Silent Sabotage

Silent Sabotage A HIDDEN ENEMYEmily Graves left everything behind to save her aunt s struggling bed and breakfast but she s hardly through the door before she s the one who needs saving Someone in Bridal Veil Orego

  • Title: Silent Sabotage
  • Author: Susan Sleeman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A HIDDEN ENEMYEmily Graves left everything behind to save her aunt s struggling bed and breakfast, but she s hardly through the door before she s the one who needs saving Someone in Bridal Veil, Oregon, will go to any lengths even murder to keep her from making the B and B a success Sheriff s deputy Archer Reed has made it his personal mission to bring down the culprit.A HIDDEN ENEMYEmily Graves left everything behind to save her aunt s struggling bed and breakfast, but she s hardly through the door before she s the one who needs saving Someone in Bridal Veil, Oregon, will go to any lengths even murder to keep her from making the B and B a success Sheriff s deputy Archer Reed has made it his personal mission to bring down the culprit But first he has to convince Emily to accept his protection and determine why anyone would want to harm her As Emily s unknown enemy becomes increasingly violent, Archer may be the only person who can keep her alive.

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    1. Ooooeeeeeeeee, but I really love this series. This is the fifth book but reads fine as a standalone. However, one of the real charms of these books is how the author manages to include the First Responder gang in each story. There's such great camaraderie between them. Love all the teasing but they have a serious side too and they'll drop anything to help when one of their own is in trouble. What a great backdrop for romantic suspense. And speaking of that -- what a gnarly mess Emily and Archer [...]

    2. Susan Sleeman has done it again!Silent Sabotage book reviewSilent Sabotage, the latest book in her stellar First Responders series, starts out with a scream and a shooting spree and a hostage situation complete with a bomb vest. That’s like… all in the first few pages. And in typical Susan Sleeman style, the action and the tension don’t let up until nearly the very end. I always feel a bit sorry for her characters when I start one of Susan’s books because, while I know I personally am ge [...]

    3. This story starts off with a bang—literally! Emily Graves finds herself the victim of a hostage situation, a bomb vest being strapped on to her and desperate negotiations from Deputy Archer Reed—who just happens to be in the right place at the right time. If that doesn’t whet your appetite for a great suspense, I don’t know what will! This story quickly moved me along, always trying to figure out who’s after Emily; and just when I think I got it, the author throws in another twist to m [...]

    4. 3.5 starsMost of it was four stars, but the reveal was a bit flaky for me. (view spoiler)[ I'm not fond of info dump from villain types of denouements, and this one wasn't explained enough to make me quite believe it would happen. (hide spoiler)]I liked the main characters, especially Birdie, and have an interest in old homes and bed and breakfasts, so that added to my enjoyment.

    5. This is another fantastic suspense novel!Though all of the members of the FRS are present and helping out in this book the story itself is a stand-alone suspense. It is fun to catch up on the private lives of the main characters from the previous books.After meeting Archer Reed in the earlier books in this series I was very happy to find out more about him. I found Emily Graves to be a wonderfully well-developed character and well suited to Archer. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how the two of them [...]

    6. SILENT SABOTAGE is the fifth book in Ms. Sleeman's First Responder series, but it easily stands alone. I enjoyed getting to know Emily and Archer. Archer is a sweetie, strong and courageous and he knows when to take control and when to step back and leave Emily alone--usually. Emily is prickly and wants to be in control of her own life. She doesn't appreciate Archer taking control even when it's for her own safety. I understand why once it's revealed, but until then it kind of grated on me. I di [...]

    7. This 5th book in Susan Sleeman's 'First Responder' series is again top notch! She knows her suspense. Emily Graves is trying to save her aunt's B&B from going under, but someone is trying to kill her, it seems. Archer Reed, sheriff's deputy, is determined that the would be murderer will not succeed. Sleeman has created believable characters in a lovely setting in the Pacific Northwest. I enjoyed it as I did the others before it and I had no clue of the culprit's identity until the very end!I [...]

    8. Not a huge fan of this one. Emily was way too stubborn, even for this type of book. She also was way too irrationally hung up on her mom and issues with men. The constant rehashing was so annoying. Again, the plot device of kissing in the heat of the moment. Someone shoot at you, out there somewhere trying to kill you but let's sit here and kiss. Also, oddly enough Darcie's personality was really pushy in this book. I wanted her to butt out more.

