Assholes: A Theory of Donald Trump

Assholes A Theory of Donald Trump That Donald Trump is an asshole is a fact widely agreed upon even by his supporters who actually like that about him But his startling political rise makes the question of just what sort of asshole h

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  • Title: Assholes: A Theory of Donald Trump
  • Author: Aaron James
  • ISBN: 9780385542036
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Hardcover
  • That Donald Trump is an asshole is a fact widely agreed upon even by his supporters, who actually like that about him But his startling political rise makes the question of just what sort of asshole he is, and how his assholedom may help to explain his success, one not just of philosophical interest but of almost existential urgency Enter the philosopher Aaron James, autThat Donald Trump is an asshole is a fact widely agreed upon even by his supporters, who actually like that about him But his startling political rise makes the question of just what sort of asshole he is, and how his assholedom may help to explain his success, one not just of philosophical interest but of almost existential urgency Enter the philosopher Aaron James, author of the foundational text in the burgeoning field of Asshole Studies the bestselling Assholes A Theory In this brisk and trenchant inquiry into the phenomenon that is Donald Trump, James places the man firmly in the typology of the asshole takes every advantage, entrenched sense of entitlement, immune to criticism considers whether, in the Hobbesian world we seem to inhabit, he might not somehow be a force for good i.e the Stronger Asshole and offers a suggestion for how the bonds of our social contract, spectacularly broken by Trump s and Ted Cruz s disdain for democratic civility, might in time be repaired You will never think about Donald Trump the same way after reading this book And, like it or not, think about him we must.

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    1. Numerous women, throughout the years, have made claims of sexual misconduct perpetrated by Donald Trump. He is on record admitting that he has committed sexual assault, and that, because of his celebrity status, “they let you do it”. He has repeatedly, throughout the years, insinuated that he would fuck his own daughter if she wasn’t his daughter. He has also been accused of rape and attempted rape three times in his life, including a 13-year-old girl and his own ex-wife, Ivana Trump. Ther [...]

    2. Accidentally reviewed his other book. No this one felt rushed and was pretty useless but at least we can all agree Trump is an asshole.

    3. The distasteful title of this book should not dissuade you from picking it up. James takes his reader by the hand through a series of political and philosophical discussions that help provide useful context for understanding the rise of Trump within the framework of America's founding political philosophy. I closed this slim volume feeling more settled and even somewhat optimistic about the future. James points out ways in which Trump, although inadvertently, has done good in society - for insta [...]

    4. The saving grace, while only slight, for this one is that the author has a compelling protagonist. I did like this line - "I'm suggesting a thin theory of the man: he's a showman, a cut-down master, an ass-clown, civically oblivious, a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe, a partial ignoramus, an authoritarian, a demagogue, a threat to the Republic, and an asshole all at once." Always have liked the term ass-hat, and what better place to use it?

    5. First and foremost, what you need to know about this book is that it is not a joke book, in spite of what the title may make you think. It is a serious analysis of Donald Trump's personality, as well as other similar politicians. The book is written by Aaron James, a PHD from Harvard, and chair of the Philosophy Department at the University of California in Irvine. The way the author uses the term "Asshole" in this book is really to describe a particular personality type that really has no other [...]

    6. Así que la conclusión en sencilla: no puedes formar parte de un estado republicano si vas a romper todas las leyes o reglas que conforman el estado republicano: Trump no es un imbécil sólo por el hecho de no saber lo que hace, creyendo que sí. Sino también porque lo ignora voluntariamente: No quiere un mejor país o un estado prolífico, únicamente está sediento de poder.Me encantaría poder decir mucho más, pero veo mucha de la situación respecto a Trump reflejada en nuestro país que [...]

    7. Assholes: A Theory of Donald Trump poses as lighthearted political satire but ends up turning into shameless liberal propaganda. Author Aaron James borrows from his previous book, Assholes: A Theory, and uses Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as a template to discuss the sociological role and function of the asshole personality type, along with several of its differing variations (with particular emphasis on the political asshole). It all starts out fairly clever and reasonable, but [...]

    8. 3.5 starsBasically, Donald Trump is looking like Hobbes's Leviathan. Just the biggest, most dominating asshole of them all, showing up American politics for the circus it has become. And from that point of view, the phenomenon makes perfect philosophical sense.Only proving that philosophers don't always deal in the real world ;-)

    9. For what looks like kind of a novelty title this is pretty earnest philosophical look at Trump and his potential effect on our country and democracy. If you like serious philosophy you may like this. It was a little too earnest for my tastes.

    10. Aaron James does a good job contextualizing Donald Trump as the type of person who feels there's something intrinsic to his nature that entitles him to special advantages. There's some advice for what we as a society could do to deal with the unjustifiably entitled, which involves ignoring or censuring those people to the extent that we can, and also not letting the feeling of entitlement rub off on us. The book is a bit fluffy, though, I think. It's short and yet too long for that.

    11. I loved Aaron James' first installment in the newly established field of Assholeology. Seriously; if you're a fan of Harry Frankfurt's On Bullshit for its crisp writing and relevant use of philosophical analysis to problems we actually face in everyday life, you will love Assholes: A Theory. This book, sadly, while entertaining in parts, is a bit of a cash-grab. It took me probably an hour to read, and the extended Trumpian case study he offers to amend his original theory isn't meaningful enoug [...]

    12. This is a restatement of Aaron James' earlier Assholes with a tight focus on the new president, a candidate at the time of writing. Either book will frighten and depress you with its apt definitions and dearth of strategies for coping with assholes. This book is more succinct and poignant than the previous version.In lieu of another review, I will just leave a summary of James' asshole management strategies here, since 45 will definitely lead by example, giving more people the dumb idea that it [...]

