially since the 'hero' was solving all his proble [...]

    7. Dragon shifter story with a Alpha dragon finding his reluctant mate in an Australian marine biology lab.Billionaire super rich and secretive Dragon Lord Roland Voros is attracted to ph'd student Kayla Cooper from the first meeting in a classroom. Kayla is a tough orphaned very young doctoral student, at 22 she is very advanced in her studies, but has no relationship experience until Roland steamrolls into her life.Kayla gets pregnant and we get a four year jump into to the future when Roland and [...]

    8. Two very stubborn mates3-1/2 starsRoland was arrogant, self centered, and self entitled. Kayla started off nice and innocent, but once she got mad at Roland she was so stubborn about changing her mind. He mostly deserved it but it is dragged out way long. Otherwise the storyline is interesting.

    9. Loved it! Arrogant, handsome, billionaire golden dragon. Brilliant, beautiful, raven haired, independent doctoral student who appreciates arrogance not even a little bit. Shall I go on?

    10. Dragon's SuccessorI wish they had caught Land or. He is just as crazy as Vadim. I loved everything about this book and I can't wait to start the next one.

    11. The arrogance of Roland was a complete turnoff. Forced myself to read it to see if Kayla would wise up and grow a spine but nope, didn't happen. Deleted this one with a smile.

    12. Ok, this is another book about shifters, but this one is a little longer and has an interesting plot.Kayla was finishing her doctoral thesis when she met a businessman who would donate money for university research.Roland Volos was tall, handsome, very rich and a dragon.When he meets Kayla, Roland is delighted, but at first he invites her to be his mistress.Kayla became possessed and didn't accept.But after spending a night with him, her life had been transformed. Because of her condition, Kayla [...]

    13. Another great one!Ok so my last review of this series sang its praise and I could do that again and again. I'm definitely recommending this series to my friends and family who love pnr. But I feel the need to say this time that if a reader is triggered by super Alphas that act like super Alphas and need women who both understand how Neanderthal they are and love them anyway, this probably isn't the book for you. One of the reasons I love this heroine so much is because she still maintained herse [...]

    14. Title:  Dragon’s Successor    Series: Lords of the Dragon Islands Book 2Release Date:  #AlreadyReleased Author: Isadora Montrose  Reviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Genre:  #PRN  #DragonShifter   #4Stars☆☆☆☆•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••     Wow what a book I really enjoyed this.  Book one was really intense I think more action than this one but [...]

    15. Kayla is a marine biology grad student about to get her PhD. Roland is a rich dragon touring her university. When they meet, sparks fly. Roland is instantly attracted to her and wants to enjoy her while he is searching for his virgin mate. Kayla is insanely attracted to him but gets upset with the way he suddenly disappears for a while and then comes back and expecting their relationship to continue. Then one night, they give in and sleep together and surprise, Kayla was a virgin.Kayla wakes up [...]

    16. Roland is a dragon shifter and used to women falling in with his plans. His attraction to a young doctoral candidate at a New Zealand university is unexpected. Kayla has been focused on school and work and it has left no time for romance. Having a wealthy, attractive man express interest in her is very unusual. I liked that Kayla doesn't meely accept what Roland wants her to do and stands up for herself. She knows what she wants and she isn't going to settle. Roland is extremely arrogant and it [...]

    17. Rape much?The first book had some minor editing issues but was overall ok. This one would not have been bad with the idea of strong Maori dragons and a strong PhD candidate of a heroine. Then Roland the raper came along. He "spells" her to be passive about his transgressions and even though he treats her like crap the magic of Dragon mate sex makes her forget all of that. Repeatedly. It is insulting to women. There is consensual dominance and then there is woman mine, screw actually creating a r [...]

    18. I received an ARC of this book for an honest review,Isadora has a way of writing the dragons into our world that is riveting, I LOVED this book the instant connection between Roland and Kayla is awesome, the fact that the dragons have to find a virgin to mate with is tricky because that is the only way they can have young. The scenes are intense and very HOT. I read book 1 as well but you do not have to, to enjoy this book it can be read as a standalone

    19. Ok read but.Ok i read the first book to this series and loved it that I couldn't wait to read the second book i wish I hadn't brought it. Loved the hero even though he did do things a little backwards but has tried to hard to make up for it with the heroine who by the way was ungrateful, selfish, and so damn annoying I wanted to just reach in the book and slap her. But they were both at fault for their actions and had the HEA they were both wanting with their son.

    20. Second oneThis is the second book I've read in this series and from this author it's a really good story it's marked as a stand alone but you should truly read the first story to understand what's going on with the gilded council can't wait to read the next book happy reading folks

    21. Get help.Same complaints as the first. Again, this series and author have huge potential, but both need some tutorials and guidance. The action/fight scenes last about a paragraph and so do the love scenes. No character development, the H/h exchange about 50 words through the entire book, and to top it all off it is in desperate need of an editor/proofreader. *sigh*

    22. This story was really entertaining. I enjoyed reading it. The author has a unique way of telling a story that will keep you reading, I know I couldn’t put it down. I hope you will give it a shot and read it as well as the other stories in the series.

    23. InterestingA good book with many people and dragons and places to keep track of. A very interesting read, with great locations.

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