Dark Blood

Dark Blood Handsome brilliant and surrounded by good friends twenty three year old medical student Miles Fox has a secret and it s not that he s gay Though he harbors a crush on his straight best friend Luke

  • Title: Dark Blood
  • Author: Caleb James
  • ISBN: 9781634768405
  • Page: 332
  • Format: ebook
  • Handsome, brilliant, and surrounded by good friends, twenty three year old medical student Miles Fox has a secret and it s not that he s gay Though he harbors a crush on his straight best friend, Luke Miles, like his grandmother, Anna, possesses the healing gift, an ability she s made him swear never to use or divulge, lest horrible things befall those he loves It happeHandsome, brilliant, and surrounded by good friends, twenty three year old medical student Miles Fox has a secret and it s not that he s gay Though he harbors a crush on his straight best friend, Luke Miles, like his grandmother, Anna, possesses the healing gift, an ability she s made him swear never to use or divulge, lest horrible things befall those he loves It happened to her when Nazis butchered her family But it all goes to hell when Miles heals a terminally ill man on a New Orleans cancer ward and wakes locked in the psych unit Worse, news of the healing miracle spreads For millennia, its carriers have been hunted by those who would steal it Dr Gerald Stangl and his teenage son, Calvin, know what Miles possesses They, like their predecessors, will stop at nothing to take it, including kidnapping, torture, and murder As the Stangls noose tightens, Miles and Luke are trapped in a death match with stakes higher than they could ever imagine.

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    1. actual rating 2, 75*How can you expect me to believe that this Miles Fox is an utterly handsome young man whom everyone fall in love with, with a cover like that? (Also the cover made me think about zombie, but no zombie inside off course)I read fantasy a lot, but even in fantasy your story should be believable and logical.Here's the one thing I found in this story which I dont think logic enough.So Miles Fox have to pass his healing gene to his children otherwise his dead predecessor will be mo [...]

    2. SHEER BRILLIANCE! From the very first chapter my feet touched the ground running with this enthralling paranormal, medical thriller with an M/M story. I loved the whole idea and it reminded me a bit of the medical thrillers by Robin Cook. It had all the elements I love in a good thriller. Miles Fox has a special gift inherited down through the family, but this gift also has its price and as old as his gift is, so are the forces that are trying to discover its secrets and harness it for themselve [...]

    3. Genre: Gay Mystery/ThrillerLength: NovelSeries: Dark Blood Saga #1MILES FOX is a brilliant and caring doctor, who seems to have everything going for him, except that crush on his best friend, never to be requited, and that super dangerous secret he’s kept about himself since childhood, you know, the one where he has magical powers and listens to his dead ancestors in his head and shit. Or maybe he’s just crazy. Besides that, he’s doing good. That is until someone discovers his secrets, and [...]

    4. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved this book. It is very interesting and different and fun. There were many things I didn't see coming, but a few I did, however it all described so well by the author, I couldn't put it down. While there is a bit of a romance going on, I don't think I would classify this as a romantic story per se. It is more of a paranormal mystery with a relationship that's pretty much already formed on the side. I wouldn't have minded getting a b [...]

    5. Review written for Love Bytes Reviews.I originally took this book from another reviewer who was having trouble getting through it and, based on the blurb, I was intrigued enough to give it a try. Let me start off by saying that this is Not, in any way, shape or form a romance and if that is what you are looking for, then you should turn around and go looking for something else to read. This book also includes scenes dealing with infidelity, (temporary) main character death and one graphic scene [...]

    6. 4.5 StarsMost of this story takes place at Lakeview Hospital, which was once the Louisiana Hospital for the Insane, in 1878, where lobotomies, ice baths, and insulin shock therapy were performed on patients. There’s a creepy history that’s connected with the old hospital, dating back to 1943, and Dr. Stangl has a personal connection to the hospital. Dr. Stangl’s son, Calvin, also adds his own brand of creepy to this tale.Dark Blood is a creative and a well written paranormal story with a l [...]

    7. Dark Blood is an exciting, intriguing and magical story. This book is immediately engaging. The plot is interesting and exciting as it twists and turns. The pacing is perfect, and it's really hard to put down. This is an urban fantasy story, with elements of romance and suspense-thriller. The genres cross-over really well, making it difficult to guess what will happen next. Miles is a wonderful character - snarky, intelligent, and compassionate. The main characters all have great history and dep [...]

    8. This is my review of Dark Blood, by Caleb James, from my M/M Romance Books Blog, OJ He Say! Click the link below to see the whole review and more.Dark Blood, by Caleb James, at OJ He Say !Rating: 5 StarsDark BloodI love it when a book takes me by surprise and delivers as well as this one did. Dark Blood checked off all my boxes: Contemporary M/M, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Historical, Detective Story… I mean, really? I got so into this book it’s not funny.Such an original story line… The [...]

