Timber: The Bad Boy's Baby

Timber The Bad Boy s Baby Jax I ve been called wild Dirty Untamed I moved to the woods to get away from the bullsh t of the city People there don t understand a man like me I work hard and my hands are as calloused as my hear

  • Title: Timber: The Bad Boy's Baby
  • Author: Frankie Love
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jax I ve been called wild Dirty Untamed.I moved to the woods to get away from the bullsh t of the city People there don t understand a man like me.I work hard, and my hands are as calloused as my heart.And nothing s gonna change that.But now I ve met Harper.And my whole f cking world has changed.But this girl keeps running.I need to make her stay because she s having JaxI ve been called wild Dirty Untamed.I moved to the woods to get away from the bullsh t of the city People there don t understand a man like me.I work hard, and my hands are as calloused as my heart.And nothing s gonna change that.But now I ve met Harper.And my whole f cking world has changed.But this girl keeps running.I need to make her stay because she s having my baby.I m gonna make sure I m the only man she ever needs again.HarperI never expected my fianc to break things off.I d saved myself for my wedding night, and now I m left wondering why.Needing to get away, I ran to my uncle s cabin in the woods.But a storm has left me stranded on Jax s doorstep, and soon enough he takes me in his arms.And on the floor And on the table And in the great outdoors.Our time together has left me with a big problem a problem a wild man like him can t fix.A problem that makes me run because I need a man who believes in true love and commitment.I need a man who is ready to be a father.ORIGINALLY published as a five part serial titled TIMBER This includes all five parts plus 15,000 extra words of bonus material ACE 1WARNING This story contains graphic language and an untamed man who takes a virgin Please don t read if you re not ready for hot sex that will make you reach for that vibrator hidden under your pillow If the batteries are out, your own hand will do.No shame, babycakes Enjoy this steamy story You deserve it.

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    1. WARNING MILD SPOILERS AHEAD!This book was ok for what it was. I can't really say I understand what this guy was thinking when he has sex with a known Virgin expecting her to be on the pill? Really she has a religious family and she has never had sex or believes in sex outside of marriage and you think this type of girl would be on the pill? Ok now I sound crazy! Ok so I am a sexist but I just like it when my hero is doing the chasing and she was the desperate one in this situation. I totally hat [...]

    2. I was on holiday as I was reading this so my heart wasn't fully into it!! There was a ton of sex in this book which my hubby kept peaking over my shoulder to see what I was reading! Now he thinks I read very "dirty porn!!!" Gah!!! Why did he take interest in one of my smuttier reads?!!! He thinks I'm a perv now! Lmao! That's really all I have to say at the moment!!!!! I didn't love it but I didn't hate it either!!

    3. It seems that I've been reading a LOT of lumberjack alpha men lately. Or at least ones who look like them with the full on beards and the flannel and the manly man thing going on. I don't think it is limited to just romance books either. I've been watching baseball recently and it looks like the players are all sporting full beards. I think the Chicago Cubs have over 50% of the players looking like lumberjacks. I never really liked beards on a man, but after reading these books and watching some [...]

    4. A nice sheltered religious girl runs to her uncle's cabins in the mountain and get stuck in the snow. She meets a self-identified man-whore to whom she give her virginity! He sleeps with her within an hour of meeting and then leaves her on the floor of his cabin and then goes up to sleep alone in his loft! WTF! The discussion of his "wood" is more than girl can take. Little storyline between the constant sex scenes. This truly escapism at its finest. A reader should be prepared to suspend all co [...]

    5. Whenever Jax and Harper are alone together it's like a bad porn, both in dialogue and behavior. There were several times I just wanted to quit and start banging my head against the wall, it was that bad from time to time. But when they weren't alone, it was a half decent book.

    6. Jax and Harper. Harper is getting away to her uncles cabin after her ex dumps her a week before the wedding. She is 21 and very sheltered so she is unprepared for Jax. Her car stutters to a stop in the snow storm just before his cabin and Jax isn't one to say no to seducing a pretty girl. In fact that's what got him in trouble in the first place, forcing him to live in the wilderness. What starts as a night of fun and firsts for Harper, evolves into something more when it turns out that Harper i [...]

