Criminal, Vol. 3: The Dead and the Dying

Criminal Vol The Dead and the Dying Tells three interlinking stories that take place during the early s and swirl around the fate of a hard luck Femme Fatale a boxer and a thief and killer just home from Vietnam Collects Criminal

  • Title: Criminal, Vol. 3: The Dead and the Dying
  • Author: Ed Brubaker Sean Phillips
  • ISBN: 9780785132271
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tells three interlinking stories that take place during the early 1970s and swirl around the fate of a hard luck Femme Fatale, a boxer and a thief and killer just home from Vietnam Collects Criminal 2 1 3

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    1. Just when I thought Ed Brubaker’s Criminal comic series couldn’t get any better, he sets a story back in the ‘70s that had me humming the Shaft theme song while I was reading it.The main story revolves around a black boxer and his white gangster friend. The two grew up together because their fathers built a criminal empire together, but their friendship has been on a shaky ground since there was some ugliness involving Danica, a beautiful woman they both fell for. Brubaker tells the main s [...]

    2. If you want to understand the truth about anyone, about who they are and where they came from and what they might do, good or bad you have to look back For the third album in their prize-winning comic series Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips decided to go back in time one generation and look at the 'evil roots' or 'sins of the fathers' that led, unavoidably, to the bloody murders from the first two albums. This sense of futility, of a merciless Fate that the protagonists cannot escape or hide from i [...]

    3. “Nothin’ but the dead and dyin’ in my little town.”—Paul SimonIn the third volume we circle back to the roots of the murders in the first two volumes. Teeg Lawless, like his son, a veteran, but of Vietnam, not Iraq, illustrates a noir tenet: The chickens come home to roost or, the past will come back to bite your ass. The storytelling in this volume is ambitious, complicated, interesting, a story told from three different perspectives in each of three separate issues collected here: [...]

    4. Like the first volume something just felt off about this. I'll get to that in a minute. This volume is basically 3 parts where you get the point of views of different characters. One being a boxer, another a whore, and the side of the mafia you probably don't want to see. It's a study of how people's lives effect another. It's also a view into many characters and how they grow over time, better or worse, and also how they fit into their parents shoes. Good: The artwork is still rock solid. I mea [...]

    5. Three individual stories set in 1972, all with different motives and perspectives. I like how Brubaker weaved these stories together and how they overlap one another. One of the three features another one of the Lawless clan.

    6. When I looked in the mirror, I saw a girl too old for her years. Saw a face with no joy. A smile that had nothing left in it but empty.Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips's Criminal series is proving to be impressively consistent, getting better with each installment, and this third volume, The Dead and the Dying, is my favorite so far. This time we jump back to the 60's/70's and take a look at how some of sins of Center City's "fathers" led to where their "sons" are today. Mostly it revolves around D [...]

    7. Βαθμολογία: 9/10Πάνω από τέσσερις μήνες πέρασαν από τότε που διάβασα τον δεύτερο τόμο της τρομερής αυτής σειράς και η αλήθεια είναι ότι μου έλειψε ο σκοτεινός και βρώμικος κόσμος που δημιούργησαν οι Ed Brubaker και Sean Phillips. Αναγκάστηκα να το κάνω, γιατί ήθελα πρώτα να αγοράσω και τ [...]

    8. I start reading one of Brubaker's Criminal books, and its so compelling that I start to think, "Yeah. This is awesome. Bad guys. Dirty streets. Heists. I could write something like this." Then I keep reading. And it's so good. And then it gets even better, and I realize that no, I couldn't write something like this. Not in a decade of hard trying.

    9. The third volume of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’ Criminal series contains three interlocking tales all revolving around Danica, a beautiful but ultimately flawed woman.With this volume, you’re beginning to see their universe take shape. There are characters resurfacing, settings reappearing and themes continuing. With Brubaker, the writing, as always, is top-notch and his consistent collaborator Sean Phillips brings it home with his excellent style.With the Criminal series, Brubaker and Ph [...]

    10. Ed Brubaker takes us back to the 70s with 3 crime stories revolving around a black woman named Danica. More of a love tragedy than a heist, The Dead and the Dying combines heist cliches with a love story. The result is a nicely done story you have seen or read before. Volume 3 further expands the criminal world and makes the interconnection between the characters more personal.

    11. A lifelong friendship ending in tragedy. A botched abortion. Robbing a drug cartel. Abused families. Traumatised Vietnam soldiers. Addiction, pain, hardship, death. Yup, it's another cheerful book from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. Taking place in the late 60s/early 70s, the three stories presented here feature a prizefighter sidelining as a heavy for a drug dealing friend, a Vietnam vet who needs to pay off his gambling debts or his family gets it, and a prostitute looking for revenge. They ov [...]

