Ever My Love

Ever My Love Two people are caught up in love and in time in the latest novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Stars in Your Eyes In search of a fresh start Emma Baxter has traveled to Scotland to tr

  • Title: Ever My Love
  • Author: Lynn Kurland
  • ISBN: 9780515156164
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Two people are caught up in love and in time in the latest novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Stars in Your Eyes.In search of a fresh start, Emma Baxter has traveled to Scotland to try to forget her rocky love life Luckily, the gorgeous Highlander who owns the house up the path from her rental cottage might be exactly the kind of distraction she needs BuTwo people are caught up in love and in time in the latest novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Stars in Your Eyes.In search of a fresh start, Emma Baxter has traveled to Scotland to try to forget her rocky love life Luckily, the gorgeous Highlander who owns the house up the path from her rental cottage might be exactly the kind of distraction she needs But there s to his intriguing qualities than she can explain and she certainly isn t buying into the local legends of Highland magic.Nathaniel MacLeod is a man adrift, all thanks to the unwanted gift that forces him to continually jump between centuries He never knows if he ll wind up in the present day or the fourteenth century, but when Emma follows him back through time, he suddenly has to worry about than keeping his separate lives straight Someone has started to notice Nathaniel s travels and now, no time period is safe, for him or for Emma.

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    1. Lynn Kurland has a very distinct style, and there is no one quite like her! Ever My Love is written as a standalone, but I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend you read the others (by publication date) first, as there are a lot of characters in this, and it's easy to get lost if you're not familiar with them.As a longtime fan of Kurland's, I had big hopes for this novel, and Ever My Love did not disappoint. Because she packs so many breadcrumbs into the storyline, I find that I always have to read h [...]

    2. I was completely hooked and can't stop reading until i was finished. My top favourite author of all time. 😍😍

    3. Originally posted at SmexyBooks-smexybooks/2017/04/review-I have been a fan of Lynn Kurland for years. I picked her A Dance In Time on a whim and was instantly hooked. To this day it remains one of my favorite time travel romances and I often reread it. Kurland’s wonderful voice has created a fascinating and convoluted world drenched in medieval charm with delightful narrative, witty characters, and delightful storylines. She is perfect for those who enjoy adventurous romances with hints of my [...]

    4. Ever My Love was an enjoyable time travel romance! I know I’m going to enjoy a book when the prologue grabs my attention, and this one surely grabbed my attention. It’s a very important part of the story! Emma has come to Scotland after a horrible break up with her ex-boyfriend and losing a business she built from the ground up. She thinks this will give her peace and guide her in the next direction of her life. She has no idea that this trip will completely change her life. Nathaniel is the [...]

    5. Emma was cute the girl would give anyone whiplash, “I wasn’t thinking about you,” she said, then she paused. “Well, I was thinking about you, but not in the way you’re thinking I was thinking.” Nathaniel was such a huge flirt, “when I’m dead, darling, and even then I imagine I’ll have aught to say. I think I can manage a shower on my own, though I’m not opposed to company.” I really liked this book, I loved Emma and Nathaniel.

    6. Fourteenth in the MacLeod Family historical romance series and revolving around time-traveling Highlanders. The couple focus is on Emma Baxter and Nathaniel MacLeod.My TakeThis was fun and a definite departure from the usual storyline in the De Piaget/MacLeod series, and not only because Kurland is stretching out past the de Piagets and core MacLeods.The story begins with an emotional hook with in media res and uses chunks of backstory to inform us how Emma got here. Which still didn't make sens [...]

    7. I am a HUGE fan of Lynn Kurland. I have been reading her books since "Stardust of Yesterday" first appeared in 1996. I have read the entire de Piaget/MacLeod Series at least three times. It is a long time between books, but the wait is always very worth it. Without fail, each and every book always leaves me with a smile on my face. This book was no exception. Five Plus Stars. Always wonderful to visit with some old friends from previous books (Elizabeth, Jamie, Sunshine, Patrick, Ian and Stephen [...]

    8. Emma goes to Scotland and is looking for a dream and some rest. She is really running from a bad relationship. Nathaniel is trying to stay on step or more away from fortune hunters while taking trip into 1300's side trips. They met unexpectedly and things speed up. See how it turns out and be ready to meet auld friends. I loved this book. I missed Patrick, Ian and Jaime.

    9. I enjoyed this more than some of the other more recent Macleod books. It has a similar feels to Kurlands' Nine Kingdoms books, where the women are intrepid and rescue themselves and their menfolk a good deal, rather than being passive and waiting for a man to bail them out.

    10. Plot: 3/5Characterisation: 3/5Prose: 4/5How much I enjoyed it: 3/5It's a classic Lynn Kurland. However, I'm enjoying her latest few offering lesser and lesser as the main characters seemed interchangeable.

    11. If I could live my life over again, I'd want to be the heroine in one of Lynn's books ❤ romance doesn't get any better than this.

