The Keeper: Mary Bennet's Extraordinary Journey

The Keeper Mary Bennet s Extraordinary Journey Mary Bennet has spent her entire life fighting to be herself If only she knew just what that was For years she buried her nose in the musty musing of Fordyce s Sermons to Young Women trying to be exce

  • Title: The Keeper: Mary Bennet's Extraordinary Journey
  • Author: Don Jacobson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mary Bennet has spent her entire life fighting to be herself If only she knew just what that was For years she buried her nose in the musty musing of Fordyce s Sermons to Young Women trying to be exceptional She suffered under her mother s withering criticism of her looks She was tormented by both her older as well as her younger sisters Her father ignored everythingMary Bennet has spent her entire life fighting to be herself If only she knew just what that was For years she buried her nose in the musty musing of Fordyce s Sermons to Young Women trying to be exceptional She suffered under her mother s withering criticism of her looks She was tormented by both her older as well as her younger sisters Her father ignored everything and did nothing to guide her or encourage her Now, both Jane and Lizzy have married, and it is time for Miss Bennet to emerge from her cocoon Soon, a young woman of deep faith and inquisitive mind appears Yet, even as Mary Bennet rises from her troubled teenage years, she is challenged by her sudden and total love for a man who mysteriously appears on the night of a great calamity And his secret grows out of a remarkable device The Bennet Wardrobe Follow the story of Mary Bennet as she matures from the prosy, moralizing caricature found in Jane Austen s classic Pride and Prejudice into a confident young woman looking to make her mark in the rapidly changing world of the Industrial Revolution And, see how the amazing Bennet Wardrobe makes life for all Bennets very interesting This is Volume 1 of a planned four volume series The Exile Vol 2 will watch Kitty Bennet navigate the world from 1886 to 1944 The Pilgrim vol 3 will explore the story of Lydia Bennet The Avenger Vol 4 will show how Thomas Bennet assumes his rightful role as head of the Bennet family.

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    1. There are books that come along and seem imbued with magic. Whether it is the world of the story, the characters, the connections between characters, or just that little something extra, there is magic. Now, wasn't I pleasantly surprised when The Keeper turned out to be something of all this and had actual time-travel magic for good measure.The Bennet Wardrobe much in the spirit of other great literary means of magical travel offers one family an opportunity to experience the world of the future [...]

    2. The world of Austenesque fiction is huge and diverse, and I have especially welcomed an increase in male contributors to the genre. They tend to bring a different focus to the material, often incorporating political and social elements that are generally only latent in the original novels. For modern readers who might overlook these layers of meaning in Jane Austen’s work, stories of this type can be an enriching overlay on the canon. Mr. Jacobson’s first novel in the Bennet Wardrobe series [...]

    3. 3.5 rounded up to 4 starsI am having trouble reviewing this. Unfortunately, I find my brain turns to mush and I can't process all the information when a story incorporates a great deal of historical detail, as this does. (I was an indifferent History and Social Studies student, at best.) I believe I'm in the minority in this respect, especially since Regency romance IS, by its very nature, historical. For me, it's the social customs that fascinate me, because the restricted interactions between [...]

    4. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I was a little confused over the generations of the Bennet family at the beginning and slightly nonplussed about the relationship between Mary and her intended, I wish it had been a little more removed, but this is a piece of fiction, so who cares!The book actually made me cryice!! So you can tell that I appreciated the writing. I enjoyed Mary's journey with her growing but still staying true to her inner character. I really grew to admire her in this novel. I do [...]

    5. [tomorrowisanotherdaytervist]The keeper is the first book of The Bennet wardrobe saga by Don Jacobson and, as the title suggests, it focuses on the neglected character of Mary Bennet and her maturing process.The main story occupies a period of time from the Regency era, re-engaging in the final events of Pride and prejudice, to the Industrial Revolution. Thanks to the extraordinary powers of the wardrobe, however, there are also scenes that take place in the past and in the future.This wardrobe, [...]

    6. Mary Bennet: surely the dullest of the Bennet daughters but Jacobson bravely undertakes the challenge of writing her story past "Pride and Prejudice." Though not a love story, there is plenty to like about this and understand Mrs Bennet's plainest daughter all the more. I find it remarkable when an author takes a character the reader knows little about or maybe doesn't even like and has us cheering for her by the endl the while remaining true to Austen characteristics. Well done.

