Heron and Turtle

Heron and Turtle Heron and Turtle celebrate the sweet pleasures of everyday friendship Nothing is better than taking a nice long walk together if Turtle can keep up and Turtle will do almost anything to make Heron c

  • Title: Heron and Turtle
  • Author: Valeri Gorbachev
  • ISBN: 9780399243219
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Heron and Turtle celebrate the sweet pleasures of everyday friendship Nothing is better than taking a nice long walk together, if Turtle can keep up, and Turtle will do almost anything to make Heron comfortable at a surprise lunch Full color.

    One thought on “Heron and Turtle”

    1. This is a cute little story about a Heron and Turtle that are not only neighbors, but also best friends. The book goes through some of the experiences they share together. Although it was sweet, there are not much character development or much that happens in the story. Thus, as far as children books go, this one was just ok.

    2. This is one of those 'chapter' picture books. Three separate stories wrapped together by same setting/characters. They're a real gentle read full of courteous friendship and calming pictures.

    3. This is a beautiful set of three stories about two friends. Though they are very different, and their differences create challenges in their friendship, they are devoted to each other and find creative solutions to overcome the challenges. They are also models of politeness. The only reason the book falls short of five stars is that the great degree of politeness is such that even in their friendship they are unable to take each other at face value. When Heron has to make sure that she is not bo [...]

    4. I put Heron and Turtle on my favorite shelf because it reminds me of the Frog and Toad adventures. In each of the three stories there is an example of how true friends should act.Primary readers will find these short fantasy adventures engaging and easy to follow. I would use this book in many ways. It is a fantastic early reader book with easy language that can be recognized after the first read through. This book is a great way to introduce conversations between characters and could be used as [...]

    5. Simple tales of the interactions between two friends. Heron comes off a little thoughtless sometimes with Turtle needing to figure out how to accommodate her, but it never seems like Heron is cruel or trying to take advantage. I thought the stories came across as sweet, and the illustrations were also very well done.

    6. What good friends Heron and Turtle are! So kind to each other. The librarian recommended this to me (Does your daughter like books about friendship? she asked). She said if I ever see a Gorbachev book I should pick it up.

    7. The sweet friendship of two animals is shared in this book containing 3 mini-stories highlighting their interactions with each other. Illustrations are so warm and delightful. This book is a warm and fuzzy.

    8. Two very different friends and neighbors, Heron and Turtle, make accommodations to please each other. Designed in short chapter/stories. Colorful, animated full-pages illustrations.

    9. This book moved as a sweet, gentle pace, and the stories unfolded through a series of vignettes. The illustrations were interesting, if not especially lovely.

    10. A story of friendship between to unlikely friends. Heron and Turtle overcome differences to enjoy spending time with one another. A good story with a good theme.

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