DNA - Dad's Not Adopted

DNA Dad s Not Adopted When the past that never existed comes to haunt you there s only one thing that persists in your mind It is definitely a lie Sometimes life is not just a mystery but withal a discovery and cognizanc

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  • Title: DNA - Dad's Not Adopted
  • Author: Shikha Kaul
  • ISBN: 9789384382155
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the past that never existed comes to haunt you, there s only one thing that persists in your mind It is definitely a lie Sometimes life is not just a mystery, but withal a discovery and cognizance of facts and people around, people who have lived on this planet every moment of your life, as a part of your life, have breathed through the times you have spent Yet theWhen the past that never existed comes to haunt you, there s only one thing that persists in your mind It is definitely a lie Sometimes life is not just a mystery, but withal a discovery and cognizance of facts and people around, people who have lived on this planet every moment of your life, as a part of your life, have breathed through the times you have spent Yet they remain anonymous to you like aliens from a different world Their existence is non extant Yet they influence you without your knowledge Sometimes they too are oblivious to the reality, like the railway tracks which run parallel to each other but never meet The moment the tracks meet, there is bound to be a disaster.She is a simple girl from Thailand and he is one of the top business magnates of India She claims to be his daughter and a year later she is found killed.A Managing Editor of a leading newspaper and a CBI Investigating Officer team up to unearth the truth How far do they go to uncover the mystery Delve into the timeless journey that promises to keep you hooked from the beginning to the end.without a blink

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    1. Just One Question : Give me one good reason as to why has this book not been turned into a movie already? I mean don't the movie makers have Shikha Kaul's contact number?Is her phone out of reach?Does she keep it switched off?If not, then what's the problem?Go and Ask her for the rights to turn it into a movie!These were the notions that kept running on my mind while reading this book. In the series of these questions, I've another and most important one!How am I to praise this book?Shikha Kaul' [...]

    2. Shikha kaul, an author who made debut with a boom and promised to maintain the bestsellers chart with her first book actually has surpassed all the levels of maturity and excellent writing with her second book. Not only she has won my heart after this book but yes she made me believe that soon, she is going to enter the list of top bestselling writers. The characterisation, the way the author has introduced the characters, the way she has written their part of stories, and the way she has hooked [...]

    3. “Delve into the timeless journey that promises to keep you hooked from the beginning to the end…without a blink!” – This is what Shikha Kaul’s 2nd book named “DNA- Dad’s Not Adopted” promises on its back cover to its readers. And I must say it surely keeps up the promise throughout the book and Shikha Kaul has definitely improved a lot since her first book-“Hidden Husband”. It seemed as if this book is written by some another author itself. Her writing style is simple and he [...]

    4. You just can’t miss DNA- It’s FANTASTIC, STUPENDOUS, BRILLIANT, FABULOUS and PHENOMENAL!! Just fallen in love with the book… feel like reading it again and again. Received my book from 4 days back and carrying it everywhere I go.  Dad’s Not Adopted- A murder mystery with blend of emotions, discovering the complexities of relationships- family, friends, love and romance ending up to betrayal and crime.The entire novel comes flowing down to an unexpected climax revealing the true cu [...]

    5. DNA Dad's Not Adopted is a crime thriller by Shikha Khanduja Kaul. Her debut book being a romance , the brilliance DNA could deliver was unexpected. The book revolves around the murder case of Nisa Yuen , a Thai citizen who reached India in order to be recognized by her father Rishab Shenoy , one of the top industrialists in India and acquire his name.Rishab's ex-girlfriend , journalist Ghazal Vohra and CBI officer Pranab Singhania leave no stone unturned in order to find the culprit but ever [...]

    6. I was lucky enough to get an early copy of this book.From the very first chapter I was drawn into the thrilling atmospheric theme of the book. I found myself totally enthralled by the family in the story and their secrets and felt I actually knew these people. The writing is skilled and delivers thrill and emotion in perfect measure and effortlessly guides you through the story.The book is full of twists and turns with an ending I did not see comingI pretty much read this in one sitting as once [...]

    7. I really enjoyed reading Shikha’s first book, Hidden Husband. And I must say that the book succeeded to build high hopes from the author, Shikha Kaul.Dad’s Not Adopted is a murder mystery that encompasses blend of emotions, love and crime. Shikha Kaul’s style of narration is brilliant. While reading through the pages, one can feel that author has nicely worked on character building. You can visualise the scenes going on in the novel. One thing about the Author which I have noticed is that [...]