    7. How on earth did I even read this!? Trust me I was questioning myself and my choices the whole time I read this book. It went on and on and on and on, and the characters were stupid and immature and ridiculous. The whole story was horrible. The premise would be ok in an over the top cheesy kind of romance way, but this book made it horrible. Also, I'm not allergic to sex scenes, I'm fine with it; people have sex. But, what I could not stand was every other scene was sex. It made this book so unp [...]

    8. TimberJaxon the typical one nighter, and leave them rule. Well eventually gets you a bad reputation, affecting life and job, just hasn't worked out well. Then by a Chance of circumstance, an angel appears at his door on a snowy night, blessing? Depends on how you look at it, but can change everything. Great story, loved it❤️

    9. The biggest turnoff for was how the characters spoke. Annoyed the crap out of me! Though I enjoy a story where the man defends his woman from even her own snotty family, if need be. Sadly this man's character was under cut by some of the language the author chose. This guy was supposed to be a player, a womanizer, a lumberjack, alpha-male type, a manly-man He fell short for me. The young woman was worse. She was to childish for my tastes. I understand living a sheltered life, but this was to muc [...]

    10. too stupid to breathe heroine meets angry man-ho who likes to drop the Eff bomb for no reason. Harper doesn't grow. doesn't have any character arc. she blithely goes from one caretaker to another. she gains no life skills except the bedroom tango.Jax is a crude, selfish jerk whose idea of "being there" leaves a lot to be desired. secondary characters are wooden and unrealistic. not even sure it qualifies for 2 stars.

    11. 3.5 starsWelltalk about a rollercoaster! This book has more ups and downs and back and forth than I have read in a long time.Jax knows what he wants and that's a life alone in the woods and Harperwhere do I start. She is the most naive and sheltered character I have ever read. (To the point where she is almost annoying to the reader). These two were like oil and water unless they were having sex.

    12. I didn't like the main characters. Neither one of them made any sense. Their kid probably won't be very bright. Also, for the sake of fiction I overlook heat of the moment "Oops, we forgot to wear a condom" occurrences, but premeditated sex warrants at the very least a short conversation about the need for protection, especially when the guy admits to being a slut.DNF'd this one early. I'm glad it was Unlimited.

    13. 2/5Where was my insta love?!? Lots of push and pull hated that! Ironically this is probably a more realistic story of what would happen if your one night stand came back and told you she was having tripletsBut I don't want realistic!! I wanted insta love!! Oh well.Over all safe read

    14. Shy and naive, Harper finds herself stranded in the middle of nowhere one night. After being dumped by her fiance, she decided to take some time away and stay at her uncle's cabin. Instead, she ends up knocking on Jaxon's front door for shelter after her car breaks down in the middle of the road during a blizzard. Things quickly heat up and it doesn't take long before Harper finds herself in Jaxon's bed.What started off as a one-night stand gets a whole lot complicated when Harper finds herself [...]

    15. Pure smut. You've been warned!Hero, Jaxon = 5/5Heroine, Harper = 4/5Secondary Characters = 4/5Chemistry = 5/5Sex = 5/5Plot = 4/5Mystery = 1/5Action =  1/5Darkness = 1/5Humor = 3/5 (I don't think it's supposed to be humorous but some parts made me giggle like a school girl)POV = Dual POVEnding = No cliffhangerStars =  4 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆Author = Frankie LoveWould I recommend this book = YesWould I re-read this book = YesWould I read future books by this author = YesHoly smokes! That was certainly [...]

    16. WOW. talk about two completly diffrent people. Jax lives in a remote cabin in the woods, self isolation after he slept wth the wrong girl. He did what he did and left the city to save his company that him and his friend started. So you know that deep down Jax is a great guy, In comes Harper, a young woman from an exteme religous family. Her fiance said God told them that Harper was not for him a week before the wedding. Needing to get away Harper goes to a family cabin and get stuck in the snow. [...]