    12. Three little tales, cut from the classic noir bag, and they're justgood. Nothing horrendously shocking, nothing too "fresh". It's like watching an episode of a long-running TV show (like the 11 seasons of Supernatural I'm admitting to you I've watched near-slavishly) - you know what to expect, you're surprised by the occasional line but everything's in the style to which you've become accustomed.This book is one of those deals where I discover (after I'm done) that I read this book before and ju [...]

    13. Did not like Volume 3 as much as the two earlier volumes, perhaps because of the three interconnected stories seemed disjointed. The sons of two city gangsters grown up together: a black boxer and a white roustabout. Their friendship is torn asunder by beautiful, sexy Danica, with her story really serving as the backbone for the book. The twisted and seemingly minor role of Lawless was also a disappointment, at least for me. Not sure whether I will continue the series.

    14. This volume wasn't quite as good as the other two, although it was nice to learn a bit of background on "Gnarly". He is one of the more likable characters after all. All in all even though it's not a five star read, it's still pretty damn good. This series is a must read!

    15. I read this on the couch tonight in one sitting. I thought I'd give this one more Vol to see how it went. Again a separate story but involves 3 separate characters whos story arcs all overlap slightly. The writing and artwork were great as usual. I just didnt find it as intriguing as Vol 1 & 2. I think the problem Im having with this series are how its episodic in nature bug barely related. Still a fun solid crime read, just not overly original.

    16. Wow, that was the darkest one in the series yet. I need to go watch about four straight hours of baby sloth videos to cheer myself up.

    17. Read this in one day I liked it so much. Actually this one might be the quickest of the Criminals s far because it's only 3 issues. However, I really liked how this arch was set up. Each part kind of tells the same story, but from a different perspective. We get a good sense of each character and there background as well (like in most of Brubaker's books).I think in this volume my favorite character was Danica. She reminded me of the females character that I like Brubaker writing about. I liked [...]

    18. Another entry in Brubaker's Criminal series. This one is set in the late 60s-early 70s, and gives you some backstory about a few of the characters seen in prior books. There's three interlinking stories here, each telling part of a larger story. We have the sort of cast you'd expect in a volume of Criminal, all shady characters with compelling stories. The real star is Danica, the lady on the cover. Everything that happens revolves around her and her heartbreaking story. If nothing else, she's t [...]

    19. I enjoyed the sleazy 70s atmosphere of this volume. There's a definite nod to some of the blaxploitation films of that period. I liked the love triangle, as well as each tale being told from a different perspective. Sean Phillips' art has a rough, grimy look which adds to the whole feel of the book. Looking forward to the next volume!

    20. a great read with well imagined characters the evolve beautifully but the end of some of these characters left me a bit unsatisfied.

    21. Volume 3 and my favorite so far in the series. Essentially 3 interconnected short stories that serve as back story to the first two volumes of the series. What I love about the writing here is the simplicity of Brubaker's writing style, which is stunningly distilled. It is direct, visceral, and just the essence. He can get away with this distillation-prose in this genre in a way he couldn't in a novel because he has Sean Phillips art delivering the nuances of the narrative. These guys are dialed [...]

    22. This was an interesting graphic novel. I first have to say that this book is not for the faint of heart and it is definitely for mature audiences. Joe Singleton sums it up pretty good in his introduction, "He and Brubaker take us to another place and we are like voyeurs to a world that none of us would want to live in. It's dangerous, seedy and sexyd you know what? We dig it.I do not know why I am drawn to stories that involve the underground drug rinks, organized crime, and the mafia, but I am. [...]

    23. Somehow not as good as the first two. The narrative is kind of disjointed, and because this is three short stories instead of one long one, you don't get as connected with the characters as in the previous volumes. Also, it is my usual problem, but it is at times hard for me to keep track of characters by names, and visually many of them are pretty similar here, and there are much more characters involved, so it was harder for me to comprehend what's going on because of that, too.Still, I believ [...]

    24. An original story borrowing the narrative structure of Pulp Fiction. A junior crime boss, a trusted friend, old loves, and stolen loot. The plot is derivative, but the execution makes Criminal, Vol. 3: The Dead and the Dyingworth reading if you are looking for comics that could have been written by Elmore Leonard or Quentin Tarantino.

    25. Engrossing, Brubaker and Phillips are masters at keeping a reader interested and invested in a story. Cool to see how all of the books start to tie together, and now I can't wait to read the rest of the series!

    26. This series remains fantastic. The 70s aren't overdone here, but a perfect setting for the bloody background story. It's easy to get lost in the story.

    27. This series just keeps getting better. When I read Vol. 2, I didn't enjoy it as much as the first because I felt the author repeated a lot of themes from the first volume - the influence of family, betrayal, loyalty etc. Upon finishing this volume, I'm seeing the big picture. Brubaker weaves a complex web here, jumping around in time and showing the same events through the eyes of several different characters, enriching and exploring more deeply the themes and relationships established in the fi [...]

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