Silent Movie

Silent Movie Black and white images follow one after another The story of an immigrant family alone in a big city Close ups of a mother a son faces filled with heartache and joy Plenty of action Excitement Melodr

  • Title: Silent Movie
  • Author: Avi C.B. Mordan
  • ISBN: 9780689841453
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Black and white images follow one after another The story of an immigrant family alone in a big city Close ups of a mother, a son faces filled with heartache and joy Plenty of action Excitement Melodrama A Silent Movie.

    One thought on “Silent Movie”

    1. I liked the concept of the book: the idea of using illustrations and simple text to tell a story of a newly immigrated Swedish family in America. The illustrations really capture the feel of a back-and-white silent movie. Each picture is like a carefully chosen film "shot." However, something about the story bothered me. I can not put my finger on what exactly, but the emphasis seems to be on the "movie style" of the book, and not on the story of the family. The author and illustrator talk about [...]

    2. Silent Movie is certainly a book unlike others you have read. The author and illustrator did extensive research on the making of silent movies from the early 1900s in order to publish this book with integrity. This book captures the reader by using just a few words on each page to further explain the framed illustrations, akin to watching a silent movie. The story begins in 1909 when Papa Hans set off for America from Sweden in search of a better life. Six months later, Mama and Gustave left Swe [...]

    3. Set in the early 1900's, Papa Hans sets sail for America from Sweden. Six months later, his wife and son follow him to New York, but unfortunately do not find each other upon their arrival. Mama and Gustave set out alone in the city, resorting to begging for a little money to buy some food. Gustave is lucky to be spotted by a famous movie director that is looking for a child actor for his new action movie. The boy's success leads to a happy ending--fulfilling their American dream.The best part a [...]

    4. Silent movie written by Avi is a picture book set in 1901 and is illustrated to mimic a silent movie. The illustrations are black and white and featured frame-by-frame. This story is about a family who goes to America in search for a better life. The story begins by the father going alone to America. Several months later his family, Mama and Gustave, make the long trip to join father. Unfortunately they are unable to find Father Hans and after a few days they have no money and are scared. The tw [...]

    5. This is a very interesting book about a family that immigrates to America, and all the difficulties, financial and otherwise, that they face and the exciting way they overcome them.Told in the same format as a silent movie with very little wording and black and white pictures, it is a very interesting take on how the life of immigrants used to be, and the strange ways some of them were able to make a living.This is a great, exciting book for any child who is interested to learn about history, an [...]

    6. I loved this book. The whole book is based on the theme of a movie including the title page. It is story of a young boy and his mother who come to America to meet up with Papa. But they don't find each other at the docks so Mama and Gustave find a friend to stay with and Mama gets a job. Meanwhile Bartholomew Bunting sees Gustave and decides he would be a great actor for his movies and he doesn't have to speak because they make silent movies. This leads to the reunion of the family and a rich li [...]

    7. Wonderful historical fiction (and realistic fiction) writer Avi tackles a picture book. The concept is great--the American immigrant experience at the time of silent movies shown in nickelodeons. Avi's story is shown as the written panels in a silent movie, while Mordan's illustrations mimic the black-and-white movie images.Avi does better with chapter books--this was so short and choppy. It DID hit the melodramatic style of silent movies with its over-the-top, unrealistic story. Mordan's illust [...]

    8. This was an interesting book, but no one I think kids will read again and again. It’s about Gustav, a young boy who is new to America. He and his mother can not find Papa, so mama takes a job. One day while trying to stay out of trouble, he catches not only a thief but the eye of a silent movie director. His first movie helps lead papa back to his family. The story is set up like a silent movie. Each part of of the story being set up frame by frame. A heartfelt story, but a one time read.

    9. I have mixed feelings about this book. I love it visually. It like woodcuts and the whole format is similar to a silent film. It's a sad story of emigration and then it turns into a happy story of achieving the American Dream (rather quickly) by the boy getting paid to be in movies. Very intriguing visually, and can stimulate discussions about immigration and what people have to go through. Timely even now.

    10. This was a really neat book. Not really good for a read aloud, but could be a neat book to have available during a unit on the Depression.

    11. A family movies from Sweden to NYC in the early 1900s. Told in the format of a silent movie (which is cool) the son gets discovered, becomes, a child actor, and makes a ton of money (I get the happily ever after movie ending, but Ugghhh)

    12. This picture book by Avi and C.B Mordan provides a brief look at the lives of immigrants in the early 20th century, and uses the style of the early cinema to frame the story.The story follows a Swedish family as they make the journey to the United States in the year 1909. The Father had set out first, and had planned to meet his family when they arrived at a later date. Unfortunately, they could not find each other on the dock on the day they arrive, so the Mother, along with her young son, Gust [...]

    13. Avi. (2003). Silent Movie. C. B. Mordan. New York: Atheneum Books for Young Readers. Literary Genre: Historical Fiction (Picture Book) “1909. Goodbye to the Old World! Papa Hans sails for America.” This Swedish father makes the trip to America six months before his wife and son, Gustave. When, Mama and Gustave arrive to New York they have no luck finding Papa. Gustave is seen by a silent movie director, Bunting, and becomes a good actor. Papa, weary from looking for his family, takes a break [...]

    14. Overall--drawings are very interesting and works much like a real silent movie would--frame by frame with very little text. Specifics--1) Themes--the theme of immigrant life in the early 20th century America is one that is still fascinating to many. For students whose families hail from a different country, this would be a good book for them. The issue of immigration would also inspire great classroom discussions, especially when one compares immigration and immigrants from the 1900s to today's [...]