    17. Jax and HarperThis was a really sweet book. I was totally swept up by their relationship and the setting in the cozy woods. I liked how Jax was an Ass but yet was "respectable" and considerate. Harper was a puddle of tears most of the time, and i appreciated the fact that Jax had the patience for her.Harper was impulsive, but she's young and naive. She was strong and handled the situation as best she could.The one thing that bothered me was neither one of them, especially Jax didn't think to use [...]

    18. I don't know how to describe this story. It is contradictory. At the beginning the circumstances are entirely unbelievable and then later it is brutal in its realism - not everyone reacts well to a surprise pregnancy. Yet, I didn't like Jax before that. He and Harper seemed to have multiple personalities through the story. He was sex-crazed, insensitive and generally uncaring, then suddenly the ideal partner. Harper was strong then weak, brassy then highly reserved and she flip-flopped to each o [...]

    19. Let me say this book is extremely brutal. It would have gotten a higher rating IF the author had some of the young lady rub off on the wild, rough and tumble male. But it gives a very realistic view of strict up bringing of some religions, maybe to real in a sense. This is more like a hard core biker book, over a mountain man. It is packed full of sex scenes, that are in some ways not real but yet keeps you entertained. The wording is just off in some senses. This book I really wanted to give 3. [...]

    20. I absolutely loved the idea of this story, but at times it just didn’t work for me. Now I know that Harper was sheltered and I really admired her at times but then at other times she just didn’t seem all that bothered by the way Jaxon was treating her. Jaxon had his moments, I love a rugged bearded, tattooed bad boy myself but he was way too full of himself and he just couldn’t make up his mind about what he actually wanted. He was just a little too undecided for me to love him. Sometimes [...]

    21. Ok so I really liked the story in this book, and in this day and age I can see how Jax meets Harper could happen. This book has some serious issues in it, regarding family and how their control can dictate lives, but also has some very open language toward sex. If you’re not into very explicit sex and lots of it then I wouldn’t suggest this book. I liked Harper’s character although I kind of wished she’d been firmer with her family. Jaxon is typical womaniser but soon realises the error [...]

    22. Hot woodsmanyoung virginJax is in self-imposed exile in a small cabin in the woods. He has an unexpected visitor one snowy nighte very innocent Harper. Harper has been dumped by her fiancé and wants to getaway from her family for a while but gets lost. She ends up at Jax's cabin. Harper is a preacher's daughter, a virgin. She decides to share one night of passion with Jax. Can anything lasting come out of this brief union? Good storyline. Little frustrated w Harper at times but she's coming fro [...]

    23. WOW 🔥 Storyline !WoW 🔥 Story is what this one is . Starts out wild and sexy from the beginning and never slows down . She blows in during a snow storm and lights his fire . That fire blazes hot and never goes out . Harper is as Innocent as they come until she meets bad boy Jaxson . Jaxson thinks he needs to just stay away from town and hide away from the trouble he keeps finding himself in . Then he gets involved with the preacher's daughter who's running from a broken engagement right int [...]

    24. Un libro con personajes que parecen sufrir bi-polaridad, porque no hay muchas explicaciones para justificar su comportamiento.Jax, actúa con un imbécil al comienzo de la historia y cambia a ser la pareja ideal, y luego a ser un imbécil y así vamos y venimos. Harper pasa de ser una nenita religiosa a ser una loca sedienta de sexo y de golpe toda su moralidad de repente aparece de nuevo.Es una de esas vírgenes que en la primera ocasión cabalgan (como dicen mis queridas derraperas) mejor que [...]

    25. Let me start by saying this may just be the hottest Frankie Love book I've read? I mean I may have to reread some- just to verify ;)So Jaxon is a bad boy out in the woods, not lookin for love or family or anything but to be left alone. Harper just wants to be accepted and loved for who she is. She is so good and sweet and adorable. Her family is freakin awful. Her ex is awful. At time, JAX is awful and I wanna smack him! Don't worry, though- of course it all works out. Very enjoyable story.

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