    9. This book wasn't just bad in any conventional sense conveyed by the phrase, "I didn't really like this book". Because, you see, this book was spectacularly, and ultimately, humorously horrible. Perhaps it achieved that rarefied state of fiction in which the writing and story are so astoundingly awful that it becomes somewhat fun to read just like watching a 1950s guy-in-a-plastic-costume-monster movie is fun to watch. Fellow Good Readers, this book was bad. So why did I read it? Well, I found it [...]

    10. I loved the book! It had lots of mystery, suspense, bad guys, good guys, unexpected happenings, and real life struggles that ordinary people can relate to. Emily was very reliable for her aunt even though they were going through a rough patch. The people that surrounded Emily and her aunt were very supportive of them and their situation. Even though it was very tough for Emily to accept the help of her friends she was finally able to do so in order to save the B&B and help her aunt at the sa [...]

    11. All Emily Graves wants to do is keep her Aunt Birdie's Bed and Breakfast afloat and take care of Birdie as her memory declines. But one accident after another threatens to close the B&B down. Archer Reed happens to be on the scene when a gunman starts shooting in a local mall. Preventing the man from killing Emily, Archer is concerned when the gunman threatens that there are others out to kill Emily. Emily knows she can never trust a man. After watching her mother go from one man to another [...]

    12. Emily left her job and moved back home to help her aunt with her bed-and-breakfast. Her aunt is showing signs of dementia and Emily will do anything for the woman who took her in as a child. But almost immediately bad things begin happening that Emily can't explain. In a hostage situation at the mall she comes face to face with a man determined to kill her. Only the quick thinking and negotiation skills of a deputy named Archer save her. Now the whole team is trying to find out who has a vendett [...]

    13. Silent Sabotage by Susan Sleeman is a Love Inspired Suspense book. This book is riveting from the beginning to the very end. This is a fast paced page turning book that will surly keep you glued to your sear the entire time. This story is packed with love, faith, determination, action and twists & turns. Be sure to order your copy of Silent Sabotage today. I received a complementary copy of this book. This review is my honest opinion. 5 stars!

    14. Maybe as much as 3 1/2. It started out well, even funny, and the female protagonist was strong. However, it was too wordy, especially toward the end, and the "faith part of the novel was too "in-your-face."

    15. Great story This my first time reading this author's book. Loved the suspense that was created. Who doesn't love a good who done it book? I look forward to reading some of Ms. Susan Sleeman other books.

    16. WonderfulHold on to your hats.This one starts off fast and just keeps going.Suspense,mystery,thrills and laughter and let's not forget the love.

    17. Silent SabotageSilent Sabotage is book 5 in the First Responders series by Susan Sleeman. Each book in the series focuses on a different member of the First Response Squad. This book is about Archer Reed, the negotiator of the team. The story starts out with Archer responding to a call for an active shooter. When he arrives on the scene, he finds that the gunman has a hostage – Emily Graves. Archer was able to talk down the gunman and resolve the situation with no loss of life. With the gunman [...]

    18. A killer is closer than they thinkI've been looking forward to Silent Sabotage for quite awhile, ever since I first saw that mysterious and even slightly spooky looking house on the cover. Not only did the story not disappoint but it happened yet again! It seems like every new Susan Sleeman book I read becomes my favorite. As with each of her stories Silent Sabotage starts out with a real bang, readers are dropped into the danger and mystery right off and after that you can only gasp as you brea [...]

    19. Silent Sabotage almost begins with a bang, but due to the work of negotiator Archer Reed it doesn’t. Thanks to his professionalism he is able to talk the shooter down, get help for the wounded and have a team member get the bomb vest off of hostage Emily Graves. The shooter implies that Emily is still in danger so Archer volunteers to stay with her until everything is cleared up and help out in any way that he can. Emily has returned to the area recently to help her beloved Aunt Birdie run the [...]

    20. I've always wanted to visit or own a Bed and Breakfast, so I really enjoyed this story, which mostly takes place around Birdie's B & B in rural Oregon. However, I'd prefer to find one with a little less danger surrounding it. This series has been my favorite from Susan Sleeman. I enjoy the closeness of the First Responders team. Each story has its own unique plot, so while some of the characters appear throughout, the location of each one is fresh. This story was full of suspense and had a g [...]