    7. I thoroughly enjoyed this book for many different reasons! First, it gives center stage to a secondary character in Pride & Prejudicemely, middle sister, Mary Bennet. Second, the history woven into the story provided an added element of depth. Third, it's unique premise. A wardrobe built for the first Bennet patriarch, Christopher, by a celebrated cabinetmaker, Grinling Gibbons in 1692 with mystical properties. Hewn from an oak tree on the Bennet property and a special marquetry pattern stai [...]

    8. I mostly enjoyed this book. I thought it was a well-thought-out time travel novel with lots of clever references. The good: -The author put a lot of thought into the rules he would use to manage time travel issues.-The story was riveting at times.-I like a longer series of events that take place over many books. Dangling threads are appreciated.-Lydia. I liked her in this one.The not so good:-The author lets us know that he had intentionally places all those aforementioned clever references whic [...]

    9. Once I got started, I really enjoyed this coming of age story of Mary Bennett. The time travel aspect added some interesting plot lines and twists. I look forward to the next book in the series.

    10. There is so much I could say about this first in a series that I am going to try hard not to write spoilers but forgive me if I do.I did contact Don about the fact that in the kindle version the genealogy is first of all printed so tiny you can't easily read it and secondly that it is printed in a vertical manner. He was very obliging and send me a copy to print out which I could then read and consult. That chart was very helpful, at least to me, as the beginning of the book takes us quickly thr [...]

    11. A Wonderful Surprise!I didn't know what to expect but how wonderful was it to read a different and original alternative PP story! The author did a masterful job of creating a unique story of the intertwining lives of a our dear characters and the timeless love of family.

    12. Bymaryannon December 10, 2016Format: Kindle EditionAt first I didn't know what to expect and I was thoroughly amazed at the plot. It took me awhile to try and figure out what was going on as I read for I am not into time-travel and the modern view of novels of such. However, the longer I read, the more interested I got into the novel.I thought it was a great twist of any other P & P novel that I have read. I came to appreciate the history of the keeper and the rules of living by them for the [...]

    13. The historical research added much to the validity of the events unfolding around the characters. Seeing Mary develop as a person and in character, even falling in love, was such a treat. This Mary has substance and is no longer in the shadows of her other siblings. She forges a path and comes into her own as a strong, caring and respected woman. I liked this Mary and was proud of her and for her. She’s solid!Then there’s Edward B. What a man! His story from the beginning was one of strong f [...]

    14. For lovers of Jane Austen I'd say this is a must-read: an interesting story with a paranormal twist, Jacobson marshals the English language with grace and beauty. To wit: "He schooled his features to impassivity"; "The rays of late autumn sun caressed her, their crystalline clarity speaking soundless volumes of peace and comfort." I was particularly enamored of Mary's epiphany scene in which she realizes what a selfish child she's been. Plus, the scene in the conflagration is gripping.

    15. In 1691 Grinling Gibbins makes a magical wardrobe for Christopher Bennet the new owner of Longbourn. A wardrobe which sends blood Bennets to the future they need. This is the story that leads to Mary Bennet becoming a Keeper of the wardrobe, and her life story. The story weaves itself around historical people and places (as a lover of history I am okay with that) while telling the story of the Bennets, and the other characters from the original.I really enjoyed the story and I am hoping to read [...]

    16. Time traveling Pride and prejudiceThe thought of time travel and P&P seemed like a trite convention but having read other works by the author, I decided to take a chance and read it anyway. I'm glad I did. The time travel aspect was strange but unusual enough to be an added benefit to the storyline.

    17. I am adding this book because I did read through it several times prior to publishing. Thought I deserved to add it to my "Read" shelf. (grin).

    18. Many questions remain unansweredQuite interesting story with so much historical events. My main confusion is that Edward is Mr Bennet 's half brother. They shared the same father. SO, he is Mary Bennet 's uncle. How did they marry?I have a deep seated love of history and this book satisfied my craving. We have President Adams, The Prince Regent, Queen Victoria and Albert, numerous military heroes. It covers so much historical events on both sides of the Atlantic. This wardrobe is confusing. Only [...]

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