For All the Wrong Reasons: A Novel

For All the Wrong Reasons A Novel Diana Foxton is the toast of New York She s rich British and beautiful with a designer wardrobe to die for Recently married to the head of a publishing empire she fills her days with shopping gos

  • Title: For All the Wrong Reasons: A Novel
  • Author: Louise Bagshawe
  • ISBN: 9780312987282
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • Diana Foxton is the toast of New York She s rich, British, and beautiful, with a designer wardrobe to die for Recently married to the head of a publishing empire, she fills her days with shopping, gossiping, and hosting the hottest parties in town But when Diana discovers her husband is having an affair, her glamorous bubble bursts She suddenly finds herself without anDiana Foxton is the toast of New York She s rich, British, and beautiful, with a designer wardrobe to die for Recently married to the head of a publishing empire, she fills her days with shopping, gossiping, and hosting the hottest parties in town But when Diana discovers her husband is having an affair, her glamorous bubble bursts She suddenly finds herself without any money or job qualifications, shunned by the glittering society that she once ruled On her own for the first time, she takes the only job she can get, exchanges her Manolo Blahniks for Payless, and tries awkwardly and hilariously to settle into the life of a woman who does her own laundry, buys her own groceries, and takes the bus Will she attempt to regain her throne And can romance find her again

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    1. The heroines in previous Louise Bagshawes I've read have been slightly quirky, just "off-pretty" women trying to fit into a mould that wasn't designed for them. But Diana Verity, the eponymous Kept Woman (though she's not kept for long) starts out as blindingly beautiful and not awfully brainy, and her womanly curves (the requisite physical nonconformity) make her the object of pity among the skinny ewes of New York Society, and the object of lust among its rams.There is a lot of graphic sex in [...]

    2. My introduction to Louise Bagshawe - one book and I was hooked :) I liked how the main character kept bouncing back.

    3. I am surprised this book hasn't received wider readership. At the surface it may seem that the setting is very cliched, but meticulous research is apparent in every sentence. The author seems to understand the details of whatever she is talking about. The only problem that i felt was the transition between scenes. It felt abrupt and often managed to break the flow.

    4. I wasn't so sure I would like this book but I really did. I love the way Diana transformed herself and went from being this dependent gold digger to a genuine hard working woman and realising there was more to life than fancy dinners. I didn't think I'd see ernie fail but I did and it was all so great. Slightly inspired by Diana's character

    5. DUMB. DUMB. DUMB. SO DUMB IT HURTS.JUST SHUT UP. YOU'RE STUPID MORE PLEASE! YOU DUMB B****IF I DIDN'T HAVE TO READ THESE BOOKS FOR MY JOB - I WOULDN'T. BETTER CHICK LIT OUT THEREThis was the first book I read by her. It's so appallingly written that I was shocked.So basically you have this shallow woman who is married to a wanna-be posh blond (typical), weak-chinned self-made rich dude who has an affair with a colleague.She then falls in love with a poor tall, dark and handsome lawyer. Blah!!!!! [...]

    6. OMG! This is a first!I never stopped reading this book the moment I started it. I even let my thirst passed just to continue reading this book. I got obviously addicted to this. I can still remember, I didn't listen to my professor and just kept on turning the page into the next. I love the story and the twists. Although, the author didn't solve the issue on the last part about Tina (I wish she did) this is really a good book. I've learned a lot and inspired. Those who've wronged them served the [...]

    7. I really tried to finish this book but this was awful, I hated it after 10 pages, I kept at it and only got about 3 chapters in until I had to give up and drop it cuz I just couldn't continue. There was nothing exciting about it, I hated the characters from the beginning, I couldn't connect with them, they were so blah and empty and the tone of the book just seemed very one dimensional. I don't know if that was because of the premise or the emphasis being on money, class and just plain snobbery [...]

    8. Halfway along the book,I realized that I hated it a lot!The story changes 360 degree from a very happy bride to a disaster marriage! The last thing that I needed to read is a sadistic book.I loathed how spoiled and stupid Diana is acting in the book. How dumb can she gets? Not noticing that her best friends are fake and are secretly trying to ruin her marriage AND her husband is actually having an affair with his colleague.Everything is just so depressing that I can't even force myself to read i [...]

    9. I absolutely love this author, as I always know that when a read one of Louise's books, i know that I'm in for a treat. Pure indulgence on so many levels, it's got everything. I loved getting to know all of the different characters and there own individual stories which you get to discover as you progress through the book. If you haven't read a her books before, then I highly recommend that you do.

    10. Really enjoyed this book as it wasn't your typical "rich girl ends up broke" kind of story which I found really refreshing and intriguing!! The characters both amazed and infuriated me which is a sign that I really got into the story, I also miss the characters :( which again shows that I loved the book and got really into it! Home to come across another one of her books one day!!

    11. That's it? Of all the lengthy description of their outfits, jewelries physical features, backgrounds, etc the author gave that short, hurried ending. The story is a bit long about their hurdles, it would've been better not to have a rushed ending. Or an epilogue would have been nice. After reading this, I just felt BLAH!

    12. The book is alright, very entertaining in the beginning, got me really hooked up! But when it was reaching the end, I don't know if I was fed up with the characters or how the story went on, but started losing interest and it stopped feeling like a book I should enjoy but one that I must finish just because(Don't like leaving anything unfinished!!!)

    13. As I started reading the first couple of pages I realized I had read this book before! With a name like Verity, it stuck out I suppose. I think I borrowed it from Marla when she first brought it back from the UK. It's not one of my faves but as far as chick-lit goes, it's standard. Satisfyingly everyone gets their just desserts and our heroine comes out all sparkly and new!

    14. I love this book more each time I read it. Diana is an inspiring character; reading her story you feel like you, too, could storm the entrepreneurial set, keep a budget, and remain a lady the whole way. This book is poignant, sexy, and just plain fun.

    15. A completely trashy novel that really make me angry. She describes people who are completely self-obsessed, money-centered snobs. The book irritated me so much that I had to finish it and read it in just a few days.

    16. A really good book and plot.Sort of a chick lit story but for such a long drawn out story i found the ending neatly wrapped up within a few pages which was a disappointment.Overall worth reading though if you enjoy this style of fiction.

    17. Was an okay read, something to pass time. To me it was obvious from almost the first page what was going to happenI like something a bit more challengingbut this was okay for a day when you don't want to concentrate too much

    18. I really enjoyed this one. Very well developed characters bordering on almost x rated sex scenes or sex thoughts. I can't put it in the category of mindless smut. I'd be interested in reading another by this author.

    19. I have read several of her books Don't quite like the writing style. Not gripping. Lack suspense. Predictable. I'm sorry Ms Louise Bagshawe. I still do have the intention to read the remaining books you have written though. Why? Cos I like them to a certain extent.

    20. I was really excited about the book but halfway through i realised its awful. Writer just took the story wherever she wants to without any logic. predictable and boring.

    21. Average fluff book. Didn't like the love interest of the main character, he was kind of a jerk. Pretty graphic love scenes.

    22. This was a cute, light and easy read. I really enjoyed how the author wrote the story in so many characters eyes. At first, I hated Diana but as the story progress, I grew to like her.

    23. A semi-bodice-ripper-style novel with British vocabulary and enough suspense and plotline to keep everything interesting. Will the main characters find true romance and happiness? lol

    24. Yet another great book by Louise, her novels are too addictive. I really enjoyed how the story unfolded and how the main character learnt to get by, by herself. Definitely would recommend this book!

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