    21. Susan Sleeman has delivered another page-turning romantic suspense with book number five in her First Responders series. Readers who have followed from book one know that there are two team members who have yet to meet their match—negotiator Archer Reed and team leader Jake Marsh (whose story is coming this December).Emily Graves is threatened by a lone gunman, and Deputy Archer Reed makes it his personal mission to protect Emily and her failing aunt. When Emily shares some more incidents that [...]

    22. This 5th installment in Susan Sleeman’s First Responders series is another suspense-filled page turner. Emily Graves has given up everything to help her aunt, suffering from Alzheimer’s, build her business back up, a run down bead-and-breakfast, where Emily was raised. A series of small accidents, blamed on Aunt Birdie’s declining health, is only the beginning to the terror about to enter Emily’s life. An active shooter, with a deep grudge against Emily, introduces her to Deputy Archer R [...]

    23. Emily Graves is shopping with her Aunt Birdie when Birdie suddenly panics “he's shooting at us!” It being cougar season, Emily isn't bothered by what they hear and tries to calm Birdie---until a man comes running in, “A shooter! he's headed this way!” And the shooter, Delmar Withrow, is looking for Emily. Archer Reed was headed to Portland when the “active shooter” call came. He knew others were on the way but he was first to arrive and hearing the shots knew he had to go in. Arche [...]

    24. This book begins with something that actually is happening in our world today - a lone gunman shooting people and then taking a hostage in an open market! That gets your adrenaline pumping right from the get go so your attention is hooked and you have to read the book! Poor Emily doesn't know what to think when she goes to a local natural market with her aunt for the day and suddenly she's taken hostage by a crazy gunman who she KNOWS! What???? Things just go downhill from there. Fortunately, Ar [...]

    25. A GROWNUP GAME OF HIDE & SEEK!Silent Sabotage is a superbly crafted suspense mystery and the latest entry in Susan Sleeman's First Responder Series. Each book in the series focuses on one of the elite First Responder Team members. This time the focus is on Archer Reed, one of the Team Negotiators. Sleeman wastes no time in creating suspense and drawing you into Silent Sabotage! The first incident that brings Archer in contact with Emily Graves and her Aunt Birdie will have you knowing why Ar [...]

    26. I love Susan Sleeman’s books. Her First Responders series is amazing. Silent Sabotage, the fifth in the series grabbed me from the first page and kept me going through the last one. I didn’t want it to end and I don’t think she can write the last one fast enough. Ms. Sleeman has the ability that while all Love Inspired books are similar in format, each one of hers has such a different feel about them. She truly draws us into the family and makes me want to stay. I absolutely love Darcie an [...]

    27. My Favorite First Responder Novel!!Susan Sleeman has crafted a masterpiece in Silent Sabotage, #5 First Responders. l have loved all her books, but this story of Emily and Archer elicits a special response out of me. Emily has returned to care for her aunt Birdie, whose declining mental health has put the B&B at stake. Archer first gets involved when a gunman tries to hold Emily hostage, and Archer must negotiate her release. I fell in love with these characters, who seemed like they could b [...]

    28. This is the fifth book in the First Responders Series. I have loved this series, haven't you? Susan does such a great job on suspense stories. I'm alsways excited when I get one of her books in the mail. This book is well written, fast paced, and full of faith.Emily Graves has returned home to help her aunt with her Bed and Breakfast. Her aunt had been the one stable person in her life but now she is showing signs of dementia and the once prosperous Berdie's Bed and Breakfast is failing. She has [...]

    29. This is the latest book of the First Responders series by Ms. Sleeman. Once again, she gives us complex characters, and a riveting plot, with some romance in the mix. Our main characters are Emily, who has moved back home to help the aunt who opened her home to her, when Emily’s mother dropped her off. Her aunt Birdie owns a B and B that is suffering financially, and to complicate things, Birdie has Alzheimer’s Disease. Emily is extremely independent and wants nothing to do with men.Archer, [...]

    30. The latest book in Susan Sleeman's First Responder series is amazing!! I absolutely loved Skylar and Logan's story in "Silent Night Standoff" and Cash and Krista's story in "Explosive Alliance." I really didn't believe that Susan could top them, but she certainly did! If you missed the previous books, you can learn more at susansleeman/books/firI read lots of suspense books and can usually figure out the villain long before the book is finished. But that is not the case with Susan's books -- I l [...]

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