    15. This book one can tell right from the start is that it is geared towards more advanced readers. The illustrations it this story are similar to what you might see when watching a silent movie, hints the title of the title of the title of the book. This book is set in 1909 and a young boy and his family are in pursuit of America. This father comes alone first and then he and his mother follow. When they try to find each other in New York, this becomes a struggle. The mother and son soon run out of [...]

    16. Silent movie takes the ideas in Hugo Cabret a step further. This is funny to say, because it was created in 2003. The idea is that the book is seen and read exactly like a silent movie. A boy immigrates to America and becomes a movie star. Animation by animation, we see his transformation, and occasionally text pops up to supplement the images. Avi is by no means the first person to do this, David Wiesner has been doing the image thing since the late eighties, however, Wiesner is the first perso [...]

    17. Silent Movie strives to recreate the experience and style of silent movies. All the pages in the book are black with boxes that contain illustrations. The illustrations are also in black and white and use lines to really emphasize shading and texture. The illustrations were done using ink on a clayboard. The words in the book are minimal, again this helps to recreate silent movies which had few words and relied on the visual images to move the story along. The book does this and emphasizes the p [...]

    18. Silent Movie is told in a series of black and white sketched line drawings to tell the story of an immigrant family coming to America in the 1920's. with very few words and detailed pictures, it portrays the emotions and hardships faced by immigrant families who came to America with only the clothes on their back.The illustrator, C.B. Mordan, does an excellent job with historical details such as clothing and setting. While the illustrations seem to be very dramatic and choppy from one scene to t [...]

    19. Format: 50 pages. Approx. 350 words. POV: third person, present.Sparsely written book based on the form used by silent films to narrate the images on the screen. The story is about an immigrant family separated when the father fails to find his wife and son at the New York docks. Money runs short for mother and son, especially when a thief steals what they are able to beg in the streets. Finally, the mother finds work with help from a woman from their village overseas, though they still cannot f [...]

    20. Showcased in the format of framed scenes from early films, Silent Movie is the tale of an immigration story told by a young family who came to America from Sweden. Papa comes to America ahead of Gustave and his mother, tries to find work, settle himself before the whole family comes over. When disembarking from the ship that brought them into Ellis Island, Mama and Gustave cannot find Papaey have to beg for food and shelter in this new land. Miraculously, a film director sees promise in Gustave [...]

    21. CIP summary "In the early years of the twentieth century, a Swedish family encountersseparation and other hardships upon immigrating to New York City until the son is cast in a silent movie."I loved this book by Avi. It gives historical information about immigrants coming to America in 1909, as well as the history of silent films. The illustrations are in black and white and presented throughout the book in a frame by frame style which gives the feeling of a silent movie. I think students could [...]

    22. Description: An immigrant family from Sweden comes to America in hope of fleeing hardship, but while in America they get lost, robbed and separated. However the son, Gustave gets a part in a silent movie and the family reconnects. They are finally able to live the American Dream. Curriculum connection: This a picture book that can be used in history to talk about immigration.Personal reaction to the book: I did not find the book interesting.Assessment of the visual appeal: Every page was in blac [...]

    23. I am a big fan of old movies - like those of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. So this book caught my eye. I wasn't disappointed, it's a simple, beautiful book. It's the tale of a family immigrating from Sweden, told in the style of a silent film. Striking black and white images, simple phrases to frame the story. It then incorporates the creation of a film into the story. Be sure to read the back section that reviews the history of silent films. I liked how it pointed out that with the films b [...]

    24. This is a very unique, very interesting historical fiction book. It's about a family coming to America and losing each other on the way. The young boy and the mother face many hardships, but then the little boy gets hired as an actor. The father ends up finding them again because he sees his son on the big screen. It's a very beautiful story about family and how difficult it must have been for those immigrant families who came to America. The illustrations are amazing and it's unique how the boo [...]

    25. Silent Movie written by Avi and illustrated by C.B. Mordan. This book told the story of a Swedish family who immigrates to the United States during the early 20th century. The family gets separated on their journey to New York City but soon reunites when the father discovers that his son is now an actor for silent movies directed by Bartholomew Bunting. I personally enjoyed this story and think it would be a great book for teachers who are teaching their students about History and the hardships [...]

    26. This book was very interesting to me. I liked that the book didn't have a lot of text, and it mostly had pictures.The Author Avi tells a story about immigration using a silent movie as his backdrop. The story is told mostly though the use of pictures. Text is used sparingly to guide the reader through the story, as done in silent movies. Storyboarding and bleeding techniques are used. Small drawings are used to depict time and sequence, while larger, full page drawings are used to convey the cha [...]

    27. I thought this was a great read. The book was easy to follow so it would be perfect for 2nd grade and younger. I would recommend this book because it makes younger children already knowledgeable on the past of America. The main character is a young boy and the little boy from Sweden becomes a famous actor. I think the kids will relate to the young character and start having dream and goals of their own one day.

    28. The art and the feel/style of Silent Movie give this book it's third star. It did feel like watching a silent movie. I'm conflicted about the plot however.I would tell you what my conflicts are, but it would mean putting up spoiler alerts, and since the book only takes about 5 minutes to read, it wouldn't be worth it.

    29. told/portrayed as a silent film with just a few lines, or "titles" as they were called to explain unknown details. A boy and his mother sail to America to meet the boy's father. They can not find eachother until the boy is asked to star in a film and the father happens to stop in to the theatre that day and sees his boy on the big screen. The family happily reunites.

    30. This book was cool because it consists of pictures so you get to, in a sense, make up your own story and interpret the way you want. The don’t need many words for this book because the pictures are able to tell the story really well. I don’t remember reading many books like this so it was nice to see another in class. The ages for this book would be upper elementary.

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