    12. I love Lynn Kurland. I can honestly say that she is my favorite author and I wait, with baited breath, for her new books! I love all her heroes and heroines! Such sass. Such chivalry. Such wit. Nathaniel and Emma are adorable, and I loved every minute of their story. I also love the weaving of beloved characters from prior books into the current story. Reading her books makes me want to go back to Scotland and find me a Highlander in an enchanted forest. :D

    13. DNF at about Chapter 13I actually wrote a longer review and then my internet went out and it didn't get saved. Anyways, I found this book a tad bit confusing and at almost halfway through the book there didn't seem to be a coherent plot. Many people will love this but it just wasn't for me. Copy for review provided by the publisher

    14. I picked this up for the time travel aspect, as it was a recommended read - thought I'd give it a whirl. The writing is engaging and for the first third-ish of the book the plot moves nicely. The world and characters are fairly well built and plausible. There are a few oddities in the beginning sections - one is the bit where the main male protagonist decides to leave suddenly and careens into a vehicle. These scenes, given the characters actions beforehand are jarring and don't fit - it reads l [...]

    15. I always enjoy reading one of Lynn Kurland’s books and Ever My Love was no exception.Emma Baxter travels across the pond to experience the “Scotland in my dreams” and find inspiration to rebuild her jewelry business back up again. Nathaniel MacLeod is a recluse literally living a double life. For the past five years, Fate it seems has dragged him back and forth through time – between present day and 14th century Scotland – for reasons he cannot begin to fathom. When the two meet under [...]

    16. Mrs McCreedy acted like it was a big deal when she gave Emma the map. I don't understand what the map was for if she never used it, updated it or returned it. It was pointless to put in the story.Why refer to something bad happening if Nathaniel ignored a time travel call but then never explain?It played no part in the story. Why did the time travel event replay 3 times? It wasn't pertinent to the plot.Was saving his mother from the Fergussons the reason Nathaniel kept going back again and again [...]

    17. After finishing all 11 books that are currently out from Kurland's fantasy series on the Nine Kingdoms, I was curious about her other series. This is the 14th book in the time travelling romance series but I didn't suffer for not having read the previous installments. Not usually a romance reader, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. A strong heroine who's running to her independence and a tall, handsome fellow who happens to travel to ancient Scotland every other day were the stars [...]

    18. Although the usual time travel novel one expects from Ms Kurland, this one was really very good. Nathaniel is wealthy (but then all of the men are in these books) and yet he lives in a little cottage in the Highlands. His life is full of adventure as he is thrust back into time, over and over again. He learns to fight and survive in the late 1300's, and yet returns to his own time after he accomplished whatever his "duty" was on that journey.Emma is in Scotland on a personal trip, getting away f [...]

    19. This book was the Lynn Kurland I loved from the beginning. Instead of just a tale, this book had some surprise mysteries and a solving of those mysteries. I liked the fact that both characters were from the modern day and not one from the past and one from the future. As much as I like all the past characters from other books and how they're related, I especially liked that the two characters in this book weren't related to anyone. I was getting tired of the convenient hooking up of family membe [...]

    20. This was a lovely romance even though all the people are beautiful and rich. It has some humor and fun banter between the characters. There are things about the heroine that made me want to scream, she is running away from a bad relationship but then makes stupid decisions about imminent danger. Oh well, there has to be a damsel in distress right? I was hoping it was just the hero in distress with a strong woman to save himoh yeah that can happen, too. Overall, it is a light hearted romance with [...]

    21. I took my time with this book because it's the first real book I've gotten in years instead of ebook! Lol. Anyways I LOVED this book, I've always loved Lynn Kurland's storytelling. It really pulls you in. Her characters are always strong including the women! Loved the humor, the characters being around from previous books and the whole storyline. I had hoped for a little more going back in time but all in all it was a superb read!!

    22. This was much better than the last book I read by Lynn Kurland. I liked both main characters and thought it was a light and fun read. It was nice to see some previous book characters and a different connection to the family. I am getting a little tired of the insanely rich guy, poor girl, painfully good looking, able to learn in moments what it takes others years, etc. situations, however. Maybe it's just me and I need to break into a different genre for a while.

    23. Picked this up because the author’s books keep popping up on lists for people who liked “Outlander”. I should have paid closer attention, because this is the lastest in a series. I think it’s meant to be a stand alone book, but without having read the other books in the series, this one made little sense, and was difficult to follow because of all the implied information that is never explained ( I assume it makes sense if you’ve read the other books?).

    24. I was thrilled to see a new MacLeod time travel book at the grocery store (my local bookstore closed). It is just as great as the others in the connected worlds of the MacLeods and dePiagets. I just never quite wonder what Alexander Smith was doing. I think I might need to go back and re-read his story. If Emma ever gets to Artane, I would love her to travel and meet Jake Kilchurn.

    25. I've always loved her stories. I'm amazed at how many unique stories she's managed to package into this niche and intertwined collection. But the familiar trope is definitely my drug of choice. Thanks, Lynn.

    26. I love all of Lynn’s work and this was no exception. Although it moved at a bit slower pace in the middlei loved the mood of this book. I was transported to Scotland and need to visit soon! Loved it!

    27. Lovely story. Not as good as most of Lynn's books but still a good read. Glad I bought it as I can never get enough of her books and re-read them often. I will be reading this one again too.

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