    13. After enjoying Aaron James' initial book about the philosophy of assholes, it seemed like I'd really be missing out to skip his long form essay about the now president-elect. Most everyone, supporters and detractors alike, think of Trump as an asshole and he fits James' definition of the term perfectly. The third chapter of the book is maybe my favorite and the best insight here is that Trump is such a huge asshole he may wake up otherwise dormant Americans to the reality we've been an asshole c [...]

    14. Good book from a professor who previously wrote a book about Assholes and how they are popular. This book rehashes that one and targets Donald J Trump. The author claims Nixon was our first Presidential asshole and compared him to dictators and narcissists who don't care about anyone outside their inner circle. This book was written during the election and also said the Ted Cruz was a bigger asshole than Trump because he was just a mean person. This book as well as an episode of Frontline on PBS [...]

    15. An unfortunate title (but the book original book wouldn't have sold otherwise and certainly not this follow up). Nails Trump pretty well and worth the read from that perspective. Mid-way through you will think you got tricked into a liberal theory book (and you did a bit), but plow past it as there is some thought provoking content worth reading. If it wasn't as short as it is it wouldn't be worth the read, but it is so take a few minutes. Clearly a capitalist exploitation, but hey what's wrong [...]

    16. Grundsätzlich ganz interessant, vor allem die Theoretisierung und Typisierung rund um Arschloch, Arsch-Clown usw. Und natürlich ist auch die Anwendung des Ganzen auf Donald Trump interessant, witzig und erhellend. Doch leider merkt man dem Buch an, dass es (wie der Autor gegen Ende selbst offenlegt) in aller Schnelle geschrieben wurde (dem aktuellen Bezug geschuldet), denn es ist über weite Strecken ziemlich wirr und den Gedanken des Autors schwierig zu folgen, da ein roter Faden kaum erkennb [...]

    17. "[] Intanto,ognuno di noi,proprio in questo momento,può cominciare a fare la sua parte per aiutare a ricostruire la ragione comune. Nonostante tutta la rabbia,reale o inventata,possiamo contribuire a sostenere una nuova cultura della discussione. Possiamo decidere,qui e ora, di smettere di urlare e trovare modi più creativi per farci ascoltare in una conversazione allargata. Possiamo decidere di pensare e parlare diversamente,senza nessun senso di superiorità, e offrire argomentazioni chiare [...]

    18. Picked by: TeamSynopsis that won't give away the plot: Aaron James is an expert at deconstructing what makes a person an asshole. His first book, Assholes: A Theory set the foundational groundwork for this one, which basically blows out the same theories and places Donald Trump square among them. Trump's asshole typology includes: takes every advantage, entrenched sense of entitlement, immune to criticism, etc.

    19. Aaron James builds upon the burgeoning field of Asshole Studies which he started with his earlier, more general book on this topic, Assholes: A Theory. In this current book, James begins by thoroughly identifying Trump as a true asshole. The author then draws upon the writings of past political philosophers, Rousseau and Hobbes in particular, to explain why electing Trump to the Presidency would cause irreparable harm to the republic.

    20. Fascinating readAaron James' book made a great deal of sense to me; his definitions are precise and capture the vernacular meanings well (see: ass-clown), but he also treats his subject with respect and dignity. Many of James' turns of phrase made me laugh out loud, while others got me to thinking in fascinating ways. James" layered analysis of the man who is now our "asshole in chief" is a fascinating read. Highly recommended! Two tiny thumbs up!

    21. No me encantó como libro pero si creo que tiene buenos argumentos. Creo que su argumento principal se hubiera podido reducir a un artículo o a alguna entrada de blog. En cuanto a lo que dice de Trump, efectivamente te ayuda a entenderlo mejor y aunque su opinión acerca del candidato es evidente, se mantiene bastante neutral. Creo que es un libro que muchas personas que se consideran republicanas, deberían leer para por lo menos debatir algunos de los puntos que se presentan en él.

    22. The author saves this from being more or less pointless reading. It's entertaining, and that's enough. I don't mean to belittle the author mind,the actual construction of the argument is not so obvious, but the content of that argument is entirely obvious. We need people to do things like that, if only to give structures we can try our own thought upon, but the author himself is what takes this to being enjoyable reading.

    23. I was given this book by a good friend so I read it. Had it not been given it to me, I would have stopped after 10 pages.I found the author to squish his political views and his fact trump is an asshole into an almost incomprehensible ball of string.By the books definition, I'm more of a jerk than an asshole.Either way, always lots of room for improvement for me.

    24. This short little book is required reading for anyone trapped in this unfortunate and demoralizing political time. Trump is an "ass clown" -- no doubt about it! This explains how that is and what it means. Despite the title, this is very informative and thoughtfully written book. I definitely do recommend it

    25. Underwhelming. There is a nice bit at the end about trying to show ways in which Trump "supporters" might understand Trump in ways that allow non-supporters to find common ground and remain on decent terms. There is nothing here that was useful for someone with a leftist perspective, aside possibly rhetorical tools to save for later.

    26. Having been given this book as a Christmas present I assumed from the title that it was a satire/joke - not remotely true - instead it is a terrifying portrait of the man and what we should expect of him as President of the United States. Read it and weep!!!

    27. Funny and interesting with some very poignant moments. A book I think we should all read in helping us navigate the Trump Presidency and this post-fact era we live in.

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