    8. Finished reading the second book from Shikha Kaul and I must saywhat a gripping novel. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. A very strong plot and really liked the characterisation. Like Aisha in her first book, Ghazal has been strongly defined. Way to go, Girl Power. The story is superbly written and I enjoyed reading about Ghazal and Pranab the most. Their love story has been beautifully captured. Some of their conversations are very nicely penned down. In all, it's a nice book and here is another [...]

    9. I don't read thrillers book. But this Book is just awsome. I already had read it 3rd times. I just carrying this book every where I go Even in college.I don't leave the book untill i complete it.Words are not sufficient to explain it's beauty. Not only romance but great suspence story too. And ending was just unexpected. Once I got into the story it was hard to put down.Would love to have a sequel to this book .

    10. As the back cover on Shikha Kaul's Dad's Not Adopted says, "Delve into the timeless journey that promises to keep you hooked from the beginning to the end…without a blink!". And the book delivers exactly what it preaches. From characters with a real life touch to twists that keep you in dark for good makes Dad's Not Adopted an amazing read. From the very first page till the very end, it will keep you hooked.Dad's Not Adopted revolves around Rishabh Shenoy, a celebrated businessman from India w [...]

    11. DNA Dad Not Adopted by Shikha Kaul is a murder mystery blended with crime, emotions, thriller, romance. The book is a page turner as every page has a new set of story to tell.Cover- The cover of book has fantastic colour scheme and has a girl who is seen relaxing near a sea shore with a message in the bottle in her hand. This makes the readers excited to go through the contents of the book.Title- The title is unusual as nobody can come up with this except Shikha Kaul. I feel she is born to come [...]

    12. Indeed one of the best novel I came across in all the perspectives, Its been a turner page to page with interesting twists behind the murder case which is unpredictable throughout.About Story - The story is about one man Rishab Sheony an important person in India who was suspect as murder in the case of Nisa Yuen a Thailand born one. Who is she? What are the links between them? How this case turns whole India sensational with its multiple faces. Perfectly plotted all the characters from the inve [...]

    13. The genre of thriller is not my genre of interest. If thrillers seem to be so amazing like this, definitely its gonna be my favorite in future. A murder mystery with unexpected climax with an emotional touch of relationships makes it an influential read. The narration of the incidents and the characterization is its forte. So beautifully described !!!The title is unique in itself and cover page is good but could have been better. The romance, suspense and the climax makes you imagine things with [...]

    14. A thriller can only success when it makes you lose your heart beat at least once. DNA can do that multiple times. As the story progress one starts doubting even a minor character and that is where the sole motive of a thriller is achieved. It needs to connect much-much more than the normal fiction stories. I loved the fact that minute details were thought of and a straight path was followed by the author. Love, hatred and want was supporting the mystery but were not over-powering it. And that is [...]

    15. Truly amazing experience.Each and every chapter is intresting.Loved the way it combines all characters and their roles. DNA is indeed a masterpiece.The way of writing s very clear with no complications r confusions. I loved It Author.Worth reading!!!!!I enjoyed the book and i feel The thrillThe chillThe mysteryThe suspense

    16. I just loved it! A real thriller that maintains its mystery till the end. Shikha's first book was good. But such a giant leap in her writing! Unbelievable maturity! Way to go! Looking forward to your next book

    17. Surprised that this book has such rave reviews. After reading it I was doubting myself if I had missed something the other readers had experienced. I found the book very badly written with not a single character having any depth or shades. I haven't read a more clichéd romance portion than the one between the protagonists. By the time I finished half of the book I started to skip pages dedicated to romance. Not that the main plot was any more interesting but it at least did not irritate me. I g [...]

    18. 'DNA’ is not a novel- it is a ready-made script for a movie. The story runs like a car on the expressway from Delhi to Jaipur-fast and smooth. There are no bumps on the way. The characters have been etched out with great detailing-everyone has a past, a story of their own to share. They feel real; flesh and blood. The story takes time to shift gears in the beginning but once it does, it is in cruise control mode. The pieces of this jigsaw puzzle fit perfectly into place as the story progresses [...]


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