A Road Through Mountains

A Road Through Mountains When star crossed lovers reunite the road to happiness is anything but straight When Cecily Parker volunteers backstage at the Oakwood Theater the only thing she wants is a few hours of relief from

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  • Title: A Road Through Mountains
  • Author: Miranda MacLeod
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When star crossed lovers reunite, the road to happiness is anything but straight When Cecily Parker volunteers backstage at the Oakwood Theater, the only thing she wants is a few hours of relief from the doldrums of her upper class suburban existence The last thing she expects is to be reunited with the only person she ever truly loved, a woman she left behind almost tweWhen star crossed lovers reunite, the road to happiness is anything but straight When Cecily Parker volunteers backstage at the Oakwood Theater, the only thing she wants is a few hours of relief from the doldrums of her upper class suburban existence The last thing she expects is to be reunited with the only person she ever truly loved, a woman she left behind almost twenty years ago Rorie Mulloy has built a career as an award winning production designer in Hollywood, but her personal life is anything but a success When she agrees to design the sets for a community theater production of A Streetcar Named Desire in Connecticut, she has no idea that the woman who broke her heart and ruined her for love will be assigned to her crew As the sparks are rekindled between them, these star crossed lovers just might have a second chance at a life together But only if they can overcome the ghosts of their past, and survive the evil suburban soccer moms and reality television divas determined to keep them from their happily ever after This book is a full length, stand alone novel It is the first book of a three part series, but if this is the only one you choose to read, the story comes to a satisfying conclusion in this book No cliffhangers, I promise

    One thought on “A Road Through Mountains”

    1. In William Shakespeare’s As You Like It, Jacques monologue that begins, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players” is perfect in describing the succession of stages in Cecily’s perfectly planned life. She’s the lead actress who’s expected to play her role and move seamlessly from scene to scene: growing up, attending university, joining a sorority, marrying a rich husband, a house with a white picket fence, two children and a dog, etc. When Cecily meets Ror [...]

    2. The witty dialog is what made this book likeable. Based on the reviews of later books in the series, I am going to hang in there for the payoff in book #3.

    3. Nice writingVery easy flow with this story. There are some twist and turns that throws Roadie and Cecily's worlds upside down. It's a story of how one needs to be ready for love.

    4. 3.5 stars. Cute and sweet. Well written. It relies a touch too much on characters not effectively communicating for my tastes, but it doesn't take it so far it's frustrating. I'm curious what the sequel will be about since this one wrapped up pretty well.

    5. 3.5 starsI received a copy of this book from Inked Rainbow Reads in return for an honest review.I have to admit, I had a hard time reading this book. I didn't like Cecily and had a very difficult time connecting to her. I liked Rorie, but I couldn't figure out the draw to Cecily. In college, Cecily was timid and paranoid about anyone figuring out their relationship, which would have had uncomfortable consequences for her if her parents, mostly her mother, found out about it. Rorie was out and co [...]

    6. Cecily is on the surface a'Stepford Wife', carrying on the family tradition of marrying well and never causing a fuss. She is lonely and unhappy but can't see a way out. When she volunteers at her local theatre she bumps into Rorie, now a Hollywood set designer but in a previous life, her lover. Their relationship ended badly as Cecily wanted to keep them a secret and Rorie couldn't live that way. I really loved this book. It went back and forward between Cecily and Rorie at college and how they [...]

    7. A moving story about how true love never dies and when given a second chance, it's best to grab on and not let go. No matter the obstacles.

    8. This is a pretty entertaining read. It's exactly what I needed to read at the moment. It's angsty, it has some light-hearted moments.I was surprised when I saw that there were going to be flashbacks because they tend to bore me a lot in books that are centered in romance, but I feel like it was done well here. It was spaced out and it was told at the right pace in order to not make it too much for the reader.This is a narrative that is pretty common, so it has a lot of tropes. The main character [...]

    9. Finally, a part of a series book that actually makes me want to read the next one; and it was a good story on it's own with an actual, proper, real ending. Not an 'I'll not finish off any of the plot so that you'll buy my next book' book. I'm not that fond of the theater, but I liked that setting in the book - it was a nice backdrop that was refreshing compared to other books in the genre. I didn't connect with Cecily or her background particularly so it was hard to feel the decisions she'd made [...]

    10. I was sent this book by Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review.An original, riveting and captivating novel.The opening chapter had me smiling at the self effacing humour. As the book progressed I was completely enthralled. I particularly admired the way the author related the story by switching between past and present encounter's between the two women. This gave a comprehensive background to both their characters and their situation. As the relationship continued to unfold the aut [...]

    11. Fantastic story, can't wait for moreThe broken and lonely characters in this story are extremely well crafted. The shifting narrative, from present to past and between Cici and Rorie, is well planned, giving just enough information at each step to let the reader see how the lives of these two people fell apart, but not giving away everything, holding just enough in reserve to keep you wanting more. Like, perhaps, two more books worth. (But I don't want to see them sad anymore)

    12. So addictiveI had to give five stars to this wonderful story . Cecily and Rorie are best friends from college and as such discover things about each other and as such have to make choices that come with a heavy price but not all bad. I really liked this book and I loved that Cecily finally finds herself and concurs her fears with the help and love of Rorie. This book is so worth the time to read it. You can't help but love these two women. I hope I see more of Phinn and Bailey, those two are nut [...]

    13. Lost love rekindled as 2 women find their heart's an bodies longing to be one .A woman volunteers at a local theatre to take up some of her time when her son leaves for prep. school . On her very first day her past comes back to haunt her as she runs into the person she never thought she would ever see again . 18+

    14. Not bad but I feel like I've read the same story before. Many times. Maybe I've just read too much lesfic! But the part that frustrated me the most was the ending. The book just ended mid-scene with a note at the bottom saying to find out what happens, buy the sequel. Really? I don't mind books that set the stage for a sequel, but this one just felt incomplete.

    15. Loved this book!Really enjoyed this book very much! Looking forward to the other two upcoming books! Very good character development. A very poignant love story that took 20 years to reach it's happy ending. Very well done!

    16. A very enjoyable bookAt the beginning I thought that it was just a little bit cliché but I son realized that I was mistaken.The plot is interesting and the back and forward in the main characters' lives engaging.I'm looking forward to reading the next in the series.

    17. Great book. Loved this book. Great story. Great characters. I will definitely read the next book when it comes out. Well written.

    18. Couldnt finish this bookI got 3/4 of the way through this book before I gave up. I tried to care about the characters, but kept coming up flat.

    19. A fun story about a second chance at love for two women who had a short-lived relationship in college and meet again on the set of a community theater play.

    20. Great Book!This was an excellent book. I can't wait until part 2 is released. This is my first time reading this author's work, but I'm now a fan.

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