Champions of the Rosary

Champions of the Rosary From the best selling author of the classic Catholic conversion story No Turning Back A Witness to Mercy by Fr Donald H Calloway comes a powerful and comprehensive history of a spiritual weapon the

  • Title: Champions of the Rosary
  • Author: Donald H. Calloway
  • ISBN: 9781596143432
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the best selling author of the classic Catholic conversion story, No Turning Back A Witness to Mercy by Fr Donald H Calloway, comes a powerful and comprehensive history of a spiritual weapon the rosary.

    One thought on “Champions of the Rosary”

    1. I had a physical copy of this book for almost a year. And every time I tried to pick it up and just never got very far, because of the font and color. With my dual form of dyslexia I just could not get far and kept starting back at the beginning. Then the eBook was released, and even though I had bought the physical, I bought the eBook and read it in 2 days. I could not put it down. That was a few months ago, I have just gone back and reread it in order to write this review. This book is not a s [...]

    2. This book has changed my life in that I learned so much about the rosary and the power of having a devotion to it! Fr. Calloway does an excellent job of explaining the mysteries of the rosary and the miracles that have occurred from praying it as well as providing an interesting and in depth history! It is hands down the best book I have ever laid hands on! I keep finding myself going back to it and Re-reading/ reviewing information. I recommend highlighting the information you find important fo [...]

    3. This is probably the most comprehensive book I could recommend on the Rosary. Not only does it tell you practical things like how and why we should pray the Rosary, but it tells the whole history of the devotion, beginning with St. Dominic. The book goes through different time periods that were important for the development and establishment of the Rosary, then it gives snapshot chapters of different people throughout history who were true “Champions of the Rosary. The last bit is on how to pr [...]

    4. Simply put, this must go down in Church history as one of the finest compilations of information on the spiritual weapon that is the most holy rosary. Fr Calloway has created a masterpiece that was a privilege to read. There is much to be said of this literary work, and any review here wouldn't be sufficient. Thank you Fr Calloway for a beautiful book on this most beautiful gift given to us by the most Blessed Virgin Mary.

    5. Excellent book which clearly and simply describes where the rosary comes from with detailed references. Highlights the champions of this spiritual weapon and its effects in the world order, knights who effectively wielded this weapon against foes who defame the Christian world and all it stands for. A good historical account of the eternal battle and the part the rosary played.

    6. Impressive research into the history of the rosary. Includes (as the title implies) true champions of the rosary. Fr. Calloway has created an excellent book that informs, inspires, and instructs. The art at the back of the book is a treasure in itself. I will keep this book near to use as a reference. I already pray the rosary daily and this book helps support that decision.

    7. Praying the rosary has been a deeper experience and I have a different hunger since I indulged in Fr. Calloway's book. While you can put it down, you will be mesmerized by the history of the rosary. I was enchanted by Calloway's tone of a simple, childlike faith.

    8. Excellent presentation of every aspect of the Holy Rosary and done with the utmost reverence and love for The Blessed Mother and her important weapon!

    9. I enjoyed this book immensely. I took my time reading it because my goal was not to finish it, but to gain as much inspiration and insight as I found in each of the sections, especially the champions. I really loved the gems. Thanks for writing this Fr. Don. As a coordinator for a local chapter of St Paul Street Evangelization, I have always focused on giving out rosaries along with instruction pamphlets. This book has really bolstered my belief in that aspect of the ministry. It has also given [...]

    10. Although I found some of the historical information provided interesting, the authors obsession with the rosary as a spiritual weapon for the church militant was offensive and his constant reminders that the traditions of the rosary are valid (a position I agree with) became mindless and distracting. In the end, I feel the author was misogynistic and xenophobic to an alarming degree which led to positions that were bigoted, islamaphobic, and homophobic, none of which are appropriate in a book ou [...]

    11. Excellent resource and beautifully produced! Several pages of breathtaking art are included in this book. Father Calloway presents a well researched history of the rosary followed by portraits, mini biographies and quotes from 26 champions of the rosary. This is followed by an explanation of praying the rosary and the art. I highly recommend that all Catholic homes add this to their libraries.

    12. Very well researched, the amount of information here is staggering. That being said, it's tough to get through.

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