    9. Wow. That was one heck of a story. I'll admit, from the original painting on the cover, I was quite nervous of how graphic this story might be, but actually, it represented a scene from the beginning chapters VERY well. The cover artist is quite talented. I do think the greens and blacks used gave it more of a sci-fi feel rather than paranormal or fantasy/romance, and might put a couple people off that like their romances a bit more 'prettied up'. But, I'm telling you, do NOT let the cover deter [...]

    10. What an amazingly horrific read. One would think that a person who has the ability to lay hands upon a diseased or injured person and heal them would be something to celebrate. But no, Dr. Stangl and his poor, but totally screwed up son, Calvin, want to find out how they do this. When you can’t figure it out, why not just cut off the head and look inside. What’s a little murder when it comes to science and one twisted man’s attempt at immortality?Miles and Luke have a secondary (to the plo [...]

    11. ****Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance®****Dark Blood was nonstop tension with doom lurking around every corner. While there is a thread of romance, and love plays a special role, it takes a back seat to the horrors performed by Dr. Stangl. While the one instance of sex is off page and vague, the gruesome practices of the Doctor are depicted in remembered detail. This book is a blend of paranormal, science fiction, and, horror. The characters were well-defined and had all roles to play, none were [...]

    12. A Joyfully Jay review. 5 starsDark Blood is a taut psychological thriller. With paranormal overtones juxtaposed against a coming out, friends to lovers trope, it is intelligently written with just enough moments of sarcastic humor thrown in to alleviate what otherwise would have been a graphically horrific tale of evil. Author Caleb James creates a chilling pair of villains whose warped sense of power and god-like tendencies may well be the ultimate demise of quiet, sensitive medical student, Mi [...]

    13. A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Review.The first sentence of the blurb pretty much made up my mind that I had to read this book. While there’s nothing wrong with a closeted MC, I tend to find stories that solely revolve around coming rather boring a lot of the time. And Miles really doesn’t make a secret of being gay. His love interest, however, is so very deep in the closet he won’t even really admit to himself that he might just be attracted to his very male best friend. While the r [...]

    14. Review can be read at It's About The Book3.5 starsMiles Davis has a secret. He can heal people. Through some rather harsh insistence from his grandmother he’s mostly suppressed this truth until now. He promises the son of a dying patient he will save the child’s father. So he gives in to his urge to heal the hospice patient. Which is exactly what Dr Gerald Strangl has been waiting for. Some proof that Miles is indeed part of the lineage of green eyed gypsies that have the power his family ha [...]

    15. 3 StarsFull Review:*I received a free ecopy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*I think I can summarize my feelings about this book in two sentences:Number one, it turns out books with medical-based aspects are not for me because the medical stuff and the experiments just disturb me too much, but that's not the fault of the author, just my personal taste.And number two, this book had a really good framework, good bones---whatever you want to call the heart of the story [...]

    16. Caleb James is a new author to me, but Dark Blood definitely won’t be the last book of his I read. I loved this story, and it kept me reading far too late at night because I had to find out what happened, and I wasn’t sure what kind of ending it would be. While I was reading I kept thinking ‘wow’ this is such a good book. It’s one of the best books I’ve read so far this year. Dark Blood is a very tense, edge of seat, read, and I was hooked from the first page. I’m not sure I’d ca [...]

    17. Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.Miles has a gift, a gift of the ability to heal. But after his childhood dog was injured, and Miles healed him, Miles' grandmother made sure Miles not to use that gift ever again. He hadn't meant to, really he hadn't. Seeing the dying man's little boy beg Miles to save his father's life just broke his heart. Miles then finds himself in the fight his grandmother warned him about, one that might well kill him, and his best [...]

    18. You know the saying never judge a book by its cover? Well it applies to this book, honestly the cover did not make me want to go out and read this one. The storyline to Dark Blood by Caleb James that however is something worth reading. I would classify this one as a paranormal mystery with sensuality. I love a great storyline this one has it.Miles is a 23 years old medical student. He has a gift to heal. Sounds cool humm? But what happens when the bad guys want you for that gift? He also has a h [...]

    19. KUMy first book by this author but not my last. Great writing, angst, and suspense in a tight story with love but not sex. Loved the character development, some twisted and some good people. HFN ending with room for a sequel but no necessity.It's so nice to read a M/M book without sex being the main focus!

    20. Boring, I've stared this book several times since I downloaded from NetGalley and laid it aside each time. I managed to get further this time, but still couldn't make myself finish it; deleting permanently.

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