Joy to the World

Joy to the World Unbeknownst to Eliza Berkeley the second daughter of a baron the man she thought she was going to marry was not Stephen Huntington the Duke of Wyndale Thankfully the reprobate does not appear for

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  • Title: Joy to the World
  • Author: Nicole Zoltack
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Unbeknownst to Eliza Berkeley, the second daughter of a baron, the man she thought she was going to marry was not Stephen Huntington, the Duke of Wyndale Thankfully, the reprobate does not appear for the wedding The true duke arrives instead Will a match formed originally through deceit blossom into love this Christmas Or will the imposter ensure neither experiences haUnbeknownst to Eliza Berkeley, the second daughter of a baron, the man she thought she was going to marry was not Stephen Huntington, the Duke of Wyndale Thankfully, the reprobate does not appear for the wedding The true duke arrives instead Will a match formed originally through deceit blossom into love this Christmas Or will the imposter ensure neither experiences happiness ever again Joy to the World originally appeared in the Bluestocking Belles Mistletoe, Marriage, Mayhem box set.

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    1. Joy to the World byNicole Zoltack4 starsEliza Berkeley, the daughter of a baron, is about to get married to Stephen Huntington, the Duke of Wyndale. He asked her parents for permission to marry her five days after they had met, so she's a little bit nervous about whether she's confident in her love for him. Just when it looks like the duke is a no-show for his own wedding, he arrives. Except it's not him. It's a man that looks very like her fiancee and claims that he is the duke. He's apparently [...]

    2. I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review. Lady Eliza Berkeley is the victim of a con. On the day of her wedding she discovers that her fiancé is not the Duke of Wyndale, as he claims to be. Luckily he doesn't show up for their wedding and instead the real Duke arrives. This is a sweet Christmas novella from Nicole Zoltack. Wonderful storytelling that will keep you interested with each turn of the page!

    3. Joy to the World by Nicole Zoltack is when the absent bridegroom being an impostor is a good thing. Eliza Berkeley is waiting at the church for her marriage to who she thinks is Stephen Huntington, the Duke of Wyndale, when a man claiming to be the real duke arrives. Stephen didn’t want to marry anytime soon, but the honorable thing is to marry. Can Eliza find her happiness with Stephen? Will the impostor stop their happiness? I enjoyed reading this wonderful romance story. The characters were [...]

    4. I like that when the real duke showed up he decided he wanted to try a courtship with her even though he didn't have to which show that he was a responsible duke.The actual duke is secretely sweet on her. I do enjoy each one of the characters interaction. The scene of the story is quite beautiful too which make me wish to go there to see them.It's a must read!

    5. I find this novella shallow. The chemistry between Stephen and Eliza was poor.There were also a number of inconsistencies. Like, how was Eliza able to snatch the blade from the impostor? It wasn't explained; it just happened. And what did the charlatan blackmail Eliza's father? What did he need to blackmail for? Annnd I thought all of Eliza's doubts had already been laid to rest, because she didn't need any further proof that Stephen was indeed the real Duke of Wyndale. So what was her drama for [...]

    6. This was a quick romance read that went by so fast I'm not even sure what I just read because there were no memorable moments. It wasn't bad, there wasn't anything exciting about it.

    7. This was an enjoyable little book. I enjoyed the story. Eliza Berkeley though excited about marrying a duke is most interested in marrying someone who loves her. She had been courted by an imposter; but after meeting the real duke realizes she never loved the imposter. She has feeling for the real duke; but doesn't trust herself or the real duke for that matter.It was a quick read.

    8. The second daughter of a Viscount marrying a Duke was unheard of; at least that what’s Eliza Berkeley thought until she found herself doing exactly that. Or she was supposed to. An absent bridegroom has given Eliza a fit of nerves; so much so she escapes to outside the church for a breath of fresh air to calm herself. What she finds there is something that even she couldn’t dream up.Stephen Huntington, Duke of Norfolk, has no intentions, despite his late father’s greatest wish, to marry an [...]

    9. Publisher's Description:Unbeknownst to Eliza Berkeley, the second daughter of a baron, the man she thought she was going to marry was not Stephen Huntington, the Duke of Wyndale. Thankfully, the reprobate does not appear for the wedding. The true duke arrives instead. Will a match formed originally through deceit blossom into love this Christmas? Or will the imposter ensure neither experiences happiness ever again?Joy to the World originally appeared in the Bluestocking Belles' Mistletoe, Marria [...]

    10. Eliza Berkeley is all set to marry a Duke, she is the second daughter to a Baron and is floored when a man she barely knows proposes to her, except the Duke is not at all who he seems to be. He is in fact an imposter posing as Stephen Huntingdon the Duke of Wyndale, so when the wedding day arrives and the REAL duke shows up, you may imagine what happens - or you can think you do.This is a short read and I can be fairly judgmental on shorts because I expect more depth as far as character and emot [...]

    11. The plot is very interesting and the characters are very well written. Romance is definitely present and the best part about it is that it's so sweet and 'clean'.

    12. Sweet Regency Novella With A Strong Heroine! Eliza thought she had snagged a Duke but found out that it was an impostor who didn't even show up for the wedding. Stephen, the Duke of Wyndale hears about his impostor marriage and decides he will catch him at the wedding, instead, he catches the bride. What a horrible situation for poor Eliza , what will she do about the real Duke and what is the impostor planning ? I really didn't blame Eliza for being leery of the "new" Duke, how does she know fo [...]

    13. Joy to the World is a short story, and as such you can't expect a very deep plot or super developed characters, but if you accept that, this is an easy, interesting read. Though much lighter, it vaguelly reminded me of Jane Austen's romances. There are one or two details that don't add up, namely Eliza's claim that her first marriage was for love when she says, in her own words, that she knew very little about the groom, so I can't rate it with more than four stars. In any case, if you're lookin [...]

    14. What a unique novella. On her wedding day, Eliza waited in anticipation for her Duke to walk down the aisle. Yet, another showed up, claiming to be the real Duke of Wyndale. What is a girl to do? One wedding day, two Dukes and a broken heart.Can Eliza find happiness with either gentleman? Will she get her happily ever after? Read this delightful novella to find out. It's wonderful!

    15. I enjoyed this Christmas novella. The end felt a little rushed to me. I liked the storyline and the characters. I'm used to reading longer books with more character development. For as short as it is, I feel like it was really good.

    16. Was there really joy to her world?I venture to say no, since her wedding day was spoiled by an imposter of a duke! What I found it hard to support was her anger and treatment of the real duke! And why should he apologize for someone else's criminal actions! Disappointing!

    17. This book was so sweet I really loved Eliza and Stephen a lot. Poor Stephen not wanting to settle down ends up falling for Eliza ,and after everything that happened Eliza ends up trusting and falling for him also.

    18. I received this as a treat for Christmas. I just did not love it. The story was a little too choppy for me and the characters fell in love after a few meetings. Yeah, just